Our doctors and staff are dedicated to helping you transform your health and your life. Our only goal is for you to succeed. We believe that weight loss cannot be sustained in the long term without a holistic and in-depth approach to treatment. Simply having bariatric surgery does not ensure that weight loss will be permanent. Effective treatment must consider all aspects of your body and mind.

Team of professionals
At Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss, you will be given a set of tools and personal guidance by our surgeons, medical doctor, nurse practitioner, support staff, exercise specialists, weight loss psychologists, and dieticians. We provide you with ongoing education so that you can maximize your success and continue to succeed for years after your surgery.

Support Group
We also offer a monthly Bariatric Support Group which is led by our doctors. Guest speakers are invited monthly to discuss a wide variety of topics. Research shows that patients who attend support groups lose more weight and keep it off better than those who do not attend. Support Group gives you a unique opportunity to develop camaraderie with others on a journey to weight loss. Our patients find strength and joy in their newfound ability to help one another in changing their lives.

Online Support Programs
Additionally, we offer several online support programs. These programs are designed to help educate our patients about surgery before their operation, as well as providing support after surgery. They are designed to help you get the most out of your procedure by not only losing more weight, but also maintaining a healthier weight, too

Online Support Articles
You may also find some of these online weight loss articles to be informative and interesting when looking to learn more about surgical weight loss. Please use them as a guide to help you better understand various issues. They should not be used in making any important decisions without first consulting the appropriate professional. Any specific questions you have should always be directed towards your team of weight loss professionals or towards your support groups.