01 Sleeve_GastrectomyThe Gastric Sleeve (also called Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) is the most commonly performed bariatric operation worldwide. The procedure is done laparoscopically (minimally invasive) under general anesthesia. We remove 70-80% of the stomach to reduce food capacity, and this resection also eliminates the source of key hunger hormones such as ghrelin. The Sleeve causes hormone rebalancing and sustained hunger reduction so patients don’t want as much food.

The Sage Bariatric team does 15-30 Sleeve operations every week, so we clearly understand our patients’ needs for safe surgery and a quick recovery. Most patients feel well enough to go home after one night in the hospital, and the vast majority of patients are back at work by 2 weeks from surgery.

Results vary from patient to patient, but on average patients lose from 60-200 pounds with a Sleeve, and they experience major improvements in medical conditions like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, and Diabetes.

Selected patients with early stage obesity disease may have their Sleeve operation at our efficient ambulatory surgery center.

Patient Testimonials

What can I say - Dr. Cavazos is so cute and professional that I have referred several friends to this clinic. I was very impressed with the service and care you give so I just have to pass it along! One time I was driving home from work. I was in a red light and was tired. I put my arm on the steering wheel and with my other arm I began to rub it. I was so amazed of how I was able to feel muscles and noticed my shoulders and arms how thin they were. I haven't feel them like that in years!! -Bertha J. 5/29/16
Very Impressed with Service and Care
The weight loss has completely changed my life. I feel a change every day. I feel good, I look good, I enjoy dancing again, I'm not afraid to run in front of other people. I feel young again and able to be involved in my daughter's life with sports. The program, staff and doctors have been a great influence on me. The encouragement I have received has been beneficial to my results. -Susan Z. 6/7/16
Completely Changed My Life
I now can walk stairs without knee throbbing pain. Pure excitement to be able to exercise again. Love, love Dr. Cavazos!! -Toni M. 6/2/16
Love Dr. Cavazos!
Today I jogged for 30 minutes without getting tired or feeling pain in my knees. Priceless! I feel great, thank God! Thank you, Dr. Pilcher! Staff is amazing! Very professional! -Ana F. 7/1/16
I Feel Great!
I can sit in the floor with my grandkids and get up without feeling like a beached whale! Best thing I've ever done for myself. -Gina M. 7/9/16
Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself
I have been an advocate for the sleeve and have influenced other diabetics to consider this surgery. Great support. Increased general ability to "get around", climb stairs, play golf, tie shoe laces, self-esteem up! Optimistic outlook. More PR work to the diabetic community. Testimonials by people like me. -Fernando F. 9/14/16
Recommend for Diabetics
I was able to go to Aquatica and walk and play with my grandkids. Did not need electrical cart because my legs and back hurt so bad. I have been very pleased with my care. They always take time to answer my questions and seem genuinely concerned for me. -Rose R. 9/28/16