Heidi Jensen

Heidi Jensen


Heidi Jensen, MS, RDN, LD is the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on the team. Heidi received her Bachelor’s of Science in dietetics and her Master’s of Science in Nutrition from Iowa State University. She is certified in Adult Weight Management by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Heidi has worked in private practice, oncology, wellness and rehabilitation.

A dedicated community volunteer, Heidi served in leadership roles with the Iowa State Dietetic Association, Iowa Nutrition Network, Des Moines Komen for the Cure and Junior League.
Heidi is a native Midwesterner, originally from Iowa. She moved to San Antonio 9 years ago to be with her husband, Kurt. They have two young children and enjoy being an active family.
She enjoys helping individuals find their motivation for healthy lifestyle change in a fun and encouraging way. “Wellness is about the journey not the destination.”

Paitent Testimonials

  • Tina G.
    I had surgery 8 yrs ago and it was the best decision I have made for myself with my health. I feel healthier and happier than ever. I love being able to wear clothes that actually look good on me and love the new me. I can't thank Dr. Cavazos and Ms. Linda Golden NP enough for all their help and support. -Tina G. 9/6/17
  • Jeremiah C.
    The program works, the staff rocks, and the doctors are the best at what they do. -Jeremiah C. 8/16/17
  • Gail A.
    I no longer need insulin, cholesterol or asthma med. B/P is back to normal and take med only to protect kidneys. PCP is very pleased with my life change. Great staff. Understanding, eager to answer questions. Program gave me a new lease on life. I am happy, healthier, and active again. -Gail A. 5/23/17
  • Christina G.
    The culture at Sage is amazing.  Doctors are there for you, the staff very pleasant and visible that they work as a team.  The office setting is beautiful and professional.  Thank you all for helping me save my life.  It's the simple things we take for granted that have become my small weight loss victories.  Being able to bend over and tie your shoes without losing your breath.  Being able to increase the speed on the treadmill.  Your clothes getting loose.  My ultimate victory will be going on a plane and not needing a seatbelt extender.  I will get there 🙂 -Christina G. 5/9/17
  • Crystal
    I wish I would have done this sooner! This program has been amazing. Staff is supportive and caring. I recently went to the lake with friends and family. Feeling comfortable in my own skin. More outgoing and just loving myself. -Crystal 3/15/17
  • I Feel 100% Better
    I feel 100% better. My gastric sleeve surgery changed my life, saved my life. I've made positive changes and I've met personal goals that I thought were unachievable. The staff, all the staff from dietician to MD's to appointment takers very friendly, helpful, supportive. -Emmalinda D. 1/17/17
  • My only regret is I didn't do this sooner! Everyone at Sage has been incredible every step of the way. -Wendell T.
  • Patient-Centered Care
    Exceptional doctor, staff, and programs that offer model patient-centered care. -Melissa D. 1/10/17
  • Exceptional
    All are exceptional!! Can't say enough good things. They have made this process enjoyable. They definitely guide you in the right direction to make this journey successful. -Laura P. 1/4/17
  • Robert S.
    Everyone here has been very helpful and friendly. -Robert S. 12/27/16
  • Amazing Journey
    It has been an amazing journey - Not easy at all but well worth it. I appreciate the honesty of the doctor and staff in explaining the road ahead of me. It takes lots of work! Anyone who says it is the easy way does not truly understand the journey. -Victoria T. 11/9/16
  • Awesome
    It's just been awesome. I'm the person I was supposed to be. -Jeremy T. 10/27/16
  • Best Bedside Manner
    I can't say enough about the staff & my Dr. Sonny Cavazos. Best bedside manners & my PA is awesome. -Kimber W. 10/25/16
  • Everyone is amazing. Have referred lots of people this way. Keep up the good work. -Jessica J. 10/20/16
  • Accomplished & Proud 3 Years Out
    I participated & finished a 5K obstacle course - felt very accomplished & proud of how far healthwise I have come! Everyone involved from my initial contact to today has been kind, supportive, helpful & professional. I enjoy the support group still even after 3 years! You are great! -Elizabeth S. 9/29/16
  • Life Saver
    Dr. Cavazos is a life saver. Since I had surgery I look forward every time I come to the office. I have never been judged on my size and very comfortable. The whole office has been top notch. I get rejuvenated when I come in here and see the weight loss. -Tina H. 9/13/16
  • This Program is the Best
    This program is the best from pre-op to operation to post-op care and education. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring! I've been so excited to see the results of my bloodwork come back normal after many years of high cholesterol and high sugar! My blood pressure is now normal too. This and I am dressing in smaller size clothes. -Vicki T. 9/9/16
  • I Feel Like a Whole New Person
    I am running, no pain, doing things I thought I could never be able to do again. I feel like a whole new person. I'm even able to tie my own shoes! I've never been so happy; thank you all so much. I couldn't be more grateful or thankful for everything that they have done for me. My doctor who is Dr. Cavazos was amazing - the staff great - I could have never been so happy for all their help through my journey. -Christi A. 8/22/16
  • Fabulous Bedside Manner
    The staff and doctors are top notch and I've always appreciated their honesty and fabulous bedside manner. -Summer T. 7/29/16
  • This Opportunity Has Changed My Life Forever
    Since the surgery I've been a lot more active like playing basketball with my son, going swimming and just getting out of my bed. I'm truly thankful to Dr. Alvarez and the staff for all they have done for me. This opportunity has changed my life forever. I wasn't able to get the surgery in my hometown but luckily Dr. Alvarez and the staff were willing to help. -LaBridgette W. 7/17/16
  • Full of Energy
    Since my weight loss I've been full of energy and so much happier. I can do a lot of things easier. Not out of breath like I was before. I play volleyball and I've noticed I can jump higher and get to the ball faster. The staff and doctors here are very understanding and courteous. They work with you and try to do everything they can to get you an appointment at your convenience. -Leslie H. 5/26/16
  • Whole Experience Has Been Wonderful
    When I see people I haven't seen in a while, they get really excited about my change and I really don't see it as much as they have, but them being happy for me makes me happy. This whole experience has been wonderful from the front desk all the way to the nurses in the back. Stay the same. Never change. -Jesse G. 5/25/16