02 Gastric_BypassThe Gastric Bypass (full name is Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass) is done laparoscopically (minimally invasive) under general anesthesia. Surgical staplers are used to divide the upper stomach, leaving only a small upper segment of stomach to hold food.  No stomach or intestine is removed, but the intestine is re-routed to carry food downstream without entering the lower “bypassed” stomach or duodenum.  Metabolism and hunger levels are improved by having the food “skip” the complex neuro-hormonal reflex systems of the lower stomach and duodenum.

Food mixes with digestive juices at the downstream connection, and there is a long section of normal small intestine downstream where normal food absorption occurs. If patients eat sugar after a gastric bypass they are likely to have a condition called “dumping syndrome,” which includes nausea, cramping pain, and diarrhea; dumping only happens if the patient “goes off the plan” by eating sugar.  The larger section of stomach that is bypassed keeps its many small blood vessels so it remains healthy and remains in place.

Many patients feel OK to go home on the afternoon after their Gastric Bypass operation (one night in the hospital), although some may remain for another night for management of their pre-surgical conditions. The vast majority are back at work by 2 weeks from surgery.

Results vary from patient to patient, but on average patients lose from 70-250 pounds after the Gastric Bypass. It is effective in treating every weight-related medical condition, and it is especially effective for Diabetes and Reflux/Heartburn.

Patient Testimonials

Every day I am excited. I cannot pinpoint an exact moment because I am thrilled to be living the life I am. I have such a different outlook on life. I am happy to feel like I belong and not judged because of my weight. I used to only exist in this world, but now I feel as if I'm finally living. So many doors have opened up since surgery and I'm excited to see what my future holds for once! Going into this process I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect. The staff, program, and doctors practically held my hand every single step of the way. They always made me feel important. I am so happy I chose the doctor I did and the program. They are all so kind. -Rebecca M. 5/26/16
I’m Finally Living
The surgery was successful. The healing first month was hard but once the sickness feeling went away I felt much better with more energy. About 3 months after surgery I started to have extra energy and was able to run for the first time in 20 years. Even though it was a short run, I was able to do it. The feeling of being able to pick up my heavy legs and go was awesome. -Heidi B. -5/26/16
More Energy
I get excited every time I look at the scale and it's dropping. I'm happy that it's starting to be noticeable by friends and family. Each time my body goes through a change I can tell. The doctors here are great and definitely would highly recommend them. Especially my surgeon Dr. Alvarez. Overall the staff, the other doctors have been wonderful. I wouldn't change anything. Tough road I am going through but would do it again if I had to. -Maria C. 5/28/16
I tell everyone that I know if they need or want help there is no one better than Sonny Cavazos - and the staff are great. -Mary S. 7/6/16
No One Better
Dr. Cavazos has been absolutely wonderful. The entire program runs like a well-oiled machine. My favorite things since surgery - buying 'regular' sized clothes, fitting next to a stranger in stadium seats and not feeling self-conscious, being more active with my children, including completing our first 5K color run together. -Amanda B. 7/12/16
Absolutely Wonderful
I was taken off many medications and started to feel better. I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Going from a 2X to a XL-L. Happier at work and home. This has been the MOST positive thing I have ever done for myself. The doctors, nurses, staff, dietician have ben so supportive and helpful. I think Dr. Gonzalez is amazing. -Patricia Z. 7/27/16
This program is the best from pre-op to operation to post-op care and education. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring! I've been so excited to see the results of my bloodwork come back normal after many years of high cholesterol and high sugar! My blood pressure is now normal too. This and I am dressing in smaller size clothes. -Vicki T. 9/9/16
This Program is the Best
I participated & finished a 5K obstacle course - felt very accomplished & proud of how far healthwise I have come! Everyone involved from my initial contact to today has been kind, supportive, helpful & professional. I enjoy the support group still even after 3 years! You are great! -Elizabeth S. 9/29/16
Accomplished & Proud 3 Years Out