Patient Education

In order for you to understand your body after surgery, Sage Bariatric (Formally The Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss) has developed a Post-Operative Education Seminar that is specific to your procedure. At your one-week follow up visit you will be seen by a healthcare provider and participate in the seminar. We want to help ensure your health and your success after surgery. So, in addition to your one-week visit, we will want to see you at the very least on a monthly basis until your 6th month post-op; and annually thereafter. The frequency may be different for band patients. These appointments are critical to you to reaching your goal weight. Bariatric surgery is just the beginning of our lifelong commitment to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle that is active and rewarding. After bariatric surgery is complete, we offer you a wealth of educational opportunities at Sage Bariatric Institute. We not only want you to be able to take off the excess weight, but keep it off after bariatric surgery through weight loss surgery support. We have links to the post-operative seminars below. We have found these are a good reminder of the information provided in the class.