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Bariatric Counseling Center

All of our patients are strongly encouraged to participate in the program at The Bariatric Counseling Center of San Antonio, located on the third floor of our building. The program serves as a tremendous tool in the success of our patients, both surgical and non-surgical. The program includes:

  • Recovery skills groups- excessive eating, binge eating, emotional eating
  • Coping skills – transition to healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Teaching kitchen – cooking and shopping education
  • Mindful eating – practice while eating meals you prepared in the kitchen
  • Food relationships – address your relationship with food and others
  • Movement group – work through resistance
  • Teletherapy – Distance Counseling

I learned a lot about myself and my connection to food and determined why I struggle with eating.  The staff is a great group of people and all very helpful and caring.  -RL

The BCC program has helped me really work at addressing the underlying reasons for overeating.  The program helped me with mindfulness, self-esteem, and handling life in a more positive and resilient manner.  I highly recommend the program. -MC