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Dr. Gonzalez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and attended Central Catholic High School. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Stanford University. He then attended The College of Physicians & Surgeons at Columbia University where he was awarded his Medical Degree. His residency in General Surgery was completed at Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Gonzalez received advanced laparoscopic training under the tutelage of world-renowned laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Morris Franklin at the Texas Endosurgery Institute. During his 2-year fellowship at TEI, he received additional training at the Institut de Recherche Contre les Cancers de l’Appareil Digestif, a minimally invasive surgery center in Strasbourg, France. He also studied foregut and weight loss surgery at the Wakefield Clinic under Dr. Richard Stubbs in Wellington, New Zealand. Dr. Gonzalez offers sleeve gastectomy, RYGB, gastric banding, duodenal switch, gastric balloon, revisional bariatric procedures, as well as general surgery procedures. Dr. Gonzalez is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters in the field of laparoscopic surgery. He has given oral and poster presentations at more than 15 international meetings and has been on the teaching faculty at the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) annual scientific sessions and at the XII International Congress of Endoscopic Surgery in Veracruz, Mexico. Dr. Gonzalez is also a proctor for Allergan for whom he teaches surgeons from all over the country how to perform laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. Dr. Gonzalez is board certified in general surgery with the American Board of Surgery and is a member of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Gonzales is amazing. He always makes me feel welcome as if I have known him all my life. ALL of the staff here are so kind and polite. I’m ecstatic about the service they give here. I have recommended numerous people to the office.
Dr. Gonzales is amazing (TH)
Every time I do things that I’ve never done prior to weight loss surgery, it’s an instant gratification. There was so much I wouldn’t do before WLS from going speed dating to trying sushi! I feel like I’m actually LIVING!!! EVERYONE here is so amazing! Dr. Gonzales is probably my favorite person ever. I am forever indebted to him.
I feel like I’m actually LIVING!!! (NW)
Working on my feet all day, now I have no pains in my feet nor do I lose my breath from walking from point A to B when I would normally. Everything in my life is so much easier now that I am lighter on my feet and feel better about myself. Everyone at the office has always been nice and very helpful. I have and will continue to reccommend this facility and Dr. Gonzales to anyone you can help. Thank you!
Life is so much easier now (CS)
Dr. Gonzales really changed my life. I was ready to die.  Now I feel like I have a 100 years to go. I would not changed a thing. Love this office staff and doctors. ~ Laura F. 11/16/2015
Dr. Gonzales really changed my…
Dr. Gonzales, Thank you, you’re an angel, you’re e a miracle worker. I know you’re an angel of God. Thank God for everyone here, all the staff here has always been caring and very kind. Thank you Texas Center for medical & surgical weight loss. You all have been a blessing for me. Linda Golden and Vanessa, Thank you for everything as well for your kindness. I think you are doing great making miracles. I am very happy with my results. If there is anything I can do let me know. ~ Rachel R. 12-9-2015
Dr. Gonzales, Thank you, you’re an angel, you’re …
I do not feel as tired and am able to do more physical labor without tiring. Dr. Gonzales has great bedside manner and would recommend him highly. -Russell S. -4/18/16
Do Not Feel As Tired
The entire journey has brought on changes. Better eating habits, clothes fitting better (not to mention seeing my size go from size 30 down to 12-14), as well as keeping up with my son. -Robyn B. -4/22/16
A life changing experience. Great customer service. Empathetic staff. Dr. Gonzalez is the best. -Kevin K.
A Life-Changing Experience
I was taken off many medications and started to feel better. I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Going from a 2X to a XL-L. Happier at work and home. This has been the MOST positive thing I have ever done for myself. The doctors, nurses, staff, dietician have ben so supportive and helpful. I think Dr. Gonzalez is amazing. -Patricia Z. 7/27/16
Dr. G has been awesome throughout the entire process. It's been 7 years now so I sometimes forget that I was really so overweight. I recently came across some old photos and almost didn't recognize myself. -Tammi C. 8/24
Dr. G Has Been Awesome
Dr. JJ Gonzalez changed my life. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner but I'm happy that I did it when I did! -Jesus C. 1/31/18
Jesus C.

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