Dr. John Pilcher


I’ve always pulled for the underdog, the person who is saddled with disadvantages but who works hard to achieve in spite of the challenges. That’s why my calling as a Bariatric Surgeon is a great fit – I get to help hard-working people shed the metabolic obesity burden and get on with living the lives they deserve.

I’ve been doing bariatric surgery since 1995, and I’ve been on the forefront as surgery has become steadily safer and more effective. I’m proud to be a leader in new robotic techniques for bariatric surgery so that our patients can improve even more quickly and more reliably.

I believe that in the next 10 years we’ll have improved diagnostic testing for obesity so that we can provide treatment that is targeted to the particular aspects of each patient’s obesity disease, leading to revolutionary improvements in access to care and outcomes.

I’ve personally performed over 3,500 bariatric operations, recently focused on Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass procedures at a pace of 6-12 operations each week.  I’ve been placing gastric balloons since January of 2016, and I believe the balloon is a strong addition to our spectrum of available treatments for those who suffer from obesity.

I am a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, having been a member since 1998.  I am a Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, having been a member since 1999.  I am a founding member of the Texas Association for Bariatric Surgery.  I have served as a proctor, instructor, and resource for Bariatric Surgeons throughout Texas and nationally as well; in this role I have taught Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band, and revision bariatric surgery.

I am currently a consultant and surgeon instructor for Intuitive (surgical robot) and for ReShape (gastric balloon).  I am honored to serve as a site reviewer for the bariatric surgery Quality Improvement Program at the American College of Surgeons.  I am a member of the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee at the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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Patient Testimonials

I completed my second triathlon May 7, 2016! Great staff. Would refer anyone to this group. -Adriana P. 5/25/16
Completed My 2nd Triathlon
Life is just great. Just great people. I love it here. Thank you. -Carlos S. 5/25/16
Just Great People
I am so grateful for the expertise and great advice I received from Dr. Pilcher and his staff. By following their instructions with courage and perseverance, God has blessed me with the desires of my heart - to return to my ideal weight and feel like myself again. Thank you for your extra encouragement and for giving me confidence to do what I needed to do for myself and my family! Mary C. 8/2/16
So Grateful
The most important thing is that now I get to spend more time with my children especially during physical activities. I can now enjoy them in everything they do. Your staff is amazing, always helpful and Dr. Pilcher, well he changed my life :). -Rosa V. 9/28/16
Enjoying Children
In 2008 I had the lap band done at another office. I felt like I was just another person. I had lots of issues and pursued another office. I came to see Dr. Pilcher and immediately felt a difference. The fact that he took the time to get to know me and my story, the follow up appointments, the phone calls make me feel more like family; not just another patient. -Syndy 3/15/17
I am currently a size 14 from an 18-20. Being able to get into this size is amazing. I still have work to do but my results are amazing and people are noticing. Dr. Pilcher and his staff are truly amazing. Tammy S. 12/7/17
Tammy S.
It is pure joy watching the inches fall away from my face and neck and things like that. You really don't realize how much stuff moves out of place when you gain weight. Dr. Pilcher was amazing before, during and after. He made sure I had everything I needed even when I didn't. I have had a wonderful experience from start to finish so I would say keep up the wonderful job you are doing. -La Shon B. 8/15/18
La Shon B.

Disclaimer: The testimonials below are the personal experiences of particular Patients. The results may vary from person to person, depending on age, sex, body weight and a lot of other factors.

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