Dr. Allen Alvarez

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Allen Alvarez works with a simple guiding mission – help others live a good and healthy life. His practice is unique because he is a board certified general surgeon fellowship trained in minimally invasive surgery; he brings his advanced laparoscopic skills to bariatric surgery. Because of his extensive experience Dr. Allen Alvarez is known for teaching other fellows and surgeons advanced laparoscopy. His instructional skills extend geographically, providing national training in the sub-specialty, DaVinci Robotic surgery.

His unique education and training is extremely well rounded. His career began very early as a paramedic; where he made runs as an emergency care provider. This was followed with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing at the University of the Incarnate Word. His degree allowed him to gain real patient care experience as a registered nurse in emergency rooms in various hospital systems across the country. Some locations included San Antonio, Honolulu, Maui, Miami and, his home, Brownsville, Texas.

His medical school training was at the prestigious Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara. He was top of his class and this earned him clinical rotations in exotic locations like Baja California and the Mayan state of Chiapas. He describes his experience and medical education as “the best” because everything was hands on learning; he became skilled and knowledgeable with minimal amount of resources.

He completed his five year general surgery residency at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in the Greenwich Village, New York City. St. Vincent reached international recognition for treating the highest volume of World Trade Center patient on September 11, 2001. During this training, academically he served as a chief resident, and a leader in trauma, vascular and acute care surgery. From a practice style, he learned to his open practice style.

His passion for learning continued and he returned Texas to train under the renowned world famous surgeon Dr. Morris Franklin. Dr. Allen Alvarez mastered his skills as an advanced laparoscopic surgeon. He is well respected by his peers and surgeons across the world have come to his operating room suites to be trained and mentored by him.

Dr. Allen Alvarez helps others live a good and healthy life by offering a wide spectrum of laparoscopic and robotic options for treating morbid obesity such as: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch, gastric ballon and adjustable gastric banding. Dr. Allen Alvarez along with his associates Dr. Sonny Cavazos and Dr. J.J. Gonzalez can be reached at Sage Bariatric (Formerly The Texas Center of Medical and Weight Loss Surgery) located in San Antonio, Texas. These bariatric surgeons are committed to patient safety and satisfaction and their top priority is excellence in outcomes as they bring health to others.

Patient Testimonials

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This is a test testimonial
This was much easier than I expected. The surgery went very well with very little pain afterward. The surgery made changing my habits much easier and also helped with satiety. I hadn't seen some friends for several months and when I approached them, they didn't recognize me! Then everyone wanted to know what "plan" I was on so they could try it. Shopping is also a lot more fun! Dr. Cavazos was very informative and answered all my questions clearly. Every office visit, I am met with a smile and friendly service. -Nancy T. 6/17/16
Easier Than I Expected
My physical wellness as a result of the surgery has allowed me to focus on my emotional wellness. My life has completely changed. I am now married and am committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for my family. I love the program and the support available through the process. -Carla D. 6/17/16
Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle for my Family
Love how I have more energy throughout the day, able to get around and not feel exhausted! Love fitting into smaller clothing. I'm doing activities that I wouldn't have been able to do before. I used to feel so self-conscious of going to the beach. -Leticia W. 6/17/16
Able To Get Around and Not Feel Exhausted!
I love Dr. Alvarez and the program. All the staff have been so helpful. -Mary W. 7/3/16
Love Dr. Alvarez
Since the surgery I've been a lot more active like playing basketball with my son, going swimming and just getting out of my bed. I'm truly thankful to Dr. Alvarez and the staff for all they have done for me. This opportunity has changed my life forever. I wasn't able to get the surgery in my hometown but luckily Dr. Alvarez and the staff were willing to help. -LaBridgette W. 7/17/16
This Opportunity Has Changed My Life Forever

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