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This is a test testimonial
I have only used the office for the aftercare from my surgery with Dr. Gonzalez at his previous practice. Linda is awesome, the office staff and program have been great. I feel like I’ve been with you all since the beginning. Thanks!
Linda is Awesome (Michelle M.)
It’s always exciting to run into people that I haven’t seen since before the surgery. They are always impressed at how I look and I know the confidence an extra glow! I am also playing roller derby and staying very active keeping up. I’m doing physical activity that I never thought I could do. Dr. Gonzalez has been so incredibly encouraging and is always just as excited about my weight loss as I am!
They are always impressed at how I look! (Sarah C.)
I’ve had nothing but great treatment from the Dr.’s and Linda Golden is the best as well as the staff! I will continue to drive the 3 hours to be in this program. Dr. Gonzalez did my surgery at another center, but this office is much better. Linda is the reason I’m here.
I’ve had nothing but great treatment (Brenda O.)
If it wasn’t for him, my life wouldn’t be the way it is now. Which is amazing! I enjoy having the energy to play with my energetic kids. I am able to participate in more activities and not run out of breath or be tired. I enjoy going into the store and actually finding nicer clothes that fit. My life is healthier and better because of Dr. Cavazos. I’m forever grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I am so thankful for Dr. Cavazos! (Linda B.)
At the beginning I didn’t accept or believe it but now I’m proud of it. I started out size 24 and now I can wear size 10 in less than six months! I am a huge advocate for this..my only regret is that I didn’t’ do this sooner
I was most thrilled to hear someone at work refer to me as “skinny”. (Margaret C.)
I can walk for 3 miles in the morning and 3 more in the afternoon. Before surgery I couldn’t walk 1 mile. This has changed my life for the good, glad I did the surgery. The staff and doctor have been great
I feel a lot better in general (C.C.)
My experience with the program has been great! My "WOW" moments have been using clothing sizes that I haven’t used since 1984. I go to the gym, run, exercise, and fit in a coach airplane seat, etc-. Cynthia T. I absolutely LOVE Dr. JJ Gonzalez and Linda. This process has made so much difference in my life not only the procedure but the people I have met because of the procedure-Jerelene L. I am so proud of myself since my surgery dat. My confidence level is very good and life is great all by itself. I praise GOD for you guys. Thank you Dr. Gonzalez and to Linda for helping and giving a new beginning to my life
My surgery was the greatest thing I did for myself (Brandie M.)
The staff has aided greatly during my surgery recovery and the entire experience of weight loss. I’m very blessed to have had this opportunity. Lisa D. When running with my husband and son and they had to rest before I did. Never have I been in better shape than them and I was amazed as my stamina and progress. Weight loss surgery is the best thing I ever did! I’m more energetic and exercise regularly as well as able to manage my food intake better than ever.
Everyone is so supportive! (R.G.M.)
All 4 of my doctors had mentioned Bariatric surgery, but only one actually gave me the referral. Thank God it was to Dr. Cavazos. His staff impressed me from the very first day. The "people come first" approach was apparent before, during, and after the procedure; I couldn't believe that I was only in the hospital for 48 hours, and within two weeks it was as if I hadn't been there at all. The follow-up was great. Within a week of my procedure the nurses from the recovery floor called to ask me how I was doing, and the calls didn't stop there. Everyone has made themselves available to answer any questions presented. I am very glad that I was not presented with any complications, and it seems that this change in lifestyle was seamless. I eat less but my tummy does not mind at all. The decision to have a gastric bypass was made to eliminate many of y medical issues which have manifested due to my obesity, including, but not limited to, sleep apnea, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary artery disease, just to mention a few. I was apprehensive because I knew that a lifestyle change would be needed, and I was happy eating everything I shouldn't. Dr. Cavazos was very compassionate and looked at me as a person with valid issues instead of an insurance card holder. He assured me every step of the way and confirmed the need. He even went the extra mile to consult with my cardiologist to insure my aftercare did not affect my cardio plan. He told me that after surgery and subsequent weight loss, many of my physical issues would go away. Well he didn't lie. The day after my surgery my Diabetes was in remission and dince then, my primary doctor has stopped all but two of my medications (previously I was taking 9 medications.) I lost 40 lbs in the first 7 weeks and do not struggle up the stairs or feel tired all the time, and I am not hungry all the time like I was before. I am soooo glad I decided to make this change.
The “people come first” approach was apparent (G.O.)
There are so many things that I can wear now because of the weight loss. I’m more active by exercising now and feel just so much better about myself. I tell everyone what a good decision it was that I did this for myself. \r\n\r\nEveryone has been great throughout my whole experience…from the first doctor’s appointment before my surgery up until now two years after my surgery. Keep up the work that you are doing.
Keep up the work that you are doing (B B)
I’m able to run for an hour (6 miles) non-stop. I love love love to run. I’m wearing size 6 jeans. I have more confidence in myself. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I’ve recommended this program to two other people.
I have more confidence in myself (G.M.)
My wow moment was when I went shopping and I went to the plus size clothing and everything I tried on was too big. I went to the misses section and I could wear clothes from this department. I was so amazed that I spent hours just trying on everything. I think the program is great and there are no words to describe how wonderful the staff and doctors are. This has been an amazing journey and I would not be where I am without all of the support from staff and doctors.
This has been an amazing journey (LS)
My first “wow” moment was when I truly realized that my body and my life were drastically changing… when I sat in the car and noticed that my belly was no longer touching the steering wheel. And the “wow” moments keep coming: sitting in a restaurant booth, reaching my shoelaces, shopping in the ‘regular’ departments, walking up and down stairs, and most importantly, having energy to enjoy my family. Yesterday, I put my new kayak in the river. It was liberating to be able to get in and out of the boat, to fit in the seat, and to not worry about it sitting too low in the water because of my weight. As I paddled, I couldn’t stop grinning. I am free.Dr. Cavazos is an excellent surgeon and I had no difficulties or problems with the gastric bypass procedure. He is also a kind and non-judgemental physician. The office staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss!
And the “wow” moments keep coming (MF)
The Tool and Team that has helped me get my life back. .', 'There are not enough words that can express my gratitude towards this excellent team of people. I have finally gotten my life back. Everyone is so nice and professional. I always feel welcomed when I go into the office. I love each and everyone that I have encountered at the San Antonio office. 2 sizes down almost 3 months out I am truly blessed to have gone to the Texas Center for Medical and surgical weight loss John J. Gonzalez and Dr. Ramiro "Sonny" Cavazos Rock!!!!!
Helped me get my life back (Takia Henderson)
The program, staff and doctors are out of this world. Thank you all so much. My life is completely changed.
The program, staff and doctors are out of this world (EE)
I have had so much energy that I’m always working in the yard or on the ranch. I get restless watching TV and downright stir crazy when I’m bed ridden with a cold or other illness! Doctors are the best! Nurses are great! The fact that the surgeon had no problems praying with me pre-surgery greatly helped me emotionally because it was the first time in my life that my body cavity had been compromised in any way, and I’m 50.
Doctors are the best! Nurses are great! (David)
I am now a Zumba Certified Instructor. I teach classes 3 times a week. I just completed my first ever 25K trail run…I love to run. I couldn’t have accomplished those things without losing all the weight. Awesome staff! Very helpful and supportive!
Awesome staff! Very helpful and supportive! (GM)
Dr. Gonzales is amazing. He always makes me feel welcome as if I have known him all my life. ALL of the staff here are so kind and polite. I’m ecstatic about the service they give here. I have recommended numerous people to the office.
Dr. Gonzales is amazing (TH)
All my life I have had difficulty finding clothes to fit. Now I have the same problem. Only difference is everything is too big – I now shop for clothes in the regular department stores – no more plus size shops for me!! My experience from the first phone call to now (six months follow up) has been positive – everyone on staff is always so nice and courteous – always ready to answer questions and provide assistance – AWESOME STAFF!!!
No more plus size shops for me!! (DH)
I was blessed to be able to have my surgery with Dr. Cavazos. He kept me informed, made me feel very safe and the results are outstanding. His staff is very knowledgable and super friendly. Their support has been invaluable.
The results are outstanding (SS)
I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service the staff and surgeon have given me and my sister.
I can’t thank you enough (SH)
I’ve been excited since I came to Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss. I have more energy, I feel great, I’m not tired anymore. I like me a lot better. The program, staff and doctors are awesome and I love it here. Everyone has been amazing and very helpful.
I like me a lot better (MM)
The surgery changed my life. My job was on the line because I was so big. I am now back working. I now really love what I do. I have a lot more self esteem.
The surgery changed my life (MP)
The program, staff, and doctors are the best. I recommend this office to everyone I speak to who is considering doing the same surgery. Dr. Gonzalez is the best doctor I’ve ever had. He’s very positive and very encouraging. The staff is wonderful. Always nice and helpful and always have smiles on their faces. Makes me feel welcomed every time I’m here. Thank you all so much.
I recommend this office to everyone (OH)
Wow Moments: *When I could squat and didn’t realize I was doing it.*Also when I could get up off the floor without assistance.*When my shoe size went down 2 sizes.*When I did not have to shop in the big woman’s clothing section*When I realized I was walking without running out of breath. The Staff is great! I love the acceptance and the welcoming feeling every time I walk through the door. The doctors are darlings. They know when to be tough and they know when to break out the kid gloves. No matter what they never seemed judgmental and always acted positive.
No matter what they never seemed judgmental (MP)
It feels like my world has started over. And I’m loving it. I would do it all over again. The staff is really awesome. They always make me laugh. And they are very comfortable to be around.
It feels like my world has started over (HA)
Love Dr. Cavazos. Just couldn’t say more. He is a great doctor. I have referred 2 other patients who had a successful surgery. He gave me a new life.” “ He cares and it shows. It means so much when your doctor looks into your eyes and listens with his heart and mind and cares about your life and goals. He is a wonderful doctor. Very talented.
Dr. Cavazos cares and it shows (CW)
As a result of my surgery I have gone from a 48” waist to a 42” in 4 months. I am wearing pants that I wore 25 years ago. It feels great. I have triple the amount of energy.
I am wearing pants that I wore 25 years ago (R.S.)
It’s only been six months but I am so happy with my results. I felt a change in myself right away and I never thought I’d be able to conceive and now I’m pregnant with my first child!!
I felt a change in myself right away (M.G.)
The staff if wonderful, I was impressed with everyone. Dr. Cavazos was very professional and explained every step of the procedure. I felt so comfortable with the decisions that I made.
I was impressed with everyone (M.P.)
The compassion shown by everyone in the office is wonderful. The motivation is helpful in keeping you on point with the weight loss.
The compassion shown by everyone in the office is wonderful (M.G.)
The staff is very accommodating every time I walk in the door.
Staff is very accommodating (E.C.)
Thank you to Ms. Vela and staff for guiding me in the right direction thanks for all the support. This center doesn’t need improvement in my eyes.
Thanks for all the support (M.G.)
The staff and doctors have been great. I have recommended and referred others here. My wow moments: 1- When I could squeeze into size 40 pants. It had been 15 years! 2- Completing my first half marathon. I couldn’t even comfortably walk a couple of miles. Once I lost 40 lbs, I could start jogging. I have logged over 500 miles since my surgery and will do the rock and roll marathon in Nov.
The staff and doctors have been great (CM)
This entire team is amazing! So thankful for the friendly staff and family feeling. Everyone truly wants you to be successful in this journey!
This entire team is amazing! (JE)
I’ve just been thrilled with every milestone. the decrease in inches, pounds, dress sizes, etc. I’ve been very happy with my entire lap band journey. Everyone is so personable, encouraging and caring.
I’ve just been thrilled with every milestone (PC)
I finally found Wendy again. There was so many days I would avoid mirrors because of how I looked. I look at myself in a full length mirror now & I am so happy to see Wendy again.
Finally found myself again (WM)
Every time I do things that I’ve never done prior to weight loss surgery, it’s an instant gratification. There was so much I wouldn’t do before WLS from going speed dating to trying sushi! I feel like I’m actually LIVING!!! EVERYONE here is so amazing! Dr. Gonzales is probably my favorite person ever. I am forever indebted to him.
I feel like I’m actually LIVING!!! (NW)
Swimsuit shopping before vacation was easy. I actually like wearing belts! I can move so much more easily. I teach small children and get up and down off the floor a lot. Now I am almost graceful. Dr. Cavazos is gently, kind, sincere, explains things very well before, during and after surgery. Dr. Anz is reassuring, encouraging and kind.
Doctors are kind and reassuring (JL)
Great doctors, very friendly and nice staff. You feel like you know them and they always have a smile in their face and always willing to help!” “Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support. Thank you Marisa for personalized treatment to patients. Very nice and professional! Everything is above expectations. Great customer service. I’ve definitely recommended this clinic, this program and Dr. Cavazos to several people!
Everything is above expectations (MM)
This has been the best experience! Your staff is fantastic – always positive and willing to offer assistance and feedback – this was the best decision I’ve ever made! Keep doing what you are doing.
Keep doing what you are doing (DH)
I have more energy. The pain in my lower back has improved enough to put off having back surgery. Everyone I have been in contact with here has been very professional and had my well being as goal #1. Awesome program! Thank you!
Awesome program! (JT)
This surgery has changed my life completely! [Regarding the program] “One word ‘Wonderful’! The staff, doctors, the hospital and its staff, everyone has just been so gracious and informative.
One word ‘Wonderful!’ (SH)
My first “wow” moment came when I was able to fly comfortably in an airplane seat. Before I would need an extender but would be embarrassed to ask for it. So I would ride the whole trip that way. The staff has been great. They treat you with respect and care every time you come in. They listen to you and that can make or break a relationship with you and a doctor.
I was able to fly comfortably in an airplane seat (DP)
I had a “wow” moment the day I was able to sit in a movie theatre seat comfortably. I get emotionally happy when I buy clothes and shoes that fit me. This has been the best thing I did for myself, my children, and my husband. Going to Universal Studios and riding the rides, walking 5-7 miles a day was another “wow”. Dr. Cavazos is the “BEST”. His staff is excellent too!!! I have been so happy with everything that has been done for me. You all are the BEST!!!
You all are the BEST!!! (LS)
I didn’t know I could run without stopping so long! I enjoy running now. I have never been able to run for longer than 1 minute or 2, even at younger age. I now enjoy running 5K without stopping. All staff and Dr’s have been understanding, professional, and truly care about me and my needs. It’s not just another “thank you…next!
I didn’t know I could run without stopping so long! (SS)
I am just so happy with everything. Everyone is very helpful and high spirited. I am very pleased with the choices I’ve made and the people that have helped me along the way make it happen. The staff is all great.
Everyone is very helpful and high spirited (VC)
3 ½ Months after surgery, I did a self-breast exam. Found a lump in left breast. Diagnosed with “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma” cancer. Thank you Dr. Cavazos for saving my life! Not sure if I would have been able to locate my lump if I had not had bariatric surgery.
Thank you Dr. Cavazos for saving my life! (NB)
Every day is a wow moment. I wish I had done it sooner. I love this clinic. Everyone is nice and more importantly non-judgmental! I had a vitamin D deficiency prior to my surgery and Dr. Anz-Cavazos was very proactive in increasing my Vit D levels after my surgery. NOW my Vit D levels are improving. Additionally, every one of the practitioners were very explicit in giving me a precise vitamin schedule. Thanx!
Every day is a wow moment (WG)
A while back when I was at the gym, I was putting on my socks, not noticing I actually crossed my legs over each knee. I didn’t realize it until I put the other sock on. It made my day and motivted me to do extra time at the gym. Hooah! People are constantly telling me I look 20 years younger! Kudos to the nurses who took care of me and made me get up to walk during my hospital stay. The program is awesome, I don’t regret one it my decision to have the sleeve operation. I get compliments every day and it feels good! Thans Texas Center for Medical & Surgical WEIGHT LOSS!
ThanKs Texas Center for Medical & Surgical WEIGHT LOSS! (LP)
All of the staff from Dr. Cavazos to the receptionist were very compassionate and helpful at every visit. They made me feel empowered to make the changes I needed to make to be successful at losing weight. Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work! (CB)
I was walking on the tread mill when all of a sudden it started speeding up. I didn’t know how to slow it down since I really didn’t use one so I started running. I ran for 20 min. I hadn’t run for over 20 years… it was a WOW!! Moment.
Such a positive experience since day one. Doctors and staff really seemed concerned for me and not just doing another procedure. Wow Moments: No pain in my knees and ankles, Buying pants a size 40 waist (previously 60), Up and down stairs with ease, Being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant.
Such a positive experience since day one (MR)
I took my daughter to a pumpkin patch and she could only ride the hayride if I was with her. The seats were like barrels – I never would have been able to fit in the seat before my surgery. That day I said WOW. This is why I did it.
That day I said WOW (MT)
While shopping, I found a pair of size 8 jeans and they fit! I had not worn an 8 since I was 15 years old. I was so happy, I actually cried! I love the Center. Everyone is so helpful and has been so good to me on this journey. Thank you!'
I was so happy, I actually cried! (SD)
I would like to thank all the staff especially Dr. Cavazos for changing my life! I love you all!
I love you all! (JM)
I believe that my surgery saved my life. My diabetes was out of control and I had lost the ability to do the activities that I enjoy. Since my surgery I have become more healthy and I have learned to love myself.
I have learned to love myself (BP)
I am happy when I try on clothes and they are too big and the smaller sizes fit. I also enjoy hearing that my weight loss is showing. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. Dr. Cavazos and Dr. Anz have been very kind and helpful.
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone (CS)
The program is amazing. Everybody is so supportive, willing to answer questions, help out. I wish I would have done this years ago. My experience has been life-changing and I love it. You are great! Thank you so much!!
The program is amazing (DD)
The staff at Texas Center for medical & Surgical Weight Loss is always so welcoming/caring. Excellent customer service is always provided by staff.
Excellent customer service is always provided by staff. (OE)
Love the medical staff but office staff could use some help. The medical Staff is great. The office staff could use some help on customer service. The front receptionist could use some knowledge in billing and customer service. The worst service is have experienced in an office. For this reason I would not recommend this practice
Love the medical staff but office staff could use some help (Sally)
It’s so awesome being able to “MOVE”! Thank you Dr. Cavazos and staff. I’ve been in a lot of medical offices, however, I have never been where the people are so knowledgeable and helpful and kind. The doctors are all so wonderful. They really care for us as people! Not judging us as our looks, but here just to help us. Thank you again!
It’s so awesome being able to “MOVE”! (LA)
The whole staff has just been fabulous – no complaints. The program is well thought out and easy to follow. Great Job.
The whole staff has just been fabulous – no complaints. (MI)
Excellent staff. Very caring, patient and understanding. Keep up the great work.
Keep up the great work (AL)
I was very pleased when the scales were showing less than 200 lbs. for the first time in 23 or 24 years. Doctors and staff have been excellent. Everyone has been very friendly.
Doctors and staff have been excellent (RP)
The whole process has been a good experience. This was the best decision I have made in many years. Life changing event.The staff and doctors are great, courteous, and pleasant. They care about their patients.
They care about their patients (CS)
My "wow" moment occurred when shopping for clothes and looking at past pictures.\r\nI have been very satisfied with the weight loss experience and staff. I would recommend others interested in weight loss.
I would recommend others interested in weight loss (TW)
Process was well explained. Everything was done in a timely manner. I have shared my experience with everyone. I have only kudos to everyone for your kindness.
I have only kudos to everyone for your kindness (WK)
When I started working out on a regular basis and was able to complete my combat workout class without getting the feeling to stop! And, when I went to Six Flags and was able to get on the rides without being told to get off.
I was able to get on the rides without being told to get off. (CG)
Wow moment: "When I get complimented on how healthy and good I look." Everyone is so professional and kind. I have never had a single negative experience with anyone in the office. Every visit is a pleasure.
When I get complimented on how healthy and good I look (CE)
Wow moments: "When I threw away my blood pressure meds, when I dropped a size, and the energy, energy, energy. It amazes me!
the energy, energy, energy (MG)
Wow moment: "I am able to ride my bike with my grandson. I am now able to wear knee boots and cross my legs. Also now able to buy and wear a bracelet.Dr. Gonzalez saved my life. I am thankful everyday for him and the surgery.
I am able to ride my bike with my grandson (BK)
Wow moment: "Having more energy throughout the day has really improved my way of life. I never enjoyed working out, but now I look forward to physical activities and have fun doing different things. My enthusiasm and positive attitude has greatly improved and every day I am excited to get dressed, do my makeup and hair and go to work. Everyone is very helpful, positive, and excited to help with my progress. I enjoy coming to my appointments and all of the services and educational support provided.
I look forward to physical activities (MF)
It's nice to do things with ease now. I can't belive the energy level I have now. My friends and family can't believe the changes that have happened for the good.
I can’t belive the energy level I have now (HB)
Wow moment: My most exciting moment was at my brother''s wedding. I got to wear a suit and look very sezy in it. Also, I now travel and sky dive. A really good lifestyle change from from 450 pounds.
A really good lifestyle change from from 450 pounds (PB)
This is the best decision I have ever made! I feel like a totally different person - full of energy and motivated to keep up with my new lifestyle!
This is the best decision I have ever made! (AM)
Program, staff and doctors are fantastic! They encourage you to be successful and help you through struggles. I never felt like I was alone in the journey.
I never felt like I was alone in the journey (AH)
The program, staff, and doctors have been really great and supportive. I am very glad that I have done this procedure and that I chose this office.
great and supportive staff (AS)
My experience has been wonderful - knowing what I know now, with the care I have received - I only wish I had done this sooner.
I only wish I had done this sooner (CD)
My knees no longer hurt or pop. I can't believe my bones actually show! I can't believe how many place I fit now. I had to scoot my car sear forward to reach the pedals.\r\nI would love to hug Dr. Cavazos! I feel so amazing! Honestly, I'm extremely happy! I love how flexible and friendly everyone is!
I’m extremely happy! (MP)
My wow moment would be when I finally got the courage to go buy some new pants with my husband and I was able to buy a size 18. From a 28 to an 18 was a wow. The look on his face when I came out in a knee length dress size 18 wanted to make me cry.The staff have been wonderful and supportive. I recommend Dr. Cavazos whenever someone questions me about weight loss surgery. He's always upfront and explains everything before you have surgery so you know the ups and downs. Selena has made me work a little harder than I did before, but it's been worth it.
From a 28 to an 18 was a wow (RD)
Wow moment: "Amazing when you see someone and they don't recognize you. Or, you pass a mirror and say ''who is that?''."The staff is great, helpful and listen even when you know they are busy.
Amazing when you see someone and they don’t recognize you (EJ)
I am very happy with my weight loss surgery decision. The first couple of months were tough, but once I got passed that everything is wonderful. Glad to be a part of this program.I believe I saw a change three months after my surgery. I could really tell the weight was coming off and my body was going through changes on the outside. I was 41 and have not seen myself this thin in over 15 years. My first goal after surgery was just to be under 200 lbs. I cried with joy when I met that goal. I cannot thank you enough for changing my life with this program.I am glad I chose the doctor, Dr. Cavazos and Selena, the PA. They are wonderful. The staff is very caring and compassionate to their patients. I have recommended this facility to anyone who asks or is thinking about surgery. They were great to my husband, daughter and myself. Thank you!
very caring and compassionate to their patients (YS)
My wow moment happened to me when I was able to go into the department store and purchase my clothes in the regular sizes. Not only buy them out of that section, but didn't even have to buy the largest size. I went from buying 3X to 4X pants. I couldn't believe it. The staff has been great and very helpful.
The staff has been great and very helpful (AE)
I've been very impressed by the level of professionalism and compassion demonstrated by everyone at the Center.I ran in my first half marathon the year I had the surgery. I have continued to run ever since. I've also gotten more involved with active, healthy people. Clothes shopping has become wonderful again! I can wear a size 4.
Clothes shopping has become wonderful again! (EA)
I used to wear a size 22 and to be a size 12 in six months has been a dream come true. I would''t change it for the world. It has been the best thing I''ve ever done for myself. Dr. Cavazos was amazing. Selena, the PA, has been here for me every step of the the way. Great team and staff here!
To be a size 12 in six months has been a dream come true (TS)
My 2 yr. anniversary is this March 2013 and I am still doing very well. I am at 135 pounds and am wearing a size 4/6. Dr. Gonzalez helped me change my life and I really want to say thank you. At the time of my surgery, I was planning a wedding, and while that relationship didn't last, the benefits to me and my life from this surgery have significantly improved my life. I am happy, energetic, and loving life. My success has inspired so many others to have it done, many with your office (at least 5 people). Again, thank you.
I am happy, energetic, and loving life (TS)
I''m excited to be able to cross my legs which I couldn't do before. I can now sit "indian style" without my legs feeling extremely tight. I now have 6 inches left of material on the seat belt on airplanes and before I could barely clip it in. I've always liked myself, but now I''m loving myself and honestly accepting who I am and it shows!!!
I’ve always liked myself, but now I’m loving myself (MC)
People coming up to me on a daily basis and telling me how good I look, especially at the gym where they see me almost everyday. People also telling me that I look about 10 years younger. The staff and doctors seem very helpful and polite. They go out of their way to help me with any questions I have.'
They go out of their way to help me with any questions I have (SC)
I feel so much better health-wise. A lot of my medical conditions are gone due to my weight loss. My energy is back, self-esteem and confidence is high. Overall I am a much better person today, than I was this time last year.The staff and doctors are great, very helpful, and very informative on all issues that arise. Everytime I have a question or called I've gotten an answer the same day.
I feel so much better health-wise (JB)
I cannot define with exact words how wonderful your entire operation, office, staff and doctors are. It has been a changing experience to deal with people who actually care and know what "fat" people go through. Thank you, all of you! For all of what you do, from the most minimal task to the most important one.
Thank you, all of you! (MR)
The change in physical appearance and the way that I feel has made such a difference in my mood and the way that I feel about myself. I am so much more positive and have such confidence in myself now. This is a vast difference from before the surgery.
I am so much more positive (AP)
I just completed a 10K run and my wife and I are running together. I am running 4 times a week. My life has changed to the better. I eat to live not live to eat. I feel more in control of my health. The staff are excellent; I can't say enough about Dr. Cavazos; his skills have changed my life and my family's.
My life has changed to the better (HR)
I feel great, happy with my results. My energy and my well-being is great!This has been a great experience. Dr. Cavazos is an extraordinary surgeon…This is the only word I can think of to describe him and our experiences with the doctor and staff…from the very beginning.
Dr. Cavazos is an extraordinary surgeon (NV)
It just amazes me to be able to get off work and run downstairs (I work from home.), fly out the back door with my 2 year old granddaughter, and run to get on the trampoline. We run on it, bounce on it, play catch me if you can and even do somersaults. Losing the weight has given me a huge opportunity to share play time with my granddaughter and hopefully more grandkids - they will be able to carry loving, happy, joyful memories of me when I'm long gone. A foundation of love to carry on in their lives.Thanks to all your dedicated staff that all shared in the ability to bring happiness and health to our world. Thank you for you dedicated schooling, training, and willingness to want to help!! I went to Fiesta Texas and fit on the rides. After 10 years of just watching I could get on. This is the best time of my life.
This is the best time of my life (MP)
Prior to my surgery when I first met Dr. Gonzalez and the ladies in the office, I knew it was boing to be awesome!!. And, it's been great ever since!!!The sad part is now I only get to see the staff once a year for follow-ups. They are so wonderfully cheerful, positive, and yes, very stunningly beautiful!!!
It’s been great (DP)
It has been a journey! But, definitely one worth making. Everyone is so amazed at how good I look in just a short time. Now I love to go shopping because I am so excited to see the sizes go down and down.The doctors at the Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss have been so great and helpful! I will continue to refer you all to everyone!
It has been a journey! (AM)
I was so amazed when I crossed my legs. I had never crossed my legs in my lifetime. Though I still see myself the same in the mirror, I see a difference in the clothing I wear, it is smaller. I know I have changed for the better healthwise, physical, and emotional.Doctors are so supportive and caring. Dr. Cavazos is God sent. He changed my life. I don''t have words to explain what he and the surgery have done for the better of my life...Healthwise, emotional, and physical. Thanks, Dr. C. May the Lord keep blessing you for changing lives.
May the Lord keep blessing you for changing lives (NG)
I went to a funeral, we stayed with my sister-in-law. I had taken up my pants as good as I could, but when she saw them, I said, ""Well, do you have any that fit?"" Knowing she wouldn't because she always was so perfect to me, and beautiful. Well, She runs me to her closet, pulls out a size 10 jean. I laughed, but to my complete amazement they looked and felt wonderful. I felt the change in me first. I love how the whole staff, starting with Dr. Cavazos treat us like we are part of their family. So caring and loving through this! I had the sleeve and would do it over. I thank God for these people.
I felt the change in me first (BF)
Christmas 2013, I was absolutely thrilled that my granddaughter asked me to sit on the floor and play with her with her dollhouse and I COULD!! My husband and I are now able to take those trips antiquing and I am able to walk with him the entire time. Dr. Cavazos was very caring, provided excellent information, and answered all my questions. The front desk staff are always pleasant.
absolutely thrilled (EJ)
I have been able to wear some of my beautiful suits that were too small. My energy level has improved a great deal. When I see someone who hasn't seen me in a while, they are surprised at my weight loss. When I show my driver's license photo, I hear "Congratulations!", followed by "How did you do it?" I have been impressed with everyone associated with the Center. I have recommended Dr. Gonzalez to several individuals who say they are going to make appointments.
I hear “Congratulations!”, followed by “How did you do it?” (SC)
The lapband was the best decision I ever made to help me make a lifestyle change. I took this tool and ran with it. Eating right, portion control and working out have been the tools along with my band that have made me so successful. I've lost 105 pounds with the help of the band and I feel and look amazing!Dr. Gonzalez has been amazing throughout the whole process. He gave me the tools I needed to be successful and was very encouraging. Linda at all of my adjustments was always to so motivating and keep pushing me to keep up the good work. The staff here keeps you motivated and encourage you to achieve great results! Love them!
I’ve lost 105 pounds (NW)
Still happy and motivated at year 3! The program, staff and doctors are awesome! Keep doing what you do!
Still happy and motivated at year 3! (CS)
I love the new me. This surgery has changed my life and changed the way I look and feel about myself.Your staff is wonderful, very understanding and helpful.
I love the new me (ME)
I am now cycling 40+ miles a week and could have never done this type of activity before surgery. My life and lifestyle has changed for the better. I have always had a positive, pleasant, experience interacting with the staff.
My life and lifestyle has changed for the better (GC)
My surgery was in 8/20/2012 and I have lost 100 lbs in 7 months!. My surgeon was wonderful and I had no side effects or problems. I would highly recommend Dr Cavazos to anyone who needs this live changing procedure.
Life Saving (Jo Dale Weatherbee)
I absolutely love the staff. They have been a motivation and inspiration for me. They have shared stories and incentives to do better. I will never be able to express my extreme gratitude towards you all. You saved my life and I only wish you blow your minds upon every arrival.
You saved my life (BS)
Hitting 100 lbs. weight loss was pretty exciting, but the best experience has been getting on carnival kiddie rides with my grandson when I haven't been able to fit on rides in the last 20 years. The doctors and staff are excellent. I am very pleased with my care.
Hitting 100 lbs. weight loss (CC)
When going shopping, I could not last more than 30 minutes without feeling tired and having to sit. It was like workout just walking around. Now I can shop all day long! Also trying on clothes is so much fun. Working out is easy and so much more enjoyable.
Now I can shop all day long! (VL)
Surgery changed my life. I became more active and have lots more energy. I have been very active keeping my body in shape, and I watch what I eat at all times. Staff and support is amazing. I recommended two co-workers to your office and they are very pleased with the outcome.
Surgery changed my life (KN)
Recently we took our family to DisneyWorld. We rented a house with a pool. Not only did I wear a size 8 bathing suit, but I was able to stand on my son's shoulders in the pool and dive in the pool.The staff is fabulous. Dr. Cavazos is a caring, compassionate doctor with wonderful bedside manner. He takes the time to understand your concerns and struggles. Selena Vela, PA is incredibly friendly and caring. The support staff have always been kind, respectful and helpful.
The staff is fabulous (CB )
I now again enjoy things that I have not done for 20 years. I take no meds. Only scores of vitamins, etc. My life has changed to very, very much fore the better.
My life has changed (SH)
I cannot praise the entire program enough. As a senior physician, I find the entire program and staff to be totally professional and of the highest caliber. The staff is top notch in all respects. Perfection is essentially impossible to attain. But, this program certainly approaches it.
I cannot praise the entire program enough (JS)
Yesterday, my mom, step-dad, and I went shopping. We walked into a store and I realized I could wear whatever I want in that store because I knew it would fit!! That feeling is always a tear jerker for me. I love everyone here, and the overall feeling when I walk in the door. Y'all are doing amazing as is!
Y’all are doing amazing (BP)
The biggest change in my life is being able to do things with my grandkids. Playing outside, going for walks, sleeping on the floor together, and watching movies. I love the fact that I can cross my legs now when sitting. The doctors, PA's, and staff have been so friendly and always address any questions or concerns that I have had.
The biggest change in my life (JT)
The staff (nurses, doctor) have all been so wonderful and caring. I feel so welcomed and I never feel like I''m a bother. They listen and answer all my questions. I recently went to work at an old employer again. Everyone remembered me but when I was bigger. The minute I walked in, everyone just complimented me and kept saying how great I looked. I felt so confident, something I've never felt before.
I felt so confident (VJ)
I think everyone here are awesome people that care very much about everyone. This last weekend at the beach I was able to wear a bikini top and not worry about the way I looked!
awesome people that care very much about everyone (MK)
Both the staff and doctors are absolutely wonderful! I'd highly recommend to anyone considering surgery for weight loss. I was terrified before since I've never had surgery, however everyone made me feel extremely comfortable. I started to get really excited when my clothes started to "swallow" me and I had to throw out several pairs of shoes that were too big. But most importantly when my family and friends started to notice and my lab results came normal! My goal was to prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Since surgery I'm clearly on my way!
Both the staff and doctors are absolutely wonderful! (TN)
I am able to ride a roller coaster with my children - never had done that before.
I am able to ride a roller coaster with my children (AS)
Everyone has been absolutely great. Staff and employees have always greeted me upon arrival and departure. They make me feel important as their patient. I feel like a brand new person. Sleep well, feel energetic. Get up early in the morning completely self-assured about myself. I felt excited the first time I met friends that I had not seen since after the surgery. The compliments at work and at a couple of reunions that were made about the new slimmer me made me glad I elected to have the surgery. It has changed my whole outlook on life. Buying new clothes is exciting. Waist size from 46 to 38... pretty soon will be down to 36 size pants. I have no regrets at all. Weight loss has allowed my seLf-esteem to increase considerably from what it used to be. I enjoy my slimmer profile.
Everyone has been absolutely great (HT)
Always know that I can count on Dr. Cavazos to guide or assist me on any conditions related to my gastric internals. I would not trust my insides to anyone else but him! I'm relieved to have this clinic track me and my special condition even 5 1/2 years since my gastric bypass.
Always know that I can count on Dr. Cavazos (DB)
I would recommend you guys to anyone and everyone who has an obese problem. You all have been so kind and caring that it has made a lasting impression. Very seldom do you see this caring attitude in the medical field.
I would recommend you guys to anyone and everyone (DG)
Everyone is very friendly, patient, and helpful. I was also very comfortable at Foundation Hospital and recommend Dr. Gonzalez every chance I get. One day I was painting my nails in a camouflage pattern. I liked it so much I decided to take a picture. I crossed my legs and placed one hand on my thigh and took the picture. Two days later I looked at the picture and realized I HAD CROSSED MY LEGS! I hadn't done that in more than twelve years!
Everyone is very friendly, patient, and helpful (MG)
Dr. John J. Gonzalez saved my life! He is my hero. After 3 months co-workers would come up to me and say, "you look great" or "I am so happy for you." After 6 months and 125 lbs, everyone congrats me. Keep doing all the good things you all do!
Dr. John J. Gonzalez saved my life! (WS)
I think everyone is great -- Best thing I ever did -- wish I had done it years ago. I can keep up with my grandkids - more active - I go swimming and do other things with the kids. I feeel like a new person!!
I feel like a new person!! (CG)
Thanks to all the wonderful staff for helping me understand the importance of being healthy, and definitely for making this more a reality even when it is still a work in progress. Thanks to all of you! It has been a great experience overall, especially buying new clothes and being able to fit into pants size 12, not having to go to plus section. Also, having my daughter hug me and her saying, ''Mommy I have to overlap my arms, now you fit''. That was awesome!
Thanks to all of you! (WR)
After 5 years, I can still say that this was the BEST decision I made to maintain my health. I am thankful every day for the healthy lifestyle I am able to lead because of my surgery.
BEST decision I made to maintain my health (CN)
You are all doing a great job helping people start new ways of living their lives. Thank you very much!
Great job (HG)
Working on my feet all day, now I have no pains in my feet nor do I lose my breath from walking from point A to B when I would normally. Everything in my life is so much easier now that I am lighter on my feet and feel better about myself. Everyone at the office has always been nice and very helpful. I have and will continue to reccommend this facility and Dr. Gonzales to anyone you can help. Thank you!
Life is so much easier now (CS)
I have been treated fantastically all way through the whole prOgram. Plus my weight loss made such a difference in my family that my husband had bypass and my daughter had the sleeve. Fantastic program. I am your biggest cheerleader. I tell everyone I can what a great program you have.
Great program (DT)
I am able to keep up with my teen-agers! We went to Fiesta Texas and I did not slow the group down by having to stop and rest. I love Dr. Cavazos and his staff. Everyone is super nice and I feel like they really care about my weight loss and health.
I am able to keep up with my teenagers! (GS)
Awesome staff and doctors - always kept me informed. Dr. Cavazos was very approachable and available especially after surgery.
Awesome staff and doctors (RR)
I recently was excited when I hit the 105lb weight loss. I can fit into a 38 pant and large shirt. I can''t remember even in my childhood when I weighed this. It is a great feeling to be given this chance.
I hit the 105lb weight loss (DT)
Felt awesome when my PCP took me off of medications and told me I no longer needed them. I am able to do activities with my kids that otherwise I never would have done. Excellent program/staff; always recommend when asked where I had my surgery done.
Felt awesome when my PCP took me off of medications (DM)
I enjoy going shopping now. Whether with my girls or husband, I have fun trying on new clothes now that I am able to have more of a variety to choose from in the smaller size I now fit in. Everyone in the office has always been great, supportive, as well as eager to help answer questions.
I enjoy going shopping now (RD)
My surgery is the best decision I've made for myself. It was a great experience. the doctor and staff are very friendly and supportive.
Best decision I’ve made for myself (LV)
Lost a total of 156 lbs and happy to say this was the best decision I have made in my life. Thank you to Dr. Gonzalez and his team for all his support with my success. Happy size 6! Love, Angelica
Finally Living Life! (Angelica Reyes)
Just a little update! After 9 years of infertility due to my weight, I just had my second child. Thank you Dr. G! you have given me more than I could ever ask for!! I''m maintaining my weight... oh and got married!
Thank you! (Amanda Jakubowski)
The staff is absolutely the most cohesive and caring staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I always feel like a priority when I enter those doors.
I always feel like a priority. (Julie R. )
I love all the staff and the program works!  The very best in San Antonio! -Jeanne C., 1/28/15
The very best in San Antonio!
The most wonderful team ever!  I tell everyone how great my experience was! -Teri F. 1/29/2015
Most Wonderful Team Ever
Dr. Cavazos has been wonderful since day one.  I tell people he will take good care of you and do what is best for you.  Selena Vela has been great also, always enthusiastic, positive, and she knows her stuff.  I feel comfortable talking with her, like she is an old friend.  -Jody H.
Wonderful Since Day One
Staff and Doctor are amazing! Great attitudes.  I never felt like a burden or ever put on the back burner.  I always felt like I was visiting friends that were happy to see me.  -Tava L.  1/21/2015
Staff and Doctor are amazing!
I was walking and I could start running and I hadn't run in a long time.  It made me happy and my friends were saying, "Go, Carolyn, go!"  -Carolyn R. 1/29/15
“Go, Carolyn, Go!”
The staff remain consistent in their treatment of all patients.  It takes a special team to do what you do!  May God bless you!  Don't stop striving to be the best! -Tara H. 2/3/15
“It takes a special team”
You guys are great.  You saved my life.  Dr. Cavazos and Dr. Anz-Cavazos are heroes to me. -Harold C. 2/3/15
“You saved my life”
I have been extremely satisfied with all the doctors and their communication to me.  How they listen and then direct me on how to achieve or understand what I am going through and what I need to expect.  -Kimberly M. 2/3/15
“Extremely satisfied”
Dr. Cavazos and his staff are amazing.  They truly care and go above and beyond.  I share with others that he saved my life both with the surgery and even though I had complications, he was always there through that process for me as well.   -Jackie N. 2/3/15
I love coming here.  Everyone makes you feel so special.  I can't say enough about the entire staff!  -Glenda G. 2/3/15
“I love coming here”
Very satisfied with my results so far. I haven't felt this good in so long and really pleased that I can go into any store and by clothes. I get compliments all the time! I feel great. I can finally cross my legs while setting. I know without this change I may not have had a long and happy life. But I will now. The staff is great and patient with me me and my work schedule. Very pleased with my overall whole experience with everyone.
I haven’t felt this good in so long (Theresa E.)
About one month after surgery I noticed how much energy I had. I was playing with my infant and was able to squat down without leg pain, and breath better due to loss of abdominal circumference. I knew then that having the surgery was the best thing I could have done. The staff is amazing - helpful, friendly, supportive. I can not express in words how grateful I am to Dr. Cavasos for helping me turn my life around for myself and my family. ~ Jennifer O. 6/02/15
I noticed how much energy I had…
I enjoy everyday as a new me. I feel like I was given a second chance. I refuse to go back. I loved Dr. Cavasos bedside manner and attentiveness. Every chance I get I bring about my wonderful experience with TCMSWL MD's and staff ~ Melissa G. 6/02/15
I enjoy everyday as a new me…
I can paint my own toenails! Also I am able to cross my legs when I sit without knowing I have cross them. I could never do that before. I love the staff. Everyone has been super. If I could do it over I would have not waited so long. It's been an awesome journey ~ Susan G 6/17/15  
I can paint my own toenails!…
I get excited when I could go into a regular store and buy clothes that fit. I feel like I have more confidence and can get out and do more in the world. That is exciting. The staff and doctors go above and beyond to make you comfortable and contribute to your success ~ James W 6/17/15
I get excited when I could go into a regular store…
I found my high school senior prom dress and tried it on. I was able to get the dress zipped and hooked. I was so excited and I am even considering taking ballet classes again. The best results is that my rheumatoid arthritis is in remission. Everyone from the off staff, nurses and doctors are very friendly and compassionate. ~ Ruth C 6/17/15
I found my high school senior prom dress …
Since weight loss surgery I get my best reminder of how far I have come when playing with my kids. I no longer have the aches and pains I did before and I can have more fun with them doing activities that used to tire me easily. ~ Stacy C. 6/17/15
Since weight loss surgery I get my best reminder…
I will never regret having this procedure. I love to go shopping now and find clothing that fit. We as a family are closer than ever. I can ride a bike, It feels awesome to catch up to mu kids and jump and run. Play with them something I never done before! Cristina V. 7/10/15  
I love to go shopping now and find clothing that fit…
All staff and doctors are very friendly and professional. The program is great. I would never have been able to lose the weight to feel better without the program and support. Karrie L. 7/8/15
I would never have been able to lose the weight to feel better without the…
Being able to run around my daughters without getting exhausted. Love Dr. Cavazos and staff. Even came back fro out of state to see him!!! Sarah C. 7/8/15
Being able to run around my daughters without getting exhausted…
My diabetes is under control. My day to day activities are improved. I can do more in a day now. I feel better. I eat better foods. I feel better about how I look. Melba L. 8/21/2015
My diabetes is under control…
Dr. Cavasos as my surgeon was great! I was so happy with my results and how he made sure I was doing good and understood everything. Cassandra P. 8/31/2015
I was so happy with my results…
After three years I am still super glad I went through with the surgery.   I am overwhelmed  with excitement everyday.  I get of a long work day and don't have any pain in my feet. ~ Angel E. 9/10/2015
After three years I am still…
I have been treated so very well by everyone here.  It felt wonderful from the beginning to have people understand my struggle and not treat me like I was the problem.   I can not recommend y'all high enough! ~ Melody Brown 9/10/2015
I have been treated so very well by…
John Gonzalez is the most down to earth Dr I have ever had.  He made me feel comfortable and kept my best interest as his own.   He motivated me and gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. ~ Ryan M. 9/10/2015
John Gonzalez is the most down to…
First time I was able to fit into a shirt that wasn't an XXL or XXXL, and into pants that were less than a 40 waist size, haven't done that in 25+ years. Dr. Plicher and staff are professional, courteous and always encouraging. ~ Geoff W. 9/25/2015
First time I was able to fit…
Dr. Cavazos bed side manner is superb! The office staff are excellent! The entire experience has been excellent. I would recommend this office to anyone who is considering making a change in their life with weight loss surgery. ~ Susannah T 9/28/2015
Dr. Cavazos bed side manner is superb!
You all are amazing. From the staff to the support program. Thank all of you for helping change my life. ~ Eriz Z - 9 /28/2015
You all are amazing…
The moment I knew my surgery had made a difference was the first time I was able to run on the treadmill.  Even in high school I had never run (I was too busty for that).  Running after surgery gave me a spiritual almost high,  like I was conquering the old me and becoming the version of myself than on the inside.  I had always been but no one saw.   Another moment that keeps occurring is "you are so little" never in my life have I been called little or "tiny" I love being "tiny". I love Dr. Pilcher and Vanessa. Everyone is so kind and they can't make me feel like a "fat" person when I have come in, even when I was.  They helped me to see that the me on the inside was what mattered most.  I liked myself before, but I do now even more.  ~ Kristie W 10/16/2015
The moment I knew my surgery…
After my surgery I was really excited to see my weight came off and the energy I was experiencing.  This program has been very helpful and encouraging.  The staff has shawn me that my needs are important.  Doctors has given excellent care. - Joe M. 11/02/2015
After my surgery I was really
Awesome from reception to doctors support group monthly meetings very beneficial. - Ellen G - 11/02/2015
Awesome from reception
So happy that I did this for me and my health.  My whole experience with Dr. Pilcher and his staff have been an awesome and highly recommend this center. - Susan H. -  11/02/2015
So happy that I did this for
Staff, doctors and hospital was very friendly and helpful in every way.  Doctors and staff always look our for my wellbeing and made me feel comfortable and at east. I would make the same decision again.  Glad I chose to come in. My experience was great. Good jon. ~ Vincent M. -
Staff, doctors and hospital was very…
They are amazing! Everyone is so nice and the care I received is excellent. ~ Monia G. 11/13/2015
They are amazing!…
When I look in the mirror, I see the real me. I feel more confident in all areas of my life.  The moment I felt a changed my life? When my mom said you have lost so much weight, you are looking great.   This helps me to stand a little taller and walk a little taller too. I love the staff. Very sincere, polite and courteous.  I would not trade Dr. Pilcher for any other because he truly cares about me.  ~ Georgia R. 11/13/2015
When I look in the mirror…
Dr. Gonzales really changed my life. I was ready to die.  Now I feel like I have a 100 years to go. I would not changed a thing. Love this office staff and doctors. ~ Laura F. 11/16/2015
Dr. Gonzales really changed my…
I believe this surgery is a life changing procedure.  I no longer take take diabetes medicine.  My blood pressure is much better and generally feel so happy about my health issues improving so dramatically. I want to thank Dr. Gonzalez for giving me a new ideas on life.  The other doctors and staff are very friendly and encouraging. I love love love my new self ~ Ruth C. - 11/16/2015
I believe this surgery is a life changing …
Being able to go into a boutique and the cloths actually fit!  Love your office! Staff is very warm and friendly.  Always helpful and courteous.  Dr.Pilcher  is amazing.  I would recommend him to anyone.  He is caring, compassionate and very informative! Wonderful overall experience. ~ Lisa H. 11/20/2015
Being able to go into a boutique and…
In September, 10 month post op, I participated in a 5k obstacle course mud run.  I walked mostly but there were 28 obstacles.  I finished everyone.  I climbed walls of muddy tired, shimmied on ropes across ravines and crawled under barbwire.  A year ago, there is no way I could have finished this.  I am addicted. I have 4.5ks coming up in the spring and I plan on running them. The program and staff are excellent.  The doctors, nurses and assistants are compassionate and take care of you every step of the way. ~ Krisit S. - 11/16/15
In September, 10 month post op…
I am a “g.i.r.l” kinda girl and one of my biggest desires was to sit an be able t o cross my legs like woman with small thigh are able to do. So that moment came for me without me giving yup much thought and when I realized that I had crossed my legs and I was completely conformable, you would have thought I won the lottery I celebrated. Thank you so much Fabulous!!! I have never been to a doctor’s office where by all appearance everyone loved their job and belonged in the patient care industry. Dr. Pilcher came highly recommend and he delivered exceptional personal service I heard about a very very nice man nurse practitioner Linda- Fantastic! All admin staff and RNs were a great team. ~Tommy F. ~ 12-7-2015
I am a “g.i.r.l” kinda girl and one of my biggest desires…
I needed a hip replacement that no doctor would do unless I lost 100Ibs. I had the surgery in April of 2014 and was able to have hip replacement in July 2014. I got my life back. Before surgery, I could barely walk and after having it I felt like a new man. Thank you Dr, Cavazos and staff. ~ Derrick C. 12-9-2015
I needed a hip replacement that no doctor …
Dr. Cavazos and the staff are so informative and supportive. I don’t think I would have had the success that I’ve had without their partnership. ~ Diane T. 12-9-2015
Dr. Cavazos and the staff are so informative and …
Dr. Gonzales, Thank you, you’re an angel, you’re e a miracle worker. I know you’re an angel of God. Thank God for everyone here, all the staff here has always been caring and very kind. Thank you Texas Center for medical & surgical weight loss. You all have been a blessing for me. Linda Golden and Vanessa, Thank you for everything as well for your kindness. I think you are doing great making miracles. I am very happy with my results. If there is anything I can do let me know. ~ Rachel R. 12-9-2015
Dr. Gonzales, Thank you, you’re an angel, you’re …
This procedure has changed my life. It's the best decision ever. Although it is challenging, I am so glad I've had it done. My first "ah-ha" moment was when I was able to ride a ride at six flags with my 2 year old daughter. To be able to roll on the ground with her and "RUN" with her makes me smile! This week I bought myself size 6" jeans! I am a size 22 to a size 6! and I am not done! Today my BMI is 27!! Dr. Pilcher is very professional, shows compassion. Truly cares about his patients. His beside manner, encouragement and guidance have helped me tremendously. All of the clinic staff and nutritionist, are great, friendly and always willing to to help. ~ Liz O. 12-14-2015
This procedure has changed my life…
My entire experience with TCMSWL has been fantastic. I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years. Absolutely wonderful staff and Dr. Cavazos is the BEST! ~ Kathy R. 12-14-2015
My entire experience with TCMSWL…
This year I was able to participate in the MS 150 bike ride. It has been a long term goal. I rode 115 miles. The following 2 weekends after I rode 2100K (62 miles) rides. I am now able to bike 40-50 miles easily. The 40 - 50 miles training rides have become normal for me. Also, after 9-10 years of walking with a cane, I no longer use it! ~ Lori W. 12-18-2015
MS 150 bike ride!
I have to share that I never thought I was going to have a child, but a year after weight loss without even trying I was pregnant. One of the happiest moments in my life. ~ Victoria R - 12-18-2015
Happiest moment
This facility is the greatest!  From day one they have treated me like family and they make you feel so great.  Dr. Alvarez's encouragement is the best. No criticism but always encouragement.  Thanks ~ Ann R. 1-25-2016
This facility is the greatest!
Have nothing but high praise for this program and staff.  Have had two friends that had the sleeve done by another physician and neither one has done as well as I have. The most significant change has been in my asthma. Prior to surgery I would have have to use many inhaler 4 to 5 times a day and I have only used it about 6 times in a year.  ~ Julie Q 1-25-16
High praise
Great surgeon + Great care + Great staff = Great Results. -Julian F. 1/29/15
Great care
I have more energy and I can just feel the change. The staff and doctors are so nice and very helpful. They are there when you need them and answer all your questions. Thank you all very much. -Angela O. 1/29/15
More energy
My husband said to me 'you look great.' That was one of the first times that he expressed such pleasure on the way I look. This program is the best. The staff is very professional and attentive. My doctor was awesome. -Beverly D., 1/30/15
This program is the best
I cannot say enough good/positive comments about this program, staff, Vanessa and Dr. Pilcher. This has saved my life. I appreciate so much even when the process was rough, y'all pulled me through and assisted my journey! -M.M. 1/30/15
This has saved my life.
I am very pleased about having my surgery. No more diabetes and no more cholesterol. I have a lot of energy. I'm so excited and feeling a lot better with my self esteem too. All the staff was so nice and helpful and caring. Always kind with a smile and treated me very well. -Maria Z. 1/30/15
No more diabetes.
The best thing I have ever done for myself. I got my life back! Wonderful, compassionate, and caring staff. You have a great program here! Thank you! -Brenda H.
I got my life back!
A few months after my weight loss surgery we went to Six Flags to ride the new Iron Rattler and I was worried that I wouldn't fit because I never have before. So to hear the harness lock was amazing and I started crying because this showed my hard work and dedication paid off. I love the dedication that your doctor has to your health here! They are always there for you when you need them to ask and answer questions and they make sure that you are always comfortable with your health decisions and make sure you are doing what's best for your life. J. Garcia, 1/30/15
To hear the harness lock was amazing…
Dr. Alvarez has been great. I like his positive attitude and encouragement. This experience has been way beyond what I expected. Peter M. 2/1/15
Beyond what I expected
I can fly without a seatbelt extension and can get down on the floor to play with my 3 year old grandson. I can walk, ride a bicycle, and do almost everything without back pain and shortness of breath. This surgery changed my life. I feel so much better physical and emotionally 🙂 -Leona J. 2/2/15
This surgery changed my life.
The Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss is the best program for Weight Loss. Having the gastric bypass is the best decision I have ever made and it has changed my life for the better. The doctors and staff are awesome and wonderful! The program, doctors, and staff have helped this experience to be very successful. It's been three years since my surgery and I still get compliments from people. Friends, coworkers, family members are constantly telling me how great I look. They tell me they are happy and proud of me. -Adrienne W. 2/2/15
They are proud of me.
I actually ran on a treadmill! I was scared at first, but once I got going I had no pain and I was so happy! I am able to do things I couldn't before and I am very thankful for that. Everyone here has been wonderful. They are kind, respectful, very helpful with whatever I have needed and that has made every visit and phone conversation a great experience. It really does make a difference! -Tania P. 2/3/15
Everyone here has been wonderful.
Within the first month my clothes were loose and within the second month I could sit in a chair without shifting the fat. My mind was clearer; like a veil was lifted from my eyes. My taste buds came back in the third month and I began enjoying eating vegetables. In six months I have lost 110 lbs and am in great health, am on NO medicines and took one thing off my Bucket List and zip-lined! Excellent program, Excellent doctors, Excellent TEAM!!! Love the iPhone app and the Facebook site and website! Thank you for giving me my life back!!! The monthly meetings give me courage and strength to continue They are such a benefit. Thank you! -Deborah J. 2/5/16
Thank you for giving me my life back!!!
If you are thinking about the surgery, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment. -Sidney M. 2/5/16
You owe it to yourself.
About the first week after surgery I felt full of energy and felt like a new me.  Like I was on a new phase of my life.  Felt like I was growing.   And still growing, The team here is so FANTASTIC! Everyone is so supportive and are so energizing.  Very helpful.   The doctors on call and Dr. Pilcher were so supportive when I called them fur to changes happening to my body during my first 2 weeks.  They called me back as priority You are a great team, great customer service. ~ Elvira V. 2/5/16
About the first week…
After six and a half months of my gastric sleeve surgery I have lost 85lbs. I feel great, more energetic, and love to dance. It's easier to find clothes that fit me. It's awesome when people see me and almost can't recognize me and get motivated to eat healthier. It's been a positive lifestyle change for me, eating cleaner, working out more and loving myself more. -Melva L. 2/10/15
Loving Myself More
I went into my closet about a month after surgery to get dressed and my clothes all fit too big. I am able to get into a size 6 which I haven't been this size since high school. The staff, the program and Dr. Cavazos are all awesome and so friendly. They are there to answer my questions and concerns. -Betty H. 2/10/15
Size 6!
I am so excited about my weight loss - I had lost 15lbs prior to surgery and since then 113, making a total of 128 on my scales - wearing a size 14 jeans - have never done that - Don't regret it - Would do it again! Best surgeon ever - JJ Gonzalez makes you feel like a person and not guilty for you gaining so much weight - Awesome! Keep doing what you are doing - it was worth the drive from Nacogdoches, TX. Susan B. 2/10/16
Best Surgeon Ever
The staff have been brilliant, Dr. Pilcher was fantastic. His work is flawless. I can barely see my incisions. I would happily recommend all of them to anyone. Fitting into size 14 jeans, being able to go horseback riding, fitting into the plane seat... the reaction of my family... pretty awesome. -Kim H. 2/10/16
Staff Have Been Brilliant
So far great experience. Previously saw another doctor and this facility is more flexible and accommodating. Everyone is professional.
Flexible and Accommodating
I used to cry at the thought of going to the beach. The sun and the heat made me nauseated. Now I look forward to going. I also now enjoy roller-coaster rides and water parks with my husband and sons. Everyone here has been wonderful. I have recommended this center to many people over the years. -Melissa S. 2/10/16
Enjoy Roller Coaster Rides
Right about 4 1/2 months post surgery, I met my 2nd goal. When I set my goals, each goal I set with a challenge. My 2nd goal challenge was to run with my daughter. Before this life change, I would never have been able to accomplish this. Running with her and seeing her excitement was worth it all! The staff at TCMSWL have been outstanding throughout this journey. I've never once felt alone and have been supported throughout my time here. Dr. Cavazos and his team have exceeded my expectations!
Exceeded My Expectations
Dr. Pilcher is phenomenal! Excellent bedside manner and he truly cares about you the patient. Vanessa Palacios is also fantastic! She is always so upbeat and encouraging. The MA's are very nice and welcoming. The first time I put on a pair of size 10 jeans I was so stoked! I haven't been in that size since high school. Keep doing a great job! -Christina E. 2/10/15
I had the sleeve done by Dr. Sonny Cavazos. It's the best decision I have ever made. I loved the education I was given by the dietician. Understanding as to why you modify what you eat is key to staying on track. I love the way the staff treats me. I have lost 5 dress sizes. Still have 30lbs or so to go but I have energy I have never felt before. - Margarita H. 2/10/16
Energy I Have Never Felt Before
For the first time I was able to go down a slide with my girls. At the bottom of the slide, I literally laid there and cried. -Alicia S. 2/16/16
Since my surgery there have been several exciting moments of excitement. I've had so much energy lately I've started all kinds of projects around the house. I'm signing up to do 5Ks again. I've also been excited to donate all my "big" clothes and see sizes I hadn't thought I'd ever wear again, including a brand new pair of boots that I bought 2 years ago but couldn't wear because they wouldn't zip closed. But the best part has been getting up and walking around without my feet hurting. It's been the best decision of my life. Dr. Cavazos and the staff have been terrific. I felt very comfortable and had a lot of confidence in Dr. Cavazos. I felt like I was being taken care of and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable at my follow ups. -Linda W. 2/16/16
The best decision of my life.
The energy I have now is amazing. Best people I have ever dealt with in the medical field. -Christy P. 2/16/16
Best people I have ever dealt with in the medical field.
My mom bought me underwear for Christmas (as always) and for some reason bought me the same size. I put a pair on for fun and they were HUGE. It really sunk in that I had lost 66 lbs. Everyone is helpful, friendly and acts like they enjoy their job - not always the case at doctors' offices. -Karen H. 2/16/16
The most exciting moment I have had is when I realized that food no longer has the control over me that it did. -D.C. 2/17/16
Food No Longer Has Control
Dr. Pilcher is amazing - a very caring and educated man who genuinely cares about his patients. -Tabatha K. 2/17/16
I have a heavy history of diabetes in my family. To be off all meds since 2007 and have kept my weight down is still a thrill for me. I feel good. I am now so comfortable in my clothes. I am so happy I had this done. Dr. Gonzalez and Linda are excellent - They make you feel special - one on one when you come in. The program ensures you are taking care of yourself with labs and visits and will let you know it is time to be seen. It is a pleasure to be part of the program and the professional guidance offered. -Carol J. 2/18/16
Off All Meds Since 2007
I got to throw away almost all my clothes and underwear. Then I got to buy a whole new wardrobe including boots. I used to only wear Berkenstocks. I love it. I love the doctor, the dietician, the support group, and the staff is amazing. I will stick to the eating, drinking, fasting plan for life. I feel so much better. -Patricia Z. 2/17/16
I Love It
Everyone from start to finish and through now has been great and supportive. All my questions and worries have been addressed. A great group of people. -Billy A. 2/17/16
Start to Finish Great
Having the weight loss surgery has helped me so much in becoming a healthier and active person. I feel great, gained more confidence and now my husband has to keep up with me! Dr. Gonzalez was terrific and every time I go in all the staff is just friendly and happy to see you. Sandra F. 2/29/16
Gained More Confidence
Life changing journey, Recommend to others. Able to do activities easier, climb stairs, bicycle, just getting around with ease. I hope that I can continue to use the new tool for what it was meant to be. Recommend this to anyone who has the self drive to take the journey to improve quality of life, to enjoy life to the fullest. Many thanks to staff! J. B. 2/29/16
Life changing Journey
I didn't know the woman in the mirror. She had shrank before my eyes and she was showing a slender neck and face. I nearly cried. It was really me. I was elated. Program is complete, follow-up is great, support is there. -Helen H. 2/1/16
The Woman in the Mirror
It feels amazing to be able to put something on and not only look good, but feel good! The reason I chose this place - Friendliness of staff. They make you feel like they care and are excited for the journey you decided to take. They are excited for your weight loss and the "new you"! -Kendi M. 2/29/16
Friendliness of Staff
I get excited about seeing the difference in how my clothes aren't fitting the same. I can see myself shrinking, my body getting smaller. It makes me have confidence and proud of myself. I would encourage anyone to get the surgery. It's been a wonderful experience. The staff, program, and doctors are amazing. You do your jobs well, always smiling and kind. -Desiree D. 2/10/16
Doctors are Amazing
It was a blessing to find such caring staff and doctors. You are the best. -Eleana C. 2/10/16
It Was A Blessing
I participated in the MLK march with my 9 year old grandson. I completed the march with no problem. That was something I never could have done before this surgery. Thank you! Everyone I have come into contact with here has been polite and kind. This is hard to come by nowadays. -Dora A. 2/29/16
Thank You!
Best thing I have ever done. this weight loss has changed my life and saved my marriage. Great staff, great doctors. I love Dr. Cavazos and Vanessa Palacios. -Traci F. 2/29/16
Saved My Marriage
I can now run up a flight of stairs. No knee or foot pain and no shortness of breath. The staff here are wonderful! Helpful and always positive and smiling. Even with the text messages to remind me of my appointments. I'm very busy and they keep me on track. Thank you. -MaryAnne D. 3/1/16
No Knee or Foot Pain
Everyone is the BEST! The entire program from 1st phone call to year post has been so wonderful. The support, expertise available, from nutrition to surgical pancreatic procedures. I feel love and care from desk personnel to doctors. You have an excellent program and team! I have survived pancreatic cancer this year - I am a miracle and starting a new life with a new me... I am excited for wondrous adventures. -Patricia L. 2/11/16
Everyone is the BEST!
I had a great and wonderful experience. Dr. Pilcher has been awesome. I now am no longer pre-diabetic, I can walk without any shortness of breath. I no longer have hip/back or knee pain. I am able to run and play with my grand kids!! -Pamela M. 3/1/2016
No Longer Pre-Diabetic
Simple daily activities have gotten so much easier. My overall quality of life has improved dramatically. The sweetest and kindest staff, and Doctor Cavazos was the best. -Brittany J. 3/6/16
Dr. Cavazos Was the Best
My proudest moment was when I finally broke 200lbs. My heaviest weight was 304 lbs. It feels amazing living in "one-der-land" and without chronic pain and Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. John Gonzalez was an amazing doctor and all his staff is very friendly and welcoming. -Cindy H. 3/7/16
Without Chronic Pain and Diabetes
I love the staff here. From day one I have felt safe, understood, and valued. -Dielle S. 3/12/16
Safe, Understood, and Valued
The program saved my life. I love that the staff is very helpful and the doctor very understanding. I liked that no one judged you on your weight. -Gabriela H. -3/13/16
The Program Saved My Life
I have so much energy! I don't get tired, I can sleep better. I can go dancing with my husband again. The best thing I've ever done. This organization is so helpful, professional and knowledgeable. -Sarah O. 3/13/16
Helpful, Professional and Knowledgeable
I hiked Lost Maples and did not feel like I was going to die! Thank you! -Penny N. 3/13/16
Thank You
One month ago I caught a glimpse of my body and thought to myself WOW who is this person; it's been a challenging recovery from surgery but now life is more normal and I am learning how to adjust to the weight loss and thanking God for this type of surgery; It has changed my life! I love Dr. Cavazos. He saw me in the mall one day and came up to ME and asked how I was doing; What doctor does that? It made my day that he recognized a patient out of the office environment. He's the best and a blessing. -Yolanda U. -3/13/16
I Love Dr. Cavazos
People tell me I look great since losing all the weight. I feel so much better. *Went from 46 waist to 38 *Stopped Snoring *Playing golf and enjoying it more Fantastic program. If you follow the process you will see results. Best decision I have made in a long time. -Paul R. 3/14/16
Fantastic Program
Six years out, I still get that "excited" feeling from time to time. Great program -- Even greater doctors! -Sheila O. -3/15/16
Six Years Out – Still Excited
I remember going to my hometown and running into an old group of friends; it took them forever to recognize me! We went with my daughter to ride horses... I can't tell you when was the last time I rode a horse without worrying I would hurt it; probably since I was a child. You have all had a part in changing my life and I am eternally grateful. -Ana V 3/17/16
I Am Eternally Grateful
Great experience from the start! I highly recommend this office! -Tania P. 3/18/16
Great Experience
It was the greatest feeling of elation when I went through all my clothing and was able to remove all the huge stuff, some up to 6 sizes larger than what I am now! And I found the pants, slacks that I forgot I had. Almost like finding a whole new wardrobe! Everyone is so friendly and concerned about my needs. All the support people and the support meetings are great. Dr. Alvarez is the absolute BEST! Thank you to everyone who has helped me during this journey! I only wish you were closer to home and not over 30 miles of cross town traffic. But I would go anywhere and any distance to see all of y'all! -Sharon K. 3/19/16
I Would Go Any Distance
About 8 months post surgery and 3 months of gym, I really started to see a difference in the way my body looks. I'm excited to say that when I look in the mirror now I am truly happy with what I see. Your staff and Dr. G has been amazing. I'm thankful every day for your program. It gave me my life back. -Christian N. 3/19/16
It Gave Me My Life Back
I can bend over and put shoes and socks on without being out of breath. I hardly ever get hungry. I am able to keep the weight off. Every doctor, nurse and technician have been just absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much to the staff. Great job and very professional. -Michael I. 3/19/16
Thank You Very Much
We were able to take out children skiing for the first time, knowing that I could now be the active, involved person and mother I want to be in every area of our family's life. I truly cried tears of joy being with my family whooshing down that first mountain. It was a beautiful moment and I relished every ski lift up knowing what we would get to experience again and again together! My friend who had her gastric bypass surgery four years prior to mine could not have been more supportive or have directed me to a better surgical weight loss center. Dr. Pilcher, Vanessa Palacios, and their entire team made this entire process positive and ultimately set the stage for a successful first year of a new life free from the stranglehold of the chronic condition of obesity that had plagued me for almost 15 years. -Amy W. 3/23/16
Tears of Joy
Since my surgery I have run a 5k, started playing softball again and I am enjoying life and being active with my family and can't believe that I lost over 120 lbs. Everyone here is awesome. -Brian R. 3/22/16
Enjoying Life
I am happy I got this surgery - wish I had it sooner! The staff is great! Dr. Cavazos is probably the best doctor I've seen in my 55 years. Great reminder for appointments. Communication is excellent. -George C. 3/22/16
The Best Doctor I’ve Seen in 55 years
I am 6 months post op and have lost 63 lbs and still losing every week and fitting in smaller and smaller clothes. A recent moment where I got excited about a result of my weight loss is when my BMI was no longer in obese range and I knew I decreased my risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and certain types of cancers. The program, staff and doctors are all great and I would highly recommend to a friend. -Colleen C. 3/22/16
Decreased Risk of Diabetes and Cancer
Maintaining my weight loss for 4 years now has been amazing. This is not a short-term fix. It is a lifestyle change. Best team around. I could do my follow-ups with my GP at this point but I love this office and my PA so much that I keep coming back. Y'all are great. -Tawna Z. 3/23/16
Best Team Around
I am still getting used to my body and feel like I have a ways to go, but I love my new body! Dr. Pilcher was the 1st doctor to really understand my struggle. He showed me true kindness when I was most vulnerable. I would have never made the decision to have this surgery if I hadn't met him. -Kallie M. 3/24/16
The first Doctor to Really Understand My Struggle
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Gonzalez. I not only like his manners as a doctor, but as a person. -Joan J. 3/24/16
Can’t Say Enough Good Things
This has been the best thing I have done in my life so far. Everyone is fantastic. Always smiling and warm welcomes. Truly amazing group of people. -Darci C. 3/28/16
Truly Amazing Group of People
I don't remember where we were but my kids said they were happy we were out and about. I ask my wife what's that about and she said before my surgery I wouldn't go anywhere or do anything. I didn't realize how much I affected everyone around me and missed out on so much. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Pilcher really made me feel comfortable. I had gone to a couple of other places before coming here and those other places felt like a "factory". I understand this is a business, however it didn't feel like it. this program is great from the start. -Charles R. 3/30/16
I Didn’t Realize How Much I Affected Everyone Around Me
I love to shop but when I buy clothes I shop online because I never could get anything to fit. I would get discouraged. Now I can find beautiful clothes and don’t' mind trying things on. I feel better about myself and don't have to wear moo moos. The staff and doctors have been very supportive. -Kathleen N. 3/31/16
Now I Can Find Beautiful Clothes
So excited the day I could do my own pedicure and shop at a regular store with my granddaughters! Now I have to share my clothes with them :). Everyone has been wonderful and caring, step by step. I tell everyone I know how wonderful everyone here is and that if I would have known how easy and painless the procedure was going to be I would have done it years ago. -Susan G. 4/1/16
Would Have Done It Years Ago
Seeing the resolution of my diabetes has been wonderful! Everyone here has been great. -Charyl S. 4/4/16
Resolution of Diabetes
Being a mother has always been my top priority in life. I have more energy now and can play with my children more and be outdoors! Dr. Pilcher is amazing and compassionate and the entire staff is very knowledgeable and kind. -Jennifer D. 4/6/16
I Have More Energy
Having been overweight for many years, I was excited to be able to buy clothes not in the plus size. I have been able to go and do anything I want with my grandkids. I have enjoyed my experience with the doctors and staff. I have always been treated kindly, never felt put down for being overweight. I would and have recommended you to others. -Rose R. 4/6/16
Excited To Be Able to Buy Clothes
I have eliminated insulin from my meds. On one pill a day Metformin and may be off of that soon. 6.1 A1c. Eliminated some B.P. meds and may be soon down to one. Less knee pain. I know I made a life saving decision and it was easier than expected. Great support structure and knowledge. Feel confident I have a doctor and practice watching over me that has experience in keeping me healthy. -Fernando F. 4/8/16
I Made a Life Saving Decision
Every single day I am excited and every day there is a change in myself. Excellent in every way. Absolutely changed my life, and how I see myself. Thank you!! Melissa D. 4/9/16
Absolutely Changed My Life
I struggled for so long and had lost hope that I would ever be able to overcome my weight issues. From the moment I walked through the door, your people have ALWAYS treated me with respect and kindness. I MATTERED! For the first time I was dealing with people who were interested in my wellbeing, not in making money off me. That has given me more hope for my future than I can possibly express. Because of that, I am succeeding! Succeeding quite well actually. I have learned so much and share it as often as I can. Thank you!! A thousand times, thank you!! God bless each and every one of you!! -Melody B. 4/11/16
A New Hope
It's exciting fitting into my old jeans. It's so petty but what a great goal. I'm so close to my goal weight. My next goal is fitting into my USMC dress blues. Outstanding is all that can be said about this program! Thank you for your great Doctors and staff. -Fidel A. 4/15/16
Hit 100lbs lost in 6 months! Referred a friend! Love the center! Everyone is always nice and helpful. Thanks also for the support groups! -Christy G. 4/15/16 (Please note, this testimonial is the experience of a particular person. Individual results vary from person to person.)
Love the Center!
Every day since my surgery has been a wonderful experience. I can walk and run without getting completely winded. My wife and I have had our fourth child. I am beyond blessed with my new found health. -Howell M. 4/15/16
Beyond Blessed with New Found Health
WOW!!! Everyone here has been completely attentive and sincere from the very first day I walked through those doors! -Rachel V. 4/18/16
Completely Attentive and Sincere
I do not feel as tired and am able to do more physical labor without tiring. Dr. Gonzales has great bedside manner and would recommend him highly. -Russell S. -4/18/16
Do Not Feel As Tired
I planned and waited for over a year. It was well worth the wait and discomfort after surgery. I CAN BEGIN LIVING AGAIN! Everyone here is wonderful! I've had no negative experiences and highly recommend Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss. -Cheryl C. 4/14/16
I Can Begin Living Again
A very memorable event was attending a recent wedding with my husband and daughter; friends noted how much my 24 year old (120lb) daughter and I looked alike. They had not previously noticed... I always knew we were very similar! Thank you! I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for taking this journey with me! -Patricia W. -4/18/16
Thank You
I started crying when I was able to buy pants in a "regular" store rather than a "plus-size" store. I haven't been able to do that in over 15 years! Everyone is so nice and helpful. I love coming for my appointments! -Tabitha N. -4/18/16
Staff and doctor wonderful. Thank you for my new life. -Maribel S. 4/20/16
Thank You
I recently went on a mission trip to Haiti. I spent 8 days in the heat living with orphans. I had more than enough energy to do what was asked of me and in every picture I have a huge smile. This could never have been possible before my weight loss. Dr. Cavazos is amazingly supportive and encouraging. -Carrie B. 4/21/16
Amazingly Supportive and Encouraging
I feel really relieved I can do things more comfortably with activities and with choice of clothing. Doctor, staff and program are very helpful and considerate of all issues and concerns I might have. I really enjoy coming and speaking with everyone in the office. I have really picked a great office to have my surgery. Roxanna T. 4/21/16
Very Helpful and Considerate
The entire journey has brought on changes. Better eating habits, clothes fitting better (not to mention seeing my size go from size 30 down to 12-14), as well as keeping up with my son. -Robyn B. -4/22/16
A life changing experience. Great customer service. Empathetic staff. Dr. Gonzalez is the best. -Kevin K.
A Life-Changing Experience
My life has changed - I can breathe, I can wear what I want, I can walk with confidence into any place with anyone and feel fantastic about myself. thanks! Dr. Pilcher is an exceptional doc! He seems genuinely concerned and connected to his patients. The staff - and I mean everyone - are very professional and pleasant to me on every visit. TCMSWL has a GREAT team. Thanks for a great experience. -Tammy F. 4/27/16
My Life Has Changed
I can easily pick up my grandchildren. I can buy clothes off the rack (not specialty for size stores). I feel better than before the surgery. I feel good about myself now. Staff have always been helpful and pleasant. They answer any and all questions I may have. -Reba T. 4/28/16
I Feel Better About Myself Now
One of my first goals was to be able to put on my own socks and shoes. I have been able to continue to work with children from my district and from across the state. I have a new lease on life! I am able to do things that I love to do, work on cars in my shop - school board and state association boards. You have a very caring, professional and talented staff. -Victor C. 4/27/16
New Lease On Life
Since my surgery I've had so much energy and have received numerous compliments on my attitude and energy along with my appearance. I love trying on clothes now and want to be more active in general. I'm excited about life and before I was just going through life without being a participant in my surroundings. I've even been told I look as I did in high school! 🙂 Thank you all so much for always being supportive and giving me all the tools I needed to be successful in my journey! This was the best decision I could have made for me and my family. I have helped 3 other friends make the choice to pursue having the sleeve procedure! Dr. Gonzalez is amazing. -Franchesca M. 4/29/16
The Best Decision I Could Have Made
The program saved my life. All the people I had contact with and still do were good to me by treating me as a person. They care about who I am and wanted to be. -JoAnn W. 4/29/16
The Program Saved My Life
I have been very excited recently as I jogged a mile in 11 minutes. I couldn't do that in high school and I was a big time athlete! Being able to look in the mirror and love what I see is nice as well. -Jeremy T. 4/29/16
Jogged A Mile in 11 Minutes
I have more energy and feel better about my health. I want to thank Dr. Gonzalez for giving me a new lease on life. Since my surgery I no longer have to take diabetes medication. Linda Golden is a super follow up team member. All the staff is friendly and helpful. Your center and all team members are terrific! -Ruth C. 5/3/16
New Lease On Life
I am able to sit comfortably on a plane or in a movie! I can run & play with my kids. LOVE everyone here! -Hasley M. 5/3/16
I Can Run and Play With My Kids
I am totally in awe with the weight loss process and looking forward to losing more to meet my goal. I feel, look, and sleep better. Overall, this experience has been rough at times, but worth the time and effort. I love my sleeve! I love everyone here!! Thank you all!! -Andrea G. 5/11/16
Totally In Awe
It's been four years since I've had the gastric bypass and people still compliment me on my weight loss. The program, staff, and doctors at the center are awesome! It's been four years since my surgery and they've continued to help me every step of the way. They truly care about your overall health and they strive to make sure you are continuing to lose weight successfully. -Adrienne W. 5/12/16
Continued Help Every Step of the Way
Awesome doctor, awesome staff and support. Good program! Dr. John Pilcher is one of the most understanding, kind doctors I have ever met. He made me feel like he cared about my well-being. -Melody S. 5/19/17
Awesome Doctor
Excellent program. Everyone is super nice and I always recommend Dr. Cavazos for surgery. -Angelita H. 5/19/16
Excellent Program
I am off all of my blood pressure and pre-diabetes medications. I feel healthier and can shop in "regular" stores for clothes. The follow up is great. Easy to schedule and everyone has been very nice. -Gayle M. 5/19/16
Off Of Medications
As silly as this sounds, I have not been able to go into a store and try on clothes from the womans dept. I have been going to the plus sizes dept. When Rodeo time hit this past year, I was able to go to the western store and try on clothes and they actually fit. Of course I cried, but it was happy tears. Everyone here at the clinic has been awesome. The doctors have been so great to me. They were there for me every step of the way, even after hours. -Kathy M. 5/21/16
Happy Tears
I completed my second triathlon May 7, 2016! Great staff. Would refer anyone to this group. -Adriana P. 5/25/16
Completed My 2nd Triathlon
Life is just great. Just great people. I love it here. Thank you. -Carlos S. 5/25/16
Just Great People
When I see people I haven't seen in a while, they get really excited about my change and I really don't see it as much as they have, but them being happy for me makes me happy. This whole experience has been wonderful from the front desk all the way to the nurses in the back. Stay the same. Never change. -Jesse G. 5/25/16
Whole Experience Has Been Wonderful
Since my weight loss I've been full of energy and so much happier. I can do a lot of things easier. Not out of breath like I was before. I play volleyball and I've noticed I can jump higher and get to the ball faster. The staff and doctors here are very understanding and courteous. They work with you and try to do everything they can to get you an appointment at your convenience. -Leslie H. 5/26/16
Full of Energy
Every day I am excited. I cannot pinpoint an exact moment because I am thrilled to be living the life I am. I have such a different outlook on life. I am happy to feel like I belong and not judged because of my weight. I used to only exist in this world, but now I feel as if I'm finally living. So many doors have opened up since surgery and I'm excited to see what my future holds for once! Going into this process I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect. The staff, program, and doctors practically held my hand every single step of the way. They always made me feel important. I am so happy I chose the doctor I did and the program. They are all so kind. -Rebecca M. 5/26/16
I’m Finally Living
The surgery was successful. The healing first month was hard but once the sickness feeling went away I felt much better with more energy. About 3 months after surgery I started to have extra energy and was able to run for the first time in 20 years. Even though it was a short run, I was able to do it. The feeling of being able to pick up my heavy legs and go was awesome. -Heidi B. -5/26/16
More Energy
I get excited every time I look at the scale and it's dropping. I'm happy that it's starting to be noticeable by friends and family. Each time my body goes through a change I can tell. The doctors here are great and definitely would highly recommend them. Especially my surgeon Dr. Alvarez. Overall the staff, the other doctors have been wonderful. I wouldn't change anything. Tough road I am going through but would do it again if I had to. -Maria C. 5/28/16
What can I say - Dr. Cavazos is so cute and professional that I have referred several friends to this clinic. I was very impressed with the service and care you give so I just have to pass it along! One time I was driving home from work. I was in a red light and was tired. I put my arm on the steering wheel and with my other arm I began to rub it. I was so amazed of how I was able to feel muscles and noticed my shoulders and arms how thin they were. I haven't feel them like that in years!! -Bertha J. 5/29/16
Very Impressed with Service and Care
The weight loss has completely changed my life. I feel a change every day. I feel good, I look good, I enjoy dancing again, I'm not afraid to run in front of other people. I feel young again and able to be involved in my daughter's life with sports. The program, staff and doctors have been a great influence on me. The encouragement I have received has been beneficial to my results. -Susan Z. 6/7/16
Completely Changed My Life
I now can walk stairs without knee throbbing pain. Pure excitement to be able to exercise again. Love, love Dr. Cavazos!! -Toni M. 6/2/16
Love Dr. Cavazos!
I am active now, can even jog. Am currently off all of my meds. Sleep like a newborn and full of energy. I would definitely recommend weight loss surgery to anyone in need of it. Confidence booster a plus. And the staff here is amazing. -Lisa G. 6/8/16
Off All Of My Meds
Everyone has been excellent, professional and helpful. Dr. Pilcher is the best. Great bedside manner, extremely knowledgeable. NP Golden is outstanding. Great experience and care overall. -Liz O. 6/11/16
Dr. Pilcher is the Best
About 3 months ago I was able to ride in an airplane without an extended seat belt and without taking up 2 seats. It felt great. I no longer have the excruciating knee pain and God willing I will not need knee surgery. I have more energy and now I am exercising, feeling good and can do normal things again. Thank you all so much! Everyone has been great. Dr. Cavazos is great! He saw me out and about 4 months after the operation and came up to me in public and gave me a hug; made me feel really valued. Awesome staff. Love you all! -Yolanda U. 6/13/16
Dr. Cavazos is Great!
I recently took my kids to Sea World, which we do often however this time I rode a roller coaster for the 1st time in 9 years. I feel like I'm living life to the fullest again! Everyone has been supportive and helpful. I feel like I can call or come by for guidance and questions. Thanks for the support. -J. A. 6/15/16
Living Life to the Fullest Again
I can get down on the floor and play with my grandsons. I didn't realize how restricted I had gotten with my movements. Dr. Pilcher is the best, so kind and caring! -Linda R. 6/16/16
So Kind and Caring!
Every time I lost ten pounds on my journey it was exciting to me. Now that I am down 100 pounds it's very exciting. Haven't been at this weight in a long time. Everyone has been very kind to me here. I am so glad I came here. and I love Dr. Alvarez. You are doing a very good job. Love it here! -Janet W. 6/16/16
I Love Dr. Alvarez
This was much easier than I expected. The surgery went very well with very little pain afterward. The surgery made changing my habits much easier and also helped with satiety. I hadn't seen some friends for several months and when I approached them, they didn't recognize me! Then everyone wanted to know what "plan" I was on so they could try it. Shopping is also a lot more fun! Dr. Cavazos was very informative and answered all my questions clearly. Every office visit, I am met with a smile and friendly service. -Nancy T. 6/17/16
Easier Than I Expected
My physical wellness as a result of the surgery has allowed me to focus on my emotional wellness. My life has completely changed. I am now married and am committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for my family. I love the program and the support available through the process. -Carla D. 6/17/16
Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle for my Family
Love how I have more energy throughout the day, able to get around and not feel exhausted! Love fitting into smaller clothing. I'm doing activities that I wouldn't have been able to do before. I used to feel so self-conscious of going to the beach. -Leticia W. 6/17/16
Able To Get Around and Not Feel Exhausted!
One day my husband wanted me to try on a dress and I kept arguing with him that there was no way I could squeeze into it. I finally gave in because he was so persistent, and the dress was too big. Yea!!! I love my doctors, Dr. Cavazos and Dr. Anz-Cavazos. They are very personable. I appreciate that yearly checkups are a requirement. I appreciate the vitamin program. The staff are always friendly. -Ethel E. 6/18/16
I Love My Doctors
Went to the movies and I didn't have any problem climbing the stairs! Everybody is very polite, I never have a problem to schedule my appointments or reschedule. Very friendly environment. Thank you!! I am so glad I chose Dr. Cavazos. -Lourdes A. 6/18/16
Thank You!!
The experience of wearing the wedding dress of my dreams had me in awe. Everyone complimented, pictures were breathtaking and to see the look in my husband's eyes for the first time - telling me how beautiful I looked. Now I can look at my pictures with a smile. Thank you! Dr. Cavazos and Linda Golden are tremendously beautiful people to help save and better lives. -Samantha G. 6/19/16
My Wedding Day
1st excitement was when I needed to get "transitional" set of clothing. 2nd exciting moment was when I traveled via air and did not need the extended seat belt. 3rd exciting moment was when I stopped using my CPAP. Great program to retake control of our health. Great team of doctors and staff. -Hector G. 6/20/16
Great Team of Doctors and Staff
I see and appreciate the commitment and attention of the staff and doctors. I feel and see their commitment to having me achieve what I want for myself - health and lifestyle. -Maria G. 6/20/16
Commitment and Attention
I love bumping into people who haven't seen me in a while and their surprise at my weight loss. Everyone around me has been positive and supportive. Have had an amazing experience and would do it all over again. -Suzanne D
Amazing Experience
All doctors should have and demonstrate the compassion that Dr. Pilcher demonstrates. -Soloman A. 6/21/16
I get complements all the time from friends and family on how I look. They ask how I did it and I share my experience with the surgery and loss of weight. They ask if I miss eating and I give a firm 'no' because I tell them I still eat but in the correct amounts. -Arcol B. 6/21/16
Don’t Miss Eating
Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are amazing! -Diane T. 6/22/16
Dr. G and His Staff are Amazing
Appreciate the surgeons treating us with love and caring attitudes - I love that they prayed with me and have done that with many of my friends that have had the surgery! Dr. Cavazos is awesome! Love him 🙂 -Cathy J. 6/22/16
Love and Caring Attitudes
From my first appointment till now, 9 months later, I have had the very best journey. I call and everyone's happy and helpful! This is the best decision I have ever made! Doctor Cavazos and his team area unbeatable in patient care and compassion! Deron H. 6/23/16
Unbeatable in Patient Care and Compassion
Today I jogged for 30 minutes without getting tired or feeling pain in my knees. Priceless! I feel great, thank God! Thank you, Dr. Pilcher! Staff is amazing! Very professional! -Ana F. 7/1/16
I Feel Great!
Excellent program, excellent care, excellent surgeon. -Linda P. 6/30/16
It feels good when your family tells you to get rid of your baggy clothes and comments on your weight loss. Staff is incredibly attentive and professional. I have always felt like I have been supported in my efforts. -Lena W. 7/2/16
Attentive and Professional
I love Dr. Alvarez and the program. All the staff have been so helpful. -Mary W. 7/3/16
Love Dr. Alvarez
I used to feel down about myself but since the surgery my confidence has increased and so has my energy. Everyone has been amazing! I like to think that this surgery has saved my life! -David R. 7/5/16
Saved My Life
Great experience, best life-altering decision I ever made. This has changed my life and attitude forever. -Lisa H. 7/5/16
Life Altering Decision
Extremely happy. With I could've done surgery a long time ago. Weight Loss has been moderate but good, despite some immobility due to foot surgery. Great staff, very knowledgeable and helpful. Awesome doctor - have always felt cared for. Wish the program was in my hometown of Del Rio. I recommend to all my friends. -Sandra V. 7/6/16
Wish I Could’ve Done Surgery a Long Time Ago
I tell everyone that I know if they need or want help there is no one better than Sonny Cavazos - and the staff are great. -Mary S. 7/6/16
No One Better
This decision I made was the best ever. A lot of people may not understand what it's like to be obese and they seem to judge you. I wouldn't change any of this for a split second. My doctor is awesome, the hospital nurses were great, and my nurse practitioner is the best. She gives me so much confidence in myself, every time I visit. -Belinda M. 7/7/16
Best Decision
I am excited to wake up every morning and participate in activities with my boys. My boys are now enrolled in soccer shots every Saturday and I now have the ability and confidence to participate in activities with them. Excellent MD & support programs. -Tarren H. 7/6/16
Excellent MD and Support Programs
After my surgery I started to feel great about myself and how family, friends tell me how great I look. But most of all I did this for my health and for my grandkids. Now I can enjoy walking without losing my breath and I can buy different size of clothes. The program is great. Just keep up the good work. Thank you to Dr. Cavazos and his staff. -Arlene S. 7/7/16
Walking Without Losing My Breath
I can sit in the floor with my grandkids and get up without feeling like a beached whale! Best thing I've ever done for myself. -Gina M. 7/9/16
Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself
Within the 1st few weeks after surgery my weight started dropping quickly. Never felt hungry or tired. Best decision I've ever made. Surgery was relatively painless. Doctors and staff here are plain awesome. Always helpful and full of information. -James R. 7/13/16
Plain Awesome
Dr. Cavazos has been absolutely wonderful. The entire program runs like a well-oiled machine. My favorite things since surgery - buying 'regular' sized clothes, fitting next to a stranger in stadium seats and not feeling self-conscious, being more active with my children, including completing our first 5K color run together. -Amanda B. 7/12/16
Absolutely Wonderful
Doctor and staff are all excellent and communicate well with you through the process. -Lisa P. 7/13/16
Since the surgery I've been a lot more active like playing basketball with my son, going swimming and just getting out of my bed. I'm truly thankful to Dr. Alvarez and the staff for all they have done for me. This opportunity has changed my life forever. I wasn't able to get the surgery in my hometown but luckily Dr. Alvarez and the staff were willing to help. -LaBridgette W. 7/17/16
This Opportunity Has Changed My Life Forever
Awesome place. Doctor listens, never in a hurry. Staff is efficient, friendly and courteous. Keep up the good work! -Ida H. 7/17/16
Awesome Place
I was taken off many medications and started to feel better. I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Going from a 2X to a XL-L. Happier at work and home. This has been the MOST positive thing I have ever done for myself. The doctors, nurses, staff, dietician have ben so supportive and helpful. I think Dr. Gonzalez is amazing. -Patricia Z. 7/27/16
The staff and doctors are top notch and I've always appreciated their honesty and fabulous bedside manner. -Summer T. 7/29/16
Fabulous Bedside Manner
I could not have asked for a better doctor and staff. The knowledge before my surgery and after has been remarkable. -Karen H. 7/31
I am so grateful for the expertise and great advice I received from Dr. Pilcher and his staff. By following their instructions with courage and perseverance, God has blessed me with the desires of my heart - to return to my ideal weight and feel like myself again. Thank you for your extra encouragement and for giving me confidence to do what I needed to do for myself and my family! Mary C. 8/2/16
So Grateful
I am running, no pain, doing things I thought I could never be able to do again. I feel like a whole new person. I'm even able to tie my own shoes! I've never been so happy; thank you all so much. I couldn't be more grateful or thankful for everything that they have done for me. My doctor who is Dr. Cavazos was amazing - the staff great - I could have never been so happy for all their help through my journey. -Christi A. 8/22/16
I Feel Like a Whole New Person
Dr. G has been awesome throughout the entire process. It's been 7 years now so I sometimes forget that I was really so overweight. I recently came across some old photos and almost didn't recognize myself. -Tammi C. 8/24
Dr. G Has Been Awesome
NP/MDs seem so sincere supportive and invested in helping me achieve my goal to become healthier. I'm so grateful and appreciate everyone's help on this journey. You guys are great! -Veronika C. 9/1/16
Supportive and Invested
I am 5 years out. Everyday is a blessing. So excited to know how I have helped extend my life to be with my family! Patricia T. 9/2/16
5 Years Out
Staff is awesome. Dr. Cavazos, the best. And Linda of course, great teacher, and calms us down well when we become impatient with weight loss. My greatest moment was when my diabetes doctor said no more insulin shots. I have given away most of my wardrobe, since nothing fits anymore. -Edward V. 9/4/16
No More Insulin Shots
I can sit in a chair and cross my legs; I can tie my shoes and cut my toenails! All staff are awesome! They treat me and others with the utmost respect and always display a positive outlook. -Kris B. 9/4/16
Positive Outlook
Very happy that over the last year I found out I was pregnant and I was successful in maintaining my weight through the pregnancy and only gained 20 pounds which I am happy to say I have lost! -Marlynn F. 9/6/16
Maintaining Weight In Pregnancy
1- I no longer struggle to walk without getting out of breath 2- thighs don't rub together 3- not shopping in plus size 4- self-esteem is higher than ever 5- love myself 6- not struggle with hunger Everyone is amazing! -Yvonne B. 9/7/16
Amazing Moments
This program is the best from pre-op to operation to post-op care and education. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring! I've been so excited to see the results of my bloodwork come back normal after many years of high cholesterol and high sugar! My blood pressure is now normal too. This and I am dressing in smaller size clothes. -Vicki T. 9/9/16
This Program is the Best
3 weeks out from surgery was a reality for me that changes were beginning for me. Then the pounds became more recognized not only personally but for the folks at work and the family. On 7/12/16 I was given a clear Bill of Health from my Sleep apnea. During the whole process the staff have met my needs. Recognizing that each patient is unique and are understood on a one to one basis. Continue moving forward doing the job you're doing. -Linda D. 9/11/16
Unique and Understood
So glad that Dr. Cavazos has been my doctor through this process; his kindness and patience and skill as a doctor has been such a blessing! 1 year later I can shop at regular stores for cute outfits and can walk up stairs easily. It's all been great!!! -Lisa A. 9/12/16
Such A Blessing!
My 1st goal was 80# by my Wedding Date 10/1/16. I moved up my date to July 16, 2016 and hit 90 pounds. 1st excitement was losing enough weight and being able to wear normal jewelry; being able to play with my 6 year old son and gaining years back to my life. -Laura H. 9/12/16
Gaining Years Back To My Life
Dr. Cavazos is a life saver. Since I had surgery I look forward every time I come to the office. I have never been judged on my size and very comfortable. The whole office has been top notch. I get rejuvenated when I come in here and see the weight loss. -Tina H. 9/13/16
Life Saver
Two years into this I stop weight loss at 200lb. I feel great, work 8-10 hours a day, climb ladders, up stairs with no problems, keep up with the grand kids. -William B. 9/13/16
Feel Great
I have been an advocate for the sleeve and have influenced other diabetics to consider this surgery. Great support. Increased general ability to "get around", climb stairs, play golf, tie shoe laces, self-esteem up! Optimistic outlook. More PR work to the diabetic community. Testimonials by people like me. -Fernando F. 9/14/16
Recommend for Diabetics
On vacation this year, I had no problem keeping up with three kids! Success! -Amy S. 9/18/16
Awesome on every level from start til now. Kind, communicative, first rate care. Thank you. -Connie F. 9/19/16
Awesome on every level
The staff has been great and understanding. I came here with a back injury and they have helped me with ways to lose weight and work with my injury. Still working on it and it is a long road but I am determined and with your help I can achieve my goals. -Brenda M. 9/20/16
Great and Understanding
I am 5 years out; everyday is a blessing. So excited to know how I have helped extend my life to be with my family! -Patricia T. 9/21/16
5 Years Out
The staff and doctor are very friendly and professional. I didn't ever feel like I was just the next patient; I felt the staff was interested in my progress and success. -Melinda S. 9/23/16
Friendly and Professional
The most important thing is that now I get to spend more time with my children especially during physical activities. I can now enjoy them in everything they do. Your staff is amazing, always helpful and Dr. Pilcher, well he changed my life :). -Rosa V. 9/28/16
Enjoying Children
I was able to go to Aquatica and walk and play with my grandkids. Did not need electrical cart because my legs and back hurt so bad. I have been very pleased with my care. They always take time to answer my questions and seem genuinely concerned for me. -Rose R. 9/28/16
I participated & finished a 5K obstacle course - felt very accomplished & proud of how far healthwise I have come! Everyone involved from my initial contact to today has been kind, supportive, helpful & professional. I enjoy the support group still even after 3 years! You are great! -Elizabeth S. 9/29/16
Accomplished & Proud 3 Years Out
I love fitting into chairs at theaters & shopping for new clothes! Everyone is so fantastic & caring. Y'all do an amazing job of supporting your patients. Tabitha N. 10/5/16
Fantastic & Caring
I got excited about my weight loss early and continue to eat properly and exercise and now I am 119 lbs down! 🙂 Love all of you! So nice & helpful! 🙂 -Mary M. 10/5/16
119 lbs down!
The moment you realize you can cross your legs again is pretty cool. It had been about 20 years since I had done that! But just being able to go to the mall shopping or festivals and events and not want to leave right away because I was tired is awesome! Also, I have inspired others with my weight loss, so that was great too! -Christy G. 10/6/16
Great Experience!
I thank God and the staff for helping me achieve my goal of a better life and health. Great group of individuals that I love so dearly. Thank you all. -Chancy F. 10/11/16
I thought it would take me a long time to feel good about myself again. After the surgery it took just a few weeks for me to start feeling good about myself. I would notice I was dropping weight very fast. I had to start buying smaller size clothing. That was my favorite part. It was my way of rewarding myself. From size 18W to 10-12. I feel great! Since day one I felt very welcomed by Dr. Gonzalez and his staff. Everyone is very friendly. The best part is that coming from another bariatric clinic - Dr. Gonzalez treated me with care and showed interest in my concerns. -Anita R. 10/13/16
Interest in My Concerns
We love Dr. C. and Linda -- awesome attitude and easy to talk to. -Karen W. 10/18/16
Complete program, staff, and doctors -- perfect. -Paul 10/18/16
Complete Program
Sage Bariatric is hands down the best program available. I've had 4 friends have the gastric sleeve and the ones that have had other surgeons have had complications and not as great of a support system than the 3 of us that have used Dr. Gonzalez. When I wake up every morning I enjoy picking out my clothes! I feel comfortable and confident in anything I try on. I don't get short of breath when I get dressed or put on my shoes like I would before my surgery. I love the online recipes and support groups that are available. Keep up the great work! -Franchesca M. 10/18/16
Hands Down Best Program
I am 5 years post of and have regained 38 pounds 🙁 BUT- I'm very grateful at the non-judgmental and very helpful attitude from everyone. I lost it before - I'll do it again. Y'all are awesome. So glad I chose Dr. Cavazos and this team! Love the new place! Your commitment to your patients shows! Heidi's Back On Track class this past Saturday was EXTREMELY helpful! -Amy L. 10/19/16
Y’all Are Awesome
Excited about being able to wear daughters' clothes, being told how good I look, seeing myself in the mirror, proud of my body now, watching the scale decrease in weight. Very happy I had the surgery. I feel it saved my life. Everyone at the Bariatric Institute has been very helpful, kind, courteous and concerned about any issues I may have or had. Staff & Drs fantastic. Glad I had them. Keep doing what you've been doing. -Sandra Y. 10/19/16
Saved My LIfe
Everyone is amazing. Have referred lots of people this way. Keep up the good work. -Jessica J. 10/20/16
One morning I was able to get up without a pain in my back and knees. I felt happy. Then I tried on a smaller size pants and they fit. I was overjoyed. My weight is coming off slowly but Thank God it is coming off. The staff and doctors are very supportive and helpful. -Celestine A. 10/20/16
Supportive and Helpful
I can't say enough about the staff & my Dr. Sonny Cavazos. Best bedside manners & my PA is awesome. -Kimber W. 10/25/16
Best Bedside Manner
It's just been awesome. I'm the person I was supposed to be. -Jeremy T. 10/27/16
When I started to lose the first 17 pounds, I was amazed that it had only been a week after surgery. Now after almost 105 pounds, it has been life-changing. I can do many things before impossible to me. Everybody is very nice, very helpful. I have the joy of having met these people. I'm very thankful to all of you. -Alfredo A. 11/8/16
It has been an amazing journey - Not easy at all but well worth it. I appreciate the honesty of the doctor and staff in explaining the road ahead of me. It takes lots of work! Anyone who says it is the easy way does not truly understand the journey. -Victoria T. 11/9/16
Amazing Journey
Doctors and staff are wonderful. Everything has been wonderful. -Elizabeth M. 11/11/16
I love being able to go outside with my daughter and helping her practice soccer without my asthma flaring up, knees hurting, or getting tired quickly. The staff and doctors are all wonderful. Thank you! -Daniella H. 11/20/16
I can walk much better and I like walking. Back on bike - 400 miles since surgery! Keep on doing it excellently. -Michael S. 11/23/16
Excellent staff and program -James W. 12/7/16
Right now at 6 months, I feel like a totally different person. I am full of energy and I am loving working out and exercising. I have the energy to give it my best at work and instead of going home and crashing on the couch, I now go and work out at the gym, do chores around the house, cook marvelous meals for the family, and still have energy to spend time with my boys, pets, and friends. This has been a fantastic experience for me! Dr. Pilcher is super friendly and supportive as well as the rest of the staff. Heidi has guided me toward making better food choices and the support groups have kept my motivation high. -Melissa J. 12/7/16
Fantastic Experience
I am a very picky person. I expect great customer service and value experienced staff. Dr. Sonny Cavazos and staff were such a delight to see on every visit. I gained a lot of knowledge and didn't dread the diets. -Margarita H. 12/9/16
The program, staff and Dr. Pilcher are simply the best. From my first visit I have been treated special. Dr. Pilcher never seems rushed and listens to every word I say. He is simply the best! I was so excited to be able to shop in the regular women's department. No more plus sizes! I can put on clothes and I am pleased with myself. My self-confidence has soared! 🙂 I've got my sexy back! It's been such a great experience. Thanks Dr. Pilcher and staff! -ReDonna N. 12/12/16
Simply the Best
It's made me feel so much better about myself. The doctors and staff are so nice here. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Thank you, Dr. Alvarez for all you have done for me. You all are the best. - Janet W. 12/19/16
Feel Better About Myself
It has been many years and I feel very normal now. I have typical struggles as opposed to weight dominating all aspects of life. -Kimberly P. 12/23/16
Everyone here has been very helpful and friendly. -Robert S. 12/27/16
Robert S.
At 5 months I looked at myself in the mirror and felt very pretty in a lace dress I had bought 3 years ago as a goal dress. Love my decision to have done this. Great support and staff. -Bertha T. 12/28/16
Love My Decision
All are exceptional!! Can't say enough good things. They have made this process enjoyable. They definitely guide you in the right direction to make this journey successful. -Laura P. 1/4/17
I am so happy to be free from blood pressure and diabetes medications! And I love being called the Incredible Shrinking Woman. I absolutely adore Dr. Pilcher & Dr. Cavazos. They have been so very helpful & supportive along this journey. The dietitians, NPs & staff are also helpful. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone considering bariatric surgery. -Tammy E. 1/9/17
Tammy E.
Exceptional doctor, staff, and programs that offer model patient-centered care. -Melissa D. 1/10/17
Patient-Centered Care
I have nothing but good things to say. Everyone has been so nice & friendly. They're always helpful and willing to answer any questions I may have. The first change I noticed was not having to struggle with the seatbelt in my car. It sounds silly but it was actually getting loose and I almost cried. 🙂 I also noticed my clothes fitting looser. I had a smile from ear to ear. -Thomas J. 1/11/17
Smile From Ear to Ear
I was thrilled that my diabetes disappeared after the surgery. A happy moment was when I tried on 1X & 2X clothes and they were too big! I was happy to go to the Ladies' Dept. after that and bypass the Women's Dept. Heidi is the best. She gave me some great advice after the surgery. All the staff is very helpful and pleasant. -Nancy B. 1/12/17
Diabetes Disappeared
I have had so many ah-ha moments! While visiting my daughter in LA - going to Disney, being able to ride (fit in) roller coasters again. Not having to ask for a belt extender on a plane. A few days ago, I carried 17 75-lb boxes of tile uphill into my investment property without a rest! That was huge! 1275lbs! My only regret is I didn't do this sooner! Everyone at Sage has been incredible every step of the way. I thank Dr. Pilcher & Sage for giving me my life back! -Wendell T. 1/12/17
Thanks for Giving Me My Life Back!
My only regret is I didn't do this sooner! Everyone at Sage has been incredible every step of the way. -Wendell T.
I can actively play with my kids without feeling tired and out of breath. The program is well-structured and you can definitely tell that you guys care about your patients and their long term success. I have had a great experience. Everyone has been great and I love the new location. -Christy T. 1/12/17
You Care
Dropped 5 jean & pant sizes. Dropped 3 shirt sizes. My knees feel better and I can now go up the stairs. I never finish a meal when eating out, I always have take home containers in frig. Great new location, same great staff and Drs and of course: Linda Golden "simply the best"!!! Thank you Dr. Cavazos for getting us through the surgeries, on our way to better health and less meds now. -Edward V. 1/16/17
Edward V.
I feel 100% better. My gastric sleeve surgery changed my life, saved my life. I've made positive changes and I've met personal goals that I thought were unachievable. The staff, all the staff from dietician to MD's to appointment takers very friendly, helpful, supportive. -Emmalinda D. 1/17/17
I Feel 100% Better
My first change that I experienced after surgery was being able to run in a 5K without hurting or being too winded to complete it. I love the whole staff. Dr. Alvarez was great with the whole experience. He explained every surgery with me and helped me with my decision. Surgery day he made me feel calm and at ease. The nurse practitioner is great also. -Angkhana R. 1/19/17
Love the Whole Staff
A week before surgery I wanted to ride my horse and it took so much out of me by the time I got on the horse I didn't feel like I could ride. I now go out, jump on my horse without the help of my husband and ride whenever I want. I also went swimming this year for the first time in 15 years! Loved my experience with Dr. Cavazos and the staff. They all made my change a lot easier. -Stephanie B. 1/21/17
Stephanie B.
This whole year has been an amazing experience, from being able to reach and cut my toenails to running outside with my kids, chasing after the dog, playing basketball. I am enjoying all this energy that I hadn't had in years. Doctor, staff, and program are the best. I couldn't have done this without you all. I am very grateful to everyone and will always recommend Sage Bariatric to everyone. You guys are the best. Infinite thanks! -Cynthia J. 1/22/17
Infinite Thanks
One of the best parts of my weight loss journey is the increase of overall energy making time to be active and feeling great and accomplished afterwards. I absolutely love the staff, doctors, nurses and especially the new facility. -Teresita O. 1/26/17
Increased Energy
Dec 31, 2007 changed my life within months. More energy, more confidence about my appearance in regards to NOT being bigger than everyone around me. All has been wonderful in the past 9 years. -Diane B. 1/27/17
Changed My Life
Best decision I've ever made! -Lindsey 1/27/17
Lindsey L.
I am able to tie my own shoes again, I am able to walk around without pain, I stopped snoring and get a good nights rest and can run, jump and do things I couldn't do before due to my weight. I love the staff and my doctor. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today so I owe them a lot and must say a big thank you. -Christi A. 1/25/17.
A Big Thank You
My whole life I have been heavy. Never have I gotten below a size 18 in pants. I saved these pants that I thought I'd use one day and put them on after my six months of surgery and they didn't fit... they were so big. I gave them away because I won't go back to that size ever again! Doctors, NP's are wonderful. I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else! -Patricia G.
Patricia G.
Good program. This surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself. -Susan P. 2/16/17
Susan P.
I was so excited the first time I got on the scale and it was under 200lbs. It was the best feeling in the world. So excited. The first visit when I talked to Dr. Gonzalez and the way he cared... I knew at that moment he would be my hero. You guys rock. -Felicia J. 2/21/17
Felicia J.
Sage is the best program there is! I have been fully supported in this process by everyone here! My weight loss has let me feel like the "old" me -- before my divorce in 1997. I am more outgoing, meeting new people, exploring a career change, active again in church and in life. My health is better - my outlook on life is better. Life is great! - Vicky T. 2/27/17
Vicki T.
Doctors and Staff are amazing. -Christine C. 3/2/17
Christine C.
Very thorough and comprehensive. Your program addresses all aspects of the life changes that are necessary for the surgery and that result because of the surgery. Your staff and doctors (and associates) have treated me with respect even before my weight loss. That means so much... You guys got this down cold! -Paul H. 3/2/17
Paul H.
The first time I went to a store and was able to try something on without being plus size and even having to get a smaller size than I thought I needed was when I knew I had made a change. I have always felt welcome and left with a smile at Sage. I am very pleased with everyone here and all the help I am provided. -Eneida P. 3/7/17
Eneida P.
I lost 75 lbs and got a figure! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. -Thelma S. 3/9/17
Thelma S.
The staff and doctors are very friendly and understanding. They encourage you and help guide you through. The day I tried to put on my normal tight jeans and they fell right off I was in shock. I can look in the mirror and see the drastic change in my face and body. I can finally see my dimples in my face :). The best part is I can wear my seatbelt in my truck and pull the e-brake without struggle. -Brenda 3/12/17
In 2008 I had the lap band done at another office. I felt like I was just another person. I had lots of issues and pursued another office. I came to see Dr. Pilcher and immediately felt a difference. The fact that he took the time to get to know me and my story, the follow up appointments, the phone calls make me feel more like family; not just another patient. -Syndy 3/15/17
I wish I would have done this sooner! This program has been amazing. Staff is supportive and caring. I recently went to the lake with friends and family. Feeling comfortable in my own skin. More outgoing and just loving myself. -Crystal 3/15/17
Everyday is a new day. I feel good and like the way I look. I have energy to play with my grandchildren. Sometimes the attention I receive from someone I haven't seen in awhile bothers me, but in a good way. Inspires me to keep on with the healthy living! Program is great! Staff is wonderful. I have no regrets. - Marcia 3/16/17
Diabetes issues gone. Sleep apnea gone. No more C-PAP. More energy. Great Doc. -Juanita 3/19/17
I can fly on a plane and not have to ask for a seat belt extender. Everybody was so helpful in all ways. -Sue T. 3/22/17
Sue T.
I went on a 9.5 mile hike - Before that would have never happened. Everyone is great. I'm so happy with my results. -Christine F. 3/25/17
Christine F.
I am less tired, able to keep up with activities, able to fit comfortably into booths/chairs. Everyone has been so helpful, the staff is great. You guys are doing a great job! -Lisa L. 3/25/17
Lisa L.
I am able to cross my legs and buckle my own sandals! Such small things but when it's been years since being able to do them it makes it a huge victory! Staff has been absolutely amazing! Courteous, helpful, friendly, welcoming and supportive. -Heather H. 4/3/17
Heather H.
Great People! -Joel A. 4/5/17
Joel A.
This whole process has been amazing. I feel like a normal person again, with no one staring at me or laughing. I can go upstairs normally, not winded. I can cross my legs & wear normal clothing. It totally took care of my migraines, which I lived with for years. I feel amazing. I had no side effects at all. The staff here is fantastic! Dr. Gonzalez was wonderful. No one made me feel like I was a freak, never condescending. They all were always so encouraging and helpful. Stay awesome! Continue loving your patients:)! -Marlana C. 4/6/17
Marlana C.
It was the best decision I ever made. I actually like getting dressed & going shopping for new clothes. I would recommend this to anyone with weight struggles. Very courteous and helpful. -Kim 4/6/17
Since my surgery I've dropped 10 waist sizes. The program is great, so are the doctors and staff. -Wenceslo A. 4/6/17
Wenceslo A.
I realize all of my foot and shoulder pain is gone! I swim 4-5 miles a week, speed walk with my mom and just living life the most pain free and easy in such a long time. Thank you! Your staff is wonderful and always attentive when I drop in for vitamins. Dr. Pilcher is amazing and very caring! Truly, I think you all have done an amazing job! -Amy B. 4/10/17
Amy B.
I was overweight and did not realize how restricted I was due to my weight. I can run and jump and do things I was unable to do prior. My quality of life has improved and I look forward to my future. Also, the compliments I receive truly make me feel AMAZING! 🙂 -D'Lynn A.
D’Lynn Alvarez
This has been not just weight loss but a journey of just me and I am beginning to like and love me to the point I want to be a better me. I love Dr. Gonzalez and Linda has been such a blessing to me. Everyone here is just a great group of people. -Tina W. 4/13/17
Tina W.
Feeling great about myself. I have more energy. I played baseball with my son... something I could never have done before. Excellent choice of doctor - he is the best! Staff is so professional and courteous. -Dora D. 4/18/17
Dora D.
Having this surgery has changed my life. I had been thin all my life until my early 40's. I gained so much weight and was not able to lose it. After surgery my hypertension resolved. No longer a fatty liver. I was not able to walk fast due to Achilles tendonitis. I am able to walk fast and climb stairs. I am able to play and run with my 3 year old 🙂 Excellent staff !!! - Raquel M. 4/18/17
Raquel M.
Staff, doctors and program have been excellent! -Rudy O. 4/18/17
Rudy O.
I can physically see the difference in myself. My body is finally the body I have wanted. This is the best decision I have made. I love the doctors and program. Everything runs smoothly. Great notifications. The new center has everything in one. -Herbert A. 4/20/17
Herbert A.
Since my surgery I have so much energy! My co-workers state that I nearly run down the halls at work! I haven't felt this great in a number of years. Thanks Sage Bariatric. -Marla F. 4/24/17
Marla F.
Every day in a thousand ways my life is so much improved. My mobility, clarity of thought, energy, and productivity are back and better than they have been since my 30's.  -Connie F. 4/28/17
Connie F.
I absolutely love this place and Dr. Cavazos.  -Shana G.  5/9/17
Shana G.
The culture at Sage is amazing.  Doctors are there for you, the staff very pleasant and visible that they work as a team.  The office setting is beautiful and professional.  Thank you all for helping me save my life.  It's the simple things we take for granted that have become my small weight loss victories.  Being able to bend over and tie your shoes without losing your breath.  Being able to increase the speed on the treadmill.  Your clothes getting loose.  My ultimate victory will be going on a plane and not needing a seatbelt extender.  I will get there 🙂 -Christina G. 5/9/17
Christina G.
I am still to this very day extremely excited about the choice I made to have surgery!  The changes have been great and I continue to amaze myself with what I can now do, help others and just being happy.  Awesome! Caring! Genuine!  Y'all are the best!   -Tania P. 5/15/17
Tania P.
Great program, great support, great staff!!  Have sent several people here and will continue.  -Gayla M. 5/15/17
Gayla M.
The entire team has been professional and wonderfully warm to me.  Keep doing what you have been - you are fantastic!!!  -Jennifer Z. 5/16/17
Jennifer Z.
Bariatric surgery saved my life.  I had to have it for medical reasons and they have all gone away.  I feel great.  Thank you for giving me another chance at a healthy life.  I really appreciate the excellent care before and after.  Everyone really cares about people and it shows.  -Terry M. 5/16/17
Terry M.
I have asthma and before my surgery I was really in trouble.  I was gasping with even the smallest exertion, like getting dressed.  About 2 months after surgery, when I had lost a significant amount of weight, my pulmonologist told me I no longer need to take all my breathing medications.  That is when I knew my life had changed forever.  I have had nothing but good experiences here -- y'all are great! -Nadine C.  5/17/17
Nadine C.
I was running late for an event and I would normally become overwhelmed in what I should wear. This time I DID NOT!!  I opened the closet, grabbed my jeans and top and I was out the door.  When I got in the car I stopped and realized I didn't panic, I wasn't overwhelmed... that was an amazing feeling.  -Lillie R. 5/17/17
Lillie R.
The BEST 5-Star doctor and staff.  Can't improve on the best!  Leaders in the industry.  -Donald B. 5/17/17
Donald B.
Everyone has been wonderful throughout my journey.  Thank you. -Karen P.  5/17/17
Karen P.
Three weeks ago my father, brother and I went on our annual trip to Las Vegas.  We have been taking this trip for nearly 10 years now.  We stay at the same resort and have developed friendships with the staff.  One staff member did not recognize me and was soooo excited that she took her break to be able to hear more about my journey. Once I got to the initial appointment everything as been great. I love the Baritastic app; I have recommended you to many.  The lessons from Heidi have been relevant and memorable so that I do make smart eating decisions.  The regiment of physical therapy after surgery to help me "re-learn" how to exercise with my new body was a huge plus.  I would encourage all to consider.   -Jason R. 5/17/17
Jason R.
I tried on a size 8 pair of pants and they fit.   I was so sure that was wrong I went to 11 other stores.  I tried on size 8 at each store and made sure they were a different brand.  All of them fit.  I went to the car and called my husband and cried.  I don't remember ever being a size 8.  I have recommended many people to Dr. Cavazos.  Not only is he an amazing doc he genuinely cares.  All together I think I have had 10 coworkers and 2 friends have procedures with him.  -Alicia S. 5/17/17
Alicia S.
This program is life changing and everyone in the program from receptionist, dietician, doctors, everyone is awesome!  I couldn't ask for a better team.  -Jasmine G.  5/18/17
Jasmine G.
At this time last year at 351 pounds it was difficult to do hard work. One year and 95 pounds later I am proud to say in the last month I have put out and spread 900 bags of mulch, 180 bags of concrete. It's taken fifteen years off my true age. I can now work like I was 40 again! The program is top notch - staff & facility is top notch. -Wayne B. 5/21/17
Wayne B.
Three times in the past week I have been called the incredible shrinking woman. It is an amazing feeling to feel this way. Love the surgery - best decision ever! Have shared my story with many in hopes that they too can have a great experience. Doctor and staff are exceptional. Office environment is comfortable and welcoming. Love the warmth and friendliness felt with encountering Dr. Pilcher, Linda and staff. -Angela C. 5/23/17
Angela C.
I no longer need insulin, cholesterol or asthma med. B/P is back to normal and take med only to protect kidneys. PCP is very pleased with my life change. Great staff. Understanding, eager to answer questions. Program gave me a new lease on life. I am happy, healthier, and active again. -Gail A. 5/23/17
Gail A.
Awesome team all around. Thank you is a small word to say. I am very grateful to all of you. -Anonymous
I am very grateful to have chosen the staff and doctors at Sage. The program you have in place gives people like me a chance to live a healthier and more enjoyable life through knowledge and the doctors and staff work hard to take great care of you ensuring your success so on behalf of me and my family thank you so much for being a blessing. -Michael A.
Michael A.
This whole process has been a life-changing experience with some highs and lows. I'm overjoyed with my weight loss and feel I made the best decision for my overall health. Absolutely no regrets. All staff have been superior. I have enjoyed my experience at each office visit. Always welcoming without the feeling of passing judgment to patients. A truly committed group of professionals. Excellent team. The program is just awesome. So many moving pieces that we "the patients" don't necessarily see. Insurance pre-auths, surgery auths, patient out of pocket costs, scheduling, it's all so streamlined, there were never any surprises. Keep up all the great work. H. C. 6/5/17
Sleeping through the night and no more snoring is amazing. My husband went as far as to put his head on my chest to see if I was breathing because I wasn't snoring! Great experience here!!! Everyone is courteous and so helpful! -Debbra 6/7/17
I live on the third story of my apartment and the first time I made it up those stairs without being winded or needing time to catch my breath, I was near tears. -Daniel. 6/7/17
Between 2-3 months I noticed a change in sleeping habits. Sleeping a normal 6-8 hours verses 10-12 and waking up with energy to start my day. I now look forward to family activities and social events. I am more focused and motivated! There is so much support at Sage! I love that with every turn there is someone to help. -Kara G. 6/9/17
Kara G.
Long term health has been my focus since I turned 30. I like to see positive feedback in my lab work. To know that my values are normal, which I cannot remember when the last time I saw normal labs - it felt very gratifying. Great experience. All staff are wonderful and caring. -Samantha R. 6/11/17
Samantha R.
Before surgery I never wanted to socialize or visit with anyone, to include my children when they visited. Now I'm always looking for things to do with them and my grandchildren. They too have noticed a great change in my moods. Best decision I have ever made. I recommend this clinic and staff to anyone thinking about WLS. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. -Bertha V.
Bertha V.
Having the gastric sleeve gave me a new lease on life. After struggling for years to lose weight, I am now healthy and active. I can finally walk up a flight of stairs and not be tired or out of breath. It's been almost 3 years since my surgery and I have lost 160 lbs and kept the weight off. This has been one of the best decisions I've made. Dr. Cavazos and everyone at Sage Bariatric Institute has been amazing. Everyone is very professional and kind, making my journey much easier. -Erica S. 6/14/17
Erica S.
Beginning was strange, little sick, scared. As time went on I began to feel different, more active, less tired. Now it feels great to be able to walk without pain in my knees. Waking up early to go outside to do yard work. Love the chance to finally buy clothes and fit great. Dr. Gonzalez is amazing - WOW!! Excellent staff. Awesome program. Very friendly. Listen to all your concerns, reassure you about your goal and always making sure you're on task. -Caroline D. 6/15/17
Caroline D.
I have wanted this surgery for a long time only I thought I was not a candidate. Once I got it I have become the person I always wanted to be. My eating habits are in check. I have energy and the body I always thought I should and the feedback from others is amazing. -Eric D. 6/15/17
I have been extremely happy with [the surgery] since day 1. I'm more active now - I run regularly and don't feel so bad. I tried on swimsuits for the first time in 3 years. And it feels amazing when people compliment on how good I look! Dr. Pilcher is an amazing doctor! He is extremely considerate, caring, and always available for questions. I am beyond happy with my choice! -Tori J. 6/16/17
I like the kindness of the staff and the awesome customer service of the doctor and N.P. Most excited moment was when my cardiologist discontinued my b/p medication. Also my A1c was normal and glucose for 6 months now. Able to walk without being short of breath is awesome. Every day is an excitement now. I am involved in different activities, knowing I am able to move better. -Cindy 6/18/17
Everything and everyone has always and continues to be amazing. Everyone is so helpful. Awesome staff! -Kendall
I've been able to run two miles without stopping which is a big deal considering the lifestyle I used to have. I've felt more energy than ever before and I'm motivated to continue working out because of the results I've seen. Wonderful welcoming and helpful staff. -Erika I. 6/18/17
A few weeks after my surgery, I cleaned out my closet of all my size 20 & 22 clothing. My closet was quite empty. It is now filled with size 8 clothing. I am thrilled! Every single person I have met has been totally committed to my success. Dr. Alvarez is the best! I wish I had done this sooner. Better late than never! Keep doing a great job! You've changed my life! 7 days after my surgery I had to stop taking high blood pressure medication. -Neida 6/19/17
Before surgery I was always tired, hurting or too self-conscious to go out and do anything. Now I wake up, do my hair, make up and do things with my son that he enjoys doing like beach or walking in the mall. Before I could not do that w/out having to stop every few feet. Absolutely love Dr. Pilcher & staff. Referred Sage Bariatrics to several people. -Laura B. 6/22/17
Laura B.
The amount of energy and ability to be active has been amazing. Energy lasts all day when before surgery difficult to even think about doing anything. Co-workers say I look hot! And they say I'm going to blow away in the wind. The program is very good, with a lot of support. I've attended the support group when I can. Would like to try the counseling/support center, but travel a lot for work. -Deborah 6/28/17
Deborah F.
I've been taken off of insulin injections. This is the best thing I've ever done for my health and well-being. -Michael M. 6/15/17
Michael M.
I have had an enjoyable experience from my very first consult to my follow ups! Everyone has been friendly and caring. -Yvette H. 7/12/17
Yvette H.
I think when I finally saw the scale get to the 100's I knew this was the best decision I could have made; only wish I had done it sooner. The result of my loss has led me to being a more active member of my family. -Sarah Y. 7/18/17
Sandra Y.
Just recently, I went through some clothes I'd left at home since leaving for college; I had to get rid of almost all of it because there was no way for me to alter it down to fit me anymore. That was really exciting for me. I also feel a lot more active and I don't dread the gym so much anymore. The staff and doctors are always friendly and supportive. I feel like the environment here and the way the program is presented is a contributor to my ongoing success. -Elizabeth T. 7/19/17
Elizabeth T.
I had the gastric bypass in 2012. Five years after the surgery I'm still receiving compliments from family members and friends telling me how well I look. Having the surgery has changed my life for the better, it has given me a more positive perspective on my life. The doctors, staff are amazing and wonderful! They have been here to help guide me through my weight loss journey. I would highly recommend the program to anyone considering having weight loss surgery. A BIG thank you to everyone at Sage Bariatric. -Adrienne W. 8/2/17
Adrienne W.
I am able to compete in a Tough Mudder. Also I have been able to enjoy family trips to Fiesta Texas and able to ride all the rides. I was unable to do so before. -Joshua
Joshua T.
I was apprehensive for years about surgery. I am very happy that my friend told me about your office. I feel they truly care for each patient. The information and care is truly appreciated. I had surgery 7/27/16 then flew to Vegas early September. I wasn't worried about sitting in the middle seat or that the seat belt wouldn't fit. -Mary C. 7/27/17
Mary C.
I recommend you all to everyone. Everyone here from the front desk all the way to the doctors are so caring, polite, friendly and professional. -Miguel F. 8/4/17
Miguel F.
Before the surgery I would have to depend on other family members to walk my dog. Now I can and I also feel great. My health is good especially my heart. This is a great program for persons who have tried all sorts of diets and failed. -Aracelli C. 8/5/17
Aracelli C.
The program works, the staff rocks, and the doctors are the best at what they do. -Jeremiah C. 8/16/17
Jeremiah C.
I recently went to a concert and was able to fit in the seat comfortably and climb the stairs without stopping! Everyone here is so helpful and kind. Best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel great. Love my tool. -Crystal S. 8/16/17
Crystal S.
Phenomenal! Very efficient, welcoming and professional. The 50 pound mark was pretty awesome. My confidence overall has dramatically improved. -Tracy R. 8/17/17
Tracy R.
Since I've lost 60#, people recognize me differently and are more willing to talk to me. I find myself wanting to dress up and go out more often. the staff and Dr's are very friendly and have been a great help in this journey. I've never left an appointment without a clear understanding of what is happening. -Hope 8/22/17
Hope L.
I am an accountant. I noticed that clients put more stock in what I have to say because of my appearance, after losing the weight. People assume that you don't "have it all together" when you are overweight (excessively overweight). -Cynthia S. 8/23/17
Cynthia S.
I had surgery 8 yrs ago and it was the best decision I have made for myself with my health. I feel healthier and happier than ever. I love being able to wear clothes that actually look good on me and love the new me. I can't thank Dr. Cavazos and Ms. Linda Golden NP enough for all their help and support. -Tina G. 9/6/17
Tina G.
Before this surgery I felt lost inside myself. I remembered and knew who I was and want to be, but being overweight made me hide inside myself. I didn't feel pretty or good enough to be seen outside in public. Now I see the old confident vibrant self that had been hiding for so many years. I'm me again and I love how I look and feel. This program saved my health, life and sanity. The staff is outstanding, compassionate and understanding. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. My second family you all will always be. Thank you all so much. -Christine G. 9/7/17
Christine G.
Completely there 24/7 for me! Never a negative word or look; only the best motivating experience! Thank you all! -Deborah J. 9/7/17
Deborah J.
Having gone through the surgery has changed my life. Shopping for new clothes in smaller sizes has been very exciting. The best moments have been all of the many compliments that are received after not seeing friends or family in a few months. The program is amazing and very well monitored. Always felt like family, NEVER just another patient with major health issues. -Irma G. 9/8/17
Irma G.
I am very happy and confident that my weight loss surgery saved my life. I have an ability to complete tasks I struggled with before. My health has improved and my chronic pain subsided. I no longer have asthma, neuropathy, excessive headaches, etc. My energy level gets me through my days and allows me to be more proactive in the lives of my children. Losing weight has also helped me gain a self-control over food addiction and confidence in my abilities. The Sage Bariatric team is exceptional. The team here has made my experience pleasing, always engaged in my success offering support, encouragement, and a cheerful spirit. Every one is very welcoming, approachable, and available. I never felt like I was on this journey alone. Thank you. -Anonymous 9/15/17
Shortly after surgery, I discontinued my insulin pump, insulin, and many other medications I was on for diabetes and fibromyalgia. The disconsintued use of insulin pump was such a relief and a feeling of freedom. This was the best decision I could have made for myself and quality of life. This is an amazing program. All staff and doctors are amazing. They make sure you are well-educated and prepared to be successful in this journey. I highly recommend Sage Bariatric to anyone who is interested in this program. -Bertha V. 10/2/17
Bertha V.
The last few months have ben slow and tough, however I have been sticking to the plan and see the changes in my clothes. Some days the scale lies but your body will tell the truth. Being able to cross my legs is amazing! Oh and I can walk comfortably & with confidence in heels. This program is a support system & they give you the tools to succeed. Everyone you come in contact with wants to see you "win". You see it in the whole environment. I am thankful you have helped me improve my quality of life! -Laura S. 10/8/17
Laura S.
This weight loss has drastically changed my health and life. I am very satisfied with the doctors and staff at Sage. For this reason I have recommended many friends and relatives to this facility. -Cynthia M. 10/11/17
Cynthia M.
This has been the best decision I have ever made for my health. Since my experience I have recommended 2 other patients who have now had the sleeve done. I recommended not just from the results but the experience of the entire team. Samuel M. 10/11/17
Samuel M.
I'm excited daily. I'm getting to know myself all over again. The program @ Sage is Amazing. -Trenika B. 10/17/17
Trenika B.
So much more energy and I feel so much younger. I'm no longer diabetic and my health overall has greatly improved. -Marla F. 10/18/17
Marla F.
The day I could cross my legs was exciting! Being able to bend over and tie my shoes was another. Seeing myself in the mirror is exciting each week. Being able to walk and garden outside without getting breathless is a great feeling. Having energy to walk 2 miles a day and just being able to "move" without back/knee pain has been wonderful. Getting off meds has been great too! This was the best medical decision of my life. Dr. C's explanation of the procedure and benefits were excellent. Heidi and Linda are the best support staff ever. Always encouraging and never judgmental. Always positive! -Mary S. 10/18/17
Mary S.
It being a year now I still can't believe the changes. It's an incredible feeling when I pass a mirror and see myself. It's a wow you look great feeling. Staff and doctors are great. They make you feel comfortable, explain everything to your understanding. -Sandra L. 10/19/17
Sandra L.
At work one day, 4 different people stopped me to tell me how good I looked and wanted to know my secret. I told them about my bypass and walked away feeling like a rock star. It was the first time in my life I felt pretty. Everyone at Sage has been fantastic. From the first visit I felt comfortable and unjudged. As an overweight person, I've always felt others were judging. To feel acceptance by all the staff was so encouraging. -Jennifer B. 10/23/17
Jennifer B.
This weight loss program (Gastric Sleeve) I would strongly recommend to people who have struggled with weight like myself. The staff and doctor are very good at what they do and explain everything very well. -Emmanuel O. 10/26/17
Emmanuel O.
Wonderful program! Great staff & Dr's & awesome support system! I'm so extremely happy! -LC 10/26/17
Lizette C.
Prior to surgery I couldn't even look at my weight. Now (even though I'm not at my goal yet) I am proud of my progress. The staff is wonderful! Always helpful and with a smile on their faces. -Corinne H. 10/26/17
Corinne H.
This program is superb! Every member of the staff goes over and beyond to assure needs are met. They're friendly and knowledgeable. -Carolyn P. 10/30/17
Carolyn P.
Very excited I am below 300lbs. Adjustment to diet and routine is still hard but workable. So happy I don't need to depend on medication for diabetes anymore! Dr. Cavazos was very thorough and gave all options. -Stephanie R. 10/31/17
Stephanie R.
Everyone has been so nice & encouraging. I am so grateful I came here and had my surgery. It has been life changing! Thank you! -Rebecca G. 11/1/17
Rebecca G.
The moment I first felt a change in my body was when I got on a plane 3 months after surgery. I could fit in the seat with room to spare and I didn't need a seat extender. I could also pull the tray down and it laid flat and didn't touch my legs. The doctors and staff are so welcoming. I have never felt nervous or self-conscious being in or around the office. I feel like everyone wants you to succeed. -Nicole B. 11/7/17
Nicole B.
Ran my first half marathon December 2016 and training for my second December 2017. Great team and awesome new location. -Ellen G. 11/9/17
Ellen G.
Have been feeling great since Day 1. Lost 90 lbs. Hoping for 30lbs more. Thousands of compliments! Excellent staff! Excellent communication! -George M. 11/10/17
George M.
The staff is friendly and exceptionally sweet. They are very helpful and show concern about my wellbeing. My doctor is awesome. He is kind, caring and very professional. He shows a great concern for my wellness. -Billie P. 11/12/17
Billie P.
I fly a lot for work. I have always had to get a seatbelt extension and for the first time in years last week I just used the regular belt. Everything has been great from beginning to end. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Dr. Pilcher has literally changed my life. Thank you. -Wallace H. 11/16/17
Wallace H.
Dr. Cavazos was amazing. This journey has been easier because of Sage and the tools they empowered me with all across the board. I have my life back. I feel healthy and vibrant. I couldn't be happier. -Rita V. 11/22/17
Rita V.
If I could give you 6 stars out of 5, I would. Sage (in its entirety) is completely opposite of another doctor's office I had gone to. I am more active (without constant pain limiting me), I can spend more time with my wife, just going to the store or shopping in the mall, without having to CONSTANTLY look for a place to sit. I've now started looking at physical challenges I never would have considered before. Ex: I want to enter in my first mini triatholon and also ride my 1st 100 miles on a bicycle! After high school, I was in the best shape of my life... I wouldn't have even considered doing these! -Gabriel R. 11/28/17
Gabriel R.
I recently took a flight and was stuck in a middle seat. I was very excited that I had plenty of space and didn't encroach on my seat neighbors at all. It has been so many years since I experienced that. -Jennifer G. 11/28/17
Jennifer Z.
I was very excited to be off all my blood pressure medication. I loved to be able to sit with my legs crossed. I can now sit on the floor and get back up again. I can run. I thank God every day that I was able to have surgery and lose 145lbs. I struggled all my life with obesity and I am grateful to Dr. Pilcher, Vanessa, and all of the wonderful staff for helping me through this journey. You are doing a wonderful job! -Evelyn M. 11/2017
Evelyn M.
Sage has the BEST program! I recommend you guys to everyone who will listen. -Melissa 12/6/17
Melissa C.
Each person I have come into contact with from my initial appointment, through classes, surgery, recovery and follow-ups has been amazing! I believe you all are spot-on. -Gina C. 12/7/17
Gina C.
I am currently a size 14 from an 18-20. Being able to get into this size is amazing. I still have work to do but my results are amazing and people are noticing. Dr. Pilcher and his staff are truly amazing. Tammy S. 12/7/17
Tammy S.
I've been teaching for 15 years. Every football season the boys give their jersey to a teacher to wear on game day. I've gotten lots of jerseys in 15 years and always had to make excuses for why I couldn't wear it -- the jerseys never fit - UNTIL THIS YEAR!! Everyone is so kind and helpful. Even at the surgical center several nurses had bariatric surgery and were kind enough to share their story and offer advice. I LOVE THIS PLACE! -Denise P. 12/13/17
Denise P.
I stumbled across an old photo of myself and didn't recognize me. When I realized who it was and compared pictures to now I cried tears of joy. Everyone here is AMAZING! Very kind, professional, and helpful. -Julia S. 12/13/17
Julia S.
Great experience from day one (my original consult with Dr. Cavazos). Everyone has been informative, helpful, and supportive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend exploring options with Sage to anyone. -Daniel T. 12/18/17
Daniel T.
The whole organization is awesome. They are sincere and welcoming. -Mark S. 1/3/18
Mark S.
It has been an awesome experience overall - everyone has been so kind and helpful. all the information provided for proparation, after surgery nd beyond has been so thorough. Made everything so easy and set my expectations appropriately. Best moment was when I realized my double chin was gone!! and when I went down a size, stopped snoring and overall feel good physically, mentally and emotionally
    every day
🙂 -Patricia L. 1/4/18
Patricia L.
After losing 105 pounds, I hiked the Rocky Mountains with my 32lb toddler on my back and was able to do it! Everything here has been a great experience. -Dana C. 1/4/17
Dana C.
Great staff and excellent doctors. I love it here. -Debra V. 1/10/18
Debra V.
One of my favorite moments was buying clothes from a designer store and not a discount or big and tall store. I wept with joy. I love all of you! Sage has a great group of people. -David B. 1/15/18
David B.
My life has really changed from all aspects. My health most of all feels great and off all meds. Everything as far as diabetes, heart and kidney is back to normal. My self-esteem is way up, I don't sleep all day, haven't watched TV since July all day like I used to. I walk a lot now and going to join a gym. I feel awesome and started dressing, putting on makeup and enjoying life. I thank God for guiding me to Sage. Was scheduled with another surgeon and for some reason cancelled and ended up here. Best thing that could have happened to me. From the staff to the doctors. Exceptional people. Made me feel awesome and always there for my needs. Thanks Sage. Elizabeth G. 1/16/18
Elizabeth G.
This surgery was the best decision of my life. It has completely changed my life and outlook for my future. Every day I see something new I can do that I would have never experienced if it wasn't for my surgery. My kids and wife have gotten a new father and husband. The staff at Sage Bariatric has exceeded all and any expectations I may have had. -Nickolas M. 1/17/18
Nickolas M.
My most memorable moment is going to see my endocrinologist and being told I don't have to see him for six months because my numbers were normal. Staff is excellent and professional! The doctors are great and I highly recommend Sage Bariatric. Rory B. 1/17/18
Rory B.
I love that I love to move again. I was always active before my weight gain and now I am active again. It also makes me happy to be able to keep up with my very active family. I love your doctors. -Julie B. 1/17/18
Julie B.
I can cross my legs when sitting down. I can walk up stairs without gasping for air. I can sit comfortably on a plane. I tried on a dress for my Christmas Party and fit in a size 6. The staff and doctors are wonderful here. Michelle C. 1/22/18
Michelle C.
I can do things with my grandchildren and family without getting tired or not fitting in a seat or wondering what I can wear or sweating so much and red int he face for the least amount of exercise or walking. Great care and nice facility. Dr. Pilcher is the best. So glad I came to him 3 years ago. -Nancy L. 1/24/18
Nancy L.
My overall health has greatly improved since the surgery. It has made doing things in my every day life much easier and enjoyable. The beginning after surgery was a bit of a struggle but it was all worth it in the end. Everyone that works for sage is wonderful! They made going through surgery and everything else much more pleasant! -Kenneth L. 1/29/18
Kenneth L.
Dr. JJ Gonzalez changed my life. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner but I'm happy that I did it when I did! -Jesus C. 1/31/18
Jesus C.
I want to say I have never felt so great and energetic in my whole entire life! Not only did the surgery help me get in shape and help me look a better me but it helped me learn to eat healthy and change my whole life around and made me feel great about myself. I have a whole total different outlook on food now where before I struggled with it. I am so happy for my decision and I would do it all over again! Sage Bariatric has the most sweetest and professional staff I have ever met. The doctors are great and I am so thankful for Dr. Pilcher. He is the greatest. I couldn't ask for any better staff, doctor or program than Sage has done for me. 🙂 -Jacqueline T. 2/2/2018
Jacqueline T.
The attention gave me such a positive impact to my relationships and career. I'm so pleased with my weight loss and guidance that the physicians and staff have provided me during this journey. I wake up feeling ready to accomplish great things because of this surgery. I love being me more than anything!!! -Danielle D. 2/8/18
Danielle D.
Now I can cross my legs when I sit down and am really excited about that. After my surgery around 4 months I was able to wear a top I have not worn for over 2 years. I went from size 22 wide to size 14 petite in pants. Program, staff, and doctors are amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!! -Magdalene B. 2/7/18
Magdalene B.
It's been so wonderful getting into smaller and old clothes I've liked for years! Awesome being able to breathe, walk long distances, feel better and look better! -Judith S. 2/8/18
Judith S.
I have always had an interest in Yoga but embarrassed due to my size and lack of ability to maintain positions. After surgery I can now do yoga and maintain positions/stances. I'm no longer embarrased of my size. My self-confidence has boosted. -Samantha R. 2/8/18
Samantha R.
I love the support from the staff regardless of how hard I am on myself. Dr. Cavazos has been a life-saver. -Alicia S. 2/13/18
Alicia S.
While walking the 5K marathon with my mother and nieces, I didn't get tired! Everyone has always been wonderful and very helpful. Continue to do your best at helping others to achieve their weight/healthy goals. -Tanesha T. 2/13/18
Tanesha T.
I got excited when: "When I was able to walk for more than 15 minutes without stopping. When I realized I HAD to buy smaller clothes. Great staff, doctors, program! I have recommended you to many people! Wish I had done this sooner." Joyce M. 2/15/18
Joyce M.
Every month for a year I have lost weight and I look like my old self again. Lost 95lbs in a year. I feel great and have recommended this surgery to many friends. I love everyone! Dr. Pilcher was great. The staff is polite and efficient. I love the nutritionist and the plan. Jeanine E. 2/15/18
Jeanine E.
I'm excited every day with my weight loss. I love putting on my clothes that fit me better and I've given away lots of clothes that are now too big. Everyone here is always kind, courteous, and professional. I love the email reminders about my appointments. You're doing great. -Beverly O. 2/20/18
Beverly O.
Share a moment when you got excited about your weight loss: "The moment I was able to put my own shoes on and go shopping for my husband and I. Had not been able to do that in over 8 years. Really love the staff. Love Dr. Gonzalez for helping me in making my life change for the better so I could live a longer life. Also staff is always so helpful when I call and have questions and always find the answer." Michelle C. 2/20/18
Michelle C.
I love the step by step process - everything is explained. The staff is great and love the doctors! -Claudia M. 2/21/18
Claudia M.
Summer times were miserable for me. I was so hot. I would sweat all day. I would be exhausted from the heat. Regular work routines were difficult for me. This past summer was a breeze. I barely broke a sweat. I was rarely exhausted. Program has been good. They help ensure we have the tools and info that we need. Only downside is y'all did not take before pics of me for comparison. -Kenneth C. 2/26/18
Kenneth C.
I feel like I have a lot more energy to do things with the kids. I am no longer self-conscious about my body, so my overall attitude has improved tremendously. Lots of non-scale victories! Too many to name! Love, love, love the staff and doctors here at SAGE Bariatric! Dr. Cavazos is the best! He made me feel at ease when I was so nervous about the surgery! I can never thank him enough for changing my life! I am forever thankful! No complications from surgery and my scars look fantastic! -Melissa P. 2/26/18
Melissa P.
Everyone at Sage has been very pleasant to deal with, from nurses to other staff. They are very friendly and helpful. A moment I've felt a change was when I could go on trips with my family and not get tired easily or want to sleep all the time. I'm looking forward to our first family cruise this summer. -Lucinda M. 2/28/18
Lucinda M.
3 months out my husband hugged me and he exclaimed, "I can fit my arms around you! I'm so proud of you!" It was a small thing but made me so happy. -Sherene 2/28/18
Sherene H.
The program definitely works, and the staff is awesome. The doctors at Sage Bariatric are the best at what they do. -Jeremiah C. 3/1/18
Jeremiah C.
Every time I see my progress photos I am proud of myself and the journey I've experienced so far. Love this office including the staff and Dr. Gonzalez. The office has great communication and always gets patients in quickly. -Lacey E. 3/1/18
Lacey E.
This program is
! I really feel well taken care of in my post-op care. I have referred several friends & family members because of my experience. -Leslie L. 3/6/18
Leslie L.
Excellent program. "One stop shop" for everything from dietician, purchasing vitamins, support group, and doctors visit. Great overall experience. - Robert P.
Robert P.
This surgery has changed my life and made "me be me again." This place is awesome in the way they treat you before, during and after your surgery. -Tammy H. 3/7/18
Tammy H.
I can't begin to say how happy I am now compared to a year ago. I'm more active and happy. I can do more with my kids that I couldn't do before. I also used to have bad pains in my body that no longer exist. Y'all are the best. I couldn't ask for a better surgeon or staff than y'all. Thank you for changing my life and helping me learn a better and healthy lifestyle. 🙂 -Jacqueline T. 3/22/18
Jacqueline T.
I feel like since my surgery my confidence has increased. I'm excited to meet new people and clients. I really felt a difference the first showcase I went to (4 months after surgery) and was confident that I could gain new business without negative looks. Everyone in this office has been incredible. You have an amazing staff. Nicole B. 3/22/18
Nicole B.
Great support system. Always willing to listen and go the extra mile for their patients. Donata 3/28/18
Donata V.
I have in the past been very anxious about going down the airplane aisle and finding a seat and then buckling up -> STRESSFUL!! But no more! Going down the aisle, finding a seat, buckling up - NO PROBLEM. I actually enjoyed my recent flight and my vacation. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. The support from everyone has been second to none. From the front desk, MAs, nutritionists, support online & on the phone --> excellent. So happy in my decision to do this procedure and this practice. Dr. Pilcher is the best! -Cheryl. 3/28/18
Cheryl L.
Before I knew it I was in misses clothing. When I tried on size 14 I cried. I cried because I was seeing myself for the first time. It was the new me breaking out of the old me. And I was happy. Everyone has been supportive no matter what stage in the process you are in. The staff truly listen to your concerns and go out of their way to reassure you and provide that support and understand to your needs. Sage has been and still is the best decision to have my surgery and I wouldn't have trusted everyone else. -Shanda M. 3/28/18
Shanda M.
Within 3 days after surgery I had a whole new lease on life. a chance to start over. My blood pressure was normal immediately. I no longer experienced acid reflux. I continue to eat healthier, able to exercise and continue with a whole new lease on life. Others remark what a change that has come over me and not just talking about weight loss but about life in general. In fact because of this procedure I have developed a personal MISSION STATEMENT *I exist to come along side people with truth as a positive change agent, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to enhance their lives. This has been the most pleasant experience I've ever gone through. All staff have walked right beside me. -David B. 4/2/18
David B.
Today, everyday, so thankful for my tool. Every day I rejoice for my weight loss journey. -Blanca W. 4/3/18
Blanca W.
Words cannot express the joy I have for Sage. They saved my life. Lawrence L. 4/4/18
Lawrence L.
This organization has been absolutely fantastic from day one! I would and do recommend y'all to everyone! A big moment for me although simple for some was when I was able to cross my legs all the way & not be uncomfortable! The amount of confidence I got back, the amount of energy I had is also a huge perk! I am able to live life again! One of the best investments and decisions I've made in life! Thank you all! -Rebecca N. 4/5/18
Rebecca N.
The loss of weight has made a dramatic change in me. People are always complimenting me on how much healthier/younger I look. Staff is wonderful/helpful. -Robert F. 4/15/18
Robert F.
The program is the best!!! -Tamara O. 4/16/18
Tamara O.
My husband says I'm addicted to movement. I find myself wanting to be in the pictures now & really enjoying life. I felt everyone [at Sage] was great. Dr. Cavazos, Linda, everyone was so encouraging and supportive. You truly had a team & weren't alone. -Maggie C. 4/24/18
Maggie C.
When I got below 200# I was ecstatic! I've lost 100#!! So thrilled; feel great & I'm motivated to do more! Wonderful! -Lizette 4/30/18
Lizette C.
I have more energy and am able to walk for a long period of time without being out of breath. I have had a wonderful experience. From my very first visit, it has been wonderful. Very respectful staff. Dr. Alvarez, thank you very much for helping me through this journey. Keep up the good work. -April S. 5/8/18
April S.
I can go to the mall and am able to walk into any store and not have to worry about loving an outfit and it not fitting. That had never been possible before surgery as I had been obese my entire life. Dr. Cavazos and the staff are all amazing and compassionate. They take care of each patient as a whole at each and every visit. -Julia C. 5/9/18
Julia C.
The whole experience was life-changing. From the day I met Dr. Cavazos and discussed options, to the surgery day and hospital stay, the professionalism and care for my needs were overwhelming. The continued care after surgery by the office staff and Linda Golden have given me the skills and mind set to continue on this life journey to a better healthier me. -Mary S. 5/10/18
Mary S.
I was very hesitant at first. I prolonged it for 5 years for fear of it not working and because I'd never had any major surgery before. Then after a few months I saw an immediate change in weight and didn't have to starve myself. I love what I see and how I feel. I should have done it from day ONE and I highly recommend it for anyone that is indecisive. Dr. Cavazos is awesome and the NP, nutritionist, receptionist, etc. are all very nice and always ready to listen and help in anything we may need. -Trinidad B. 5/17/18
Trinidad B.
One Sunday morning when we were leaving for church, I went to get in the car and I noticed a shadow. At first I thought the shadow was someone else, then I realized it was me! It did not look like the shadow I was used to. Overall, this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I only wish I did it sooner. -Lisa R. 5/24/18
Lisa R.
Shortly after my 1st anniversary I did an extended backpacking trip. It was pretty tough but I have the pictures of success. I climbed mountains. Today we start Crossfit. The staff is phenomenal to me. They really help me. Jeffery S. 5/29/18
Jeffery S.
Tomorrow, June 1, is the one year anniversary of my surgery. Yesterday, May 30, I had a FB memory from one year ago. When I looked at the picture I could not believe how much I had changed. Along the way the changes in my health have been just as drastic and I know I made the best decision regarding gastric sleeve. I have recommended Sage to many of my friends. Sage is a class act. -Gerardo M. 5/31/18
Gerardo M.
Even 2 years after surgery I realize little things that I can do now that I wasn’t able to do before – sit on a swing and swing with my kids, sit with my legs pulled up to my chest, play comfortably on the floor. Everyone has been so nice, knowledgeable and caring throughout my journey to a healthier me. -Christy T. 5/31/18
Christy T.
I am amazed at the new energy since losing 90lbs. I can get up from relaxing without feeling “bothered” and can “zoom” down the hallways at work instead of slumping along. I’m excited about losing inches and getting back into old clothes and not have to wear “big and tall” anymore. Everyone has been wonderful throughout the whole process. Sage is the best! -John R. 5/31/18
John R.
It is exciting to walk without joint pain or becoming short of breath. Great program, staff, and awesome doctors. Keep doing what you're doing! -Nora G. 6/4/18
Nora G.
Dr. Gonzalez is amazing. Walked me through all my questions patiently. Heidi is super! She has so many tricks up her sleeve to make you successful if you try them. -Jennifer L. 6/4/18
Jennifer L.
Dr. Alvarez and all his staff at Sage have been wonderful, kind, caring, and helpful. Toby B. 6/6/18
Toby B.
The program, the doctors, sleeve have changed my life. I feel like myself again! I am active, social, outgoing, and can do all the things I loved to do before I became so overweight. I couldn’t be more grateful for the life-changing impact Dr. Cavazos made in my life. I feel so blessed to have found Sage and started this journey. -Rita V. 6/6/18
Rita V.
The moment I was able to cross my legs it was the greatest feeling ever. The staff here is like family; everyone is so caring. -Renee U. 6/13/18
Renee U.
I am no longer just a spectator in my own life. I can hike and run and ski. I can keep up with or outrun my 12 and 14 year old boys! I ran my first 5K at Thanksgiving and will run another on the 4th of July. I love Dr. Pilcher and would recommend him wholeheartedly! The staff is very professional and manage a very well-run office! -Cari B. 6/27318
Cari B.
Everyone at Sage Bariatric has been wonderful and helpful. They have given me encouragement and been my coach to make my success a reality. At four months I dropped to a size 12. By 6 months I dropped to size 10 and feeling all kinds of energy. I receive many compliments and just feel great. Thank you!! -Sonya G. 6/28/18
Sonya G.
I really didn't want the surgery mainly because I have gone through so many surgical procedures. Now I wish I had done it sooner. The BEST staff, doctors, & program. I have and will continue to refer. -Tracy M.
Tracy M.
I stepped on the scale and I was down to a weight I hadn't seen in years. I got so excited that I jumped - yes really jumped around the room. I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I checked again. This is when I first really and truly realized that my life was changing in a major way. Sage has done nothing but encouraged, educated, and motivated me. Staff is always there for you, answering all your questions or concerns and showing genuine care for your well-being and success. Thank you! -Lauren S. 7/7/18
Lauren S.
I have so much energy now. I've cleaned out closets, bureaus, spare rooms and have started on the garage. People have commented on how I stand straighter, walk faster and seem happier than before surgery. Glad I did it. I like the program and have recommended it to friends and family who have asked. Great staff and doctors. Professional yet friendly. -Nancy S. 7/18/18
Nancy S.
Four months after my surgery I had my follow up appointment with my Gastro provider to continue with results of my liver levels. Anxiously I waited for her to come into my room. As Dr. M entered she said, 'What did you do - your labs are NORMAL.' With tears in my eyes I responded, 'Excuse me, are you serious?'. Dr. M responded, 'Yes. Look...' and presented my lab results to me. Thank you God and Thank you Sage Bariatric for making me healthy!! Theresa G. 7/23/18
Theresa G.
I have seen a fertility specialist for 15 years and even though I needed to do NF or Invocell, one thing that needed to be done was to lose weight. After 15 years and doing fertility treatment, I now have my first child. What a blessing weight loss help in this. -Rosalind
Rosalind C.
I keep seeing changes from surgery; increased energy, smaller clothes sizes, loving the skin I'm in. People realizing what I've done and the pats on the back. I love this office from every visit, Dr. Alvarez and everyone I've come into contact with. The staff is professional and personable @ the same time and I'm glad I came here. I recommend you guys to everyone. You Guys Are Amazing!! -Janet B. 8/6/18
Janet B.
A year ago today I walked into the hospital for my surgery wearing a very tight size 18. Today I walked into the doctor's office wearing a very tight size 6 🙂 I love Dr. Cavazos and Linda. Thank you both for your support and belief in me. -Betty W. 8/8/18
Betty W.
I am now able to work out like I never have before. When I go on my morning run, I pass the place where I used to have to stop and catch my breath. Now I run right past that point feeling like I could keep running for miles. Everyone here is super helpful and positive. I thought this process would be long and discouraging, but I experienced quite the opposite. - Blake O. 8/9/18
Blake O.
The staff and doctors have been very attentive. They have truly been focused on success - my success. What a family. -Raquel 8/9/18
Raquel C.
It is pure joy watching the inches fall away from my face and neck and things like that. You really don't realize how much stuff moves out of place when you gain weight. Dr. Pilcher was amazing before, during and after. He made sure I had everything I needed even when I didn't. I have had a wonderful experience from start to finish so I would say keep up the wonderful job you are doing. -La Shon B. 8/15/18
La Shon B.
Almost 8-12 weeks after surgery I was again able to put on my socks & tie my own shoes without pain. My back pain has significantly decreased. I'm wearing clothes that I used to wear years ago. Old pants are 8 sizes too big. I can carry & play with my young grandchildren. I'm much happier now -- not a grump, as my wife used to say. Very positive and helpful staff. Very little anxiety going into surgery because every one assured me I was with the best team. -Clemente D. 8/14/18
Clemente D.
Everyone has been great! I drove from Dallas to come here and I'm glad I did. -William F. 8/20/18
William F.
Ever since my surgery all the changes and helpful tips in eating healthy and exercising has been really a joyful new life for me. So grateful for this new life - feeling great and doing a lot of things. More and more I am getting my life back and I feel and look great 🙂 I thank each of the staff and May Our Lord Bless You All. Lots of Love. Thank You So Much! -Crissy R. 8/22/18
Crissy R.
I still can't believe that I've lost so much weight. I feel so good. I don't get tired easily anymore. I love this program. I'm so thankful I found yall. -Thelma A. 8/28/18
Thelma A.
Every week I am amazed at the progress I am making. I have regained my past desire of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. I have become much more active and happy with myself and life in general. Program is fantastic and staff are wonderful. Always professional and friendly. -Frank N. 8/30/18
Frank N.
Y'all are by far the best. -John c. 9/5/18
John C.
I hadn't seen my son for some time. When he entered the room, he looked around. He hadn't noticed or rather recognized the "new momma." With a huge smile he stated, "Momma, you're little!" Little has never been an adjective attached to me! However, I am loving the "little me"! Everyone here is great! I highly recommend Sage to others. Life-changing with a huge village of Sage supporters! -Valerie F. 9/10/18
Valerie F.
My husband and I got to spend a weekend riding roller coasters together for the first time. We then went to an outdoor concert in the heat of the summer and could sit next to each other. We both realized that this is the first time we got to enjoy our time together without worrying about if we would fit or if our weight would hold us back. I would recommend Sage, Dr. Alvarez, and Heidi to anyone that is looking into bariatric surgery. I firmly believe that we were successful because of the program and the staff at Sage. -Katee G. 9/12/18
Katee G.
After my surgery I struggled to see the changes others were seeing - though I felt better physically I just couldn't see it. My friend convinced me to do a side by side photo comparison after she had taken me shopping for "better fitting clothes" and when I saw myself next to my "fat" self I was shocked at the difference. I couldn't believe that was me after struggling for so long to see any difference. This was almost 6 mo post surgery and I had lost almost 80 lbs. The entire process was amazing. The staff at Sage were always so nice and efficient. My surgeon, Dr. Gonzalez, was fantastic and answered all my questions. I would recommend Sage to anyone considering weight loss surgery. -DeeAnna A. 9/15/18
DeeAnna A.
I went to a professional football game and walked with my son several times around the whole stadium without stopping and realized that I have missed out on so much when I was bigger and probably would never have done this if it wasn't for the surgery. So I am very grateful and glad I got this done. Program, staff, and doctors are great. -Guadalupe G. 9/19/18
Guadalupe G.
Every single day has been a challenge but every day has been a success. Wouldn't change 1 thing. Most memorable experience: achieving my goal weight/size from a 2X to med/sm 🙂 Great staff, wonderful supportive program. Dr. Cavazos #1 BEST EVER! Excellent facilities. Well worth my 2 1/2 hour commute! -Cathy G. 9/20/18
Cathy G.
I have enjoyed every step of the process, and every person both before and after surgery has been excellent. -Joseph B. 9/26/18
Joseph B.
The sleeve surgery has changed my life and improved my health. I have the energy to do the things I want to do. I don't have joint pain, I sleep all night, and I have so much more energy. Everybody had been so attentive, informative, and supportive. I have never felt like I was alone in this journey. -Daismara T. 10/2/18
Daismara T.
Before surgery I couldn't even wear a seatbelt without an extension. I am finally able to wear sizes that I haven't been able to in a long time and can actually shop in stores without wondering if they will have my size. I have always been treated respectfully and kindly here at Sage Bariatric. They have been wonderful throughout my weight loss journey and have helped better my life! -Nicole H. 10/10/18
Nicole H.
Every day is a new day for me since my surgery! It's like I get a new life. Every day is a feeling of excitement and joy!! Dr. Cavazos is the best!!! His staff and the whole clinic is the best!!! I recommend them to all my friends and family and people I meet on the streets who ask me about my journey. -Rolando C. 10/10/18
Rolando C.
I noticed a significant difference in my energy levels and mood. My self esteem and confidence has been at an all time high. The more pounds come off the better I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. Going from a 1X tops to medium/large and 18/16 pants to a size 9 has been really exciting and makes me push myself to my goal. The program is wonderful. So many tools available to keep you on track. Staff is always pleasant and available to answer any questions, to get you on track if you've wandered. The doctors have been amazing as well; very attentive to my questions, needs, and wantss. Very supportive, positive and thoroughly explained procedure pre and post. -Patricia 10/15/18
Patricia N.
Everyone loves to see the numbers on the scale go down, but for me it's the new-found mobility. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing shackles and restraints anymore. Even my young children have noticed I'm moving easier and have more energy. It's a wonderful feeling! Sage Bariatric is the gold standard! The doctors, nurses, and staff are exceptional! They are friendly, helpful, and informative. I had heard many great things about Sage before my surgery and have found them all to be true. I'm so grateful to have the best team on my side. -Catherine 10/2018
Catherine H.
I felt a change in myself when I could go up my stairs at the house without deep breathing. Excited when my teenage granddaughter stated she was proud of me for making a change for better health. The staff here and hospital is outstanding! Your customer service skills are amazing! Keep up the excellent job! Thank you! -Marlene N. October, 2018
Marlene N.
I went walking with friends one evening about 3 weeks after surgery at our local track. We each walked at our own pace so I was on my own when I suddenly realized I had already been around three times… without stopping! I had to stop at that moment because I was so happy, thrilled, shocked that I was crying and happy! I have been so thankful for Dr. C and Dr. G. over the last six months! Through the encouragement of all the staff, I've done so much better than I could have even imagined... the nursing staff at Foundation was the very best, too! -Sara H. 10/22/18
Sara H.
My 13 year old found a picture of me from a year ago and showed me saying, "I'm so proud of you, mom." I have and will continue to suggest this practice to friends, family and anyone who will listen! The experience was beyond expectation in its customer service, staff caring and efficiency. The weight loss almost felt like the icing on the cake! -Tammy S. 10/23/18
Tammy S.
I still get excited 5 years later every time I look in the mirror. I still can't believe it's me. Never thought I would look and feel like this. -Karen W. 10/29/18
Karen W.
The most exciting things about weight loss are the non-scale victories. For example, my husband being able to pick me up, fitting in stadium seats, fitting comfortably on an airplane, not getting winded after walking up stairs, being able to shop at any store, my legs/feet not hurting at the end of a long work day, fitting into old clothes I haven't worn in years, and most importantly finally feeling like myself again. The staff/doctors here are so caring and non-judgmental. They made me feel comfortable from the first visit. -Sarah L. October 2018
Sarah L.
This program helps people to be successful for a lifetime. Thank you for everything 🙂 -Sonya C.
Sonya C.
I recently had a biometric screening at work and was extremely excited when I was given my BMI reading. Just one year ago, my BMI was 43.3. This year it dropped down to 29! First time in 12 years that I have NOT fallen into the "obese" category! This program has truly changed my outlook on life. I feel as though I've been given a "second chance" to change my lifestyle. I have energy to do things and love being active again. I'm so excited to keep following this path of healthy living again! -Jennifer E. 11/8/18
Jennifer E.
Before my surgery I never thought I would or could be so active and strong! Now I am into Crossfit at 66! and love it and how I feel. -Jeni W.
Jeni W.
The excitement of losing weight is obvious but also losing inches! Checking my measurements monthly and realizing how much I've lost has been amazing. Shopping for clothes is a happy frustration. I don't know what size to buy anymore. It's fun to try on clothes again. Dr. Ramiro Cavazos was amazing and always checks in on me. Its' nice to know this isn't just a job for him, it's a passion. -Lindsay R.
Lindsey R.
Every day and every moment is special and exciting to me! One of my goals was to fit in an airline seat w/o the seatbelt converter. I can fit in ANY airline seat today!! The staff and physicians- especially Dr. Pilcher are incredibly caring and helpful - they are my angels on earth! - Cindy C.
Cindy C.
To see my blood sugar drop so much and continue to stay low has been amazing for me. Mentally it's challenging to completely understand who looks back at you in the mirror now but it's not a bad thing. I am so happy and I'm not even done yet. Everyone here has been amazing from start to finish. -Gracie C. 11/7/18
Gracie C.
I feel so much better. There are no words. -Amber S. 11/12/18
Amber S.
Since my weight loss, I feel more energetic, my knees and ankles don't hurt or swell anymore, my blood pressure has significantly dropped and now is in normal range. I no longer snore at night. Although I still have issues with my back, I know it is not due to my weight. I can climb stairs without losing my breath. I think my success in my weight loss is because of the support I have received from Sage Bariatric. They gave me the diet to follow, all the steps - when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat. I love that all my appointments were already made for me. -Belinda M. 11/13/18
Belinda M.
My big moment was when I ran 7 miles without stopping/walking. Great staff, great doctors 🙂 Keep up the great work!!! -Patricia G. 11/13/18
Patricia G.
The program works. The staff and my doctor were very attentive & treated me as a unique individual. Great staff; very helpful and supportive. -Delia, 11/20/18
Delia M.
I've always been pretty confident. But the moment I actually felt a change is when I was able to sit on the floor "Indian style" with my nieces. It was something I wanted to do - sit on the floor without worrying how was I going to get up. Just the best, smallest feeling. I struggled in the beginning with getting adjusted to my new healthy eating, but when I had questions staff was available and would return my calls with a solution or answer. Made a world of difference. Y'all are doing a great job and non-judgmental. Made me feel comfortable even when I wasn't. -Bianca 11/27/18
Bianca V.
I won a 5K at work last month! Being able to buy clothes and look good in them makes me feel amazing. Simple things like tying your shoes without trying to breathe is exciting. Thank you for changing my life. With your help I have a new look on life and attitude toward my fitness goals. -Mark T. 12/3/18
Mark T.
I am so excited about my surgery and the results. I am pleased to be able to fit into desirable clothing and exercise more. I am more confident and feel empowered to reach my goals. Fantastic program. Attentive and caring doctors and staff. -Felice 12/4/18
Felice D.
The experience throughout my journey has been very empowering with the kind assistance of the entire staff. -Jean G. 12/5/18
Jean G.
It's not just the weight loss. I'm starting to care about me. My appearance, health, and what makes me happy. I'm a mother of 5, wife and grandma of 3 and am usually caring for everyone else in the family. This last year I realized Sage has changed my life to put my health and happiness first so I can be there for my loved ones. -Melissa W. 12/5/18
Melissa W.
Oh my gosh where to start… I can cross my legs when sitting.  I'm wearing a medium shirt.  I haven't used asthma inhaler in a while.  I don't get tired when I walk and most of all I'm happy with myself.  I went from a size 22 to a size 14!  I can shop at any store that I coudn't before.  The list goes on and on.  -Sandra 12/26/18
Sandra S.
I love that I can keep up with my 6 year old son without being tired and out of breath.  The staff is awesome.  They have made my journey easy.  It's nice to have people in your corner cheering you on.  -Wendy, 12/2018
Wendy S.
Program is wonderful and very amazing doctors/staff.  I like how well they educate and prepare you before, during and after the weight loss.  Love all the resources available including the mobile app and recipes. -Selina 12/2018
Selina H.
The first time I got excited was the first time I saw I was down 10lbs.  I knew this was only the beginning of a great journey.  This experience has been life-changing and amazing but it could not have happened without the support of the Sage doctors and staff.  They have been there to answer any questions or concerns.  Could not have asked for a better support system.  -Anonymous 12/2018  
I had stopped doing many of the things I loved because of my weight.  I lost over 50lbs in the first few months after surgery and have kept it off for over 2 years.  I can wear the jeans I wore in high school again (I'm 37 now) and couldn't be happier with my results.  I look at pictures of myself now and don't cringe.  I am beyond grateful for Dr. Pilcher's professionalism, sympathy, and his caring nature.  I couldn't have asked her for a better experience nor a better doctor.  -Tori J. 1/8/19  
Tori J.
3 months after surgery I was at the gym working out.  I was on the treadmill and I was walking at a fast pace.  Before I knew it I was running.  I hadn't been able to run for over 15 years.  It felt amazing.  This decision with Sage Bariatric Institute has been amazing.  the best decision I ever made.  I love the staff.   I love Dr. Pilcher.  He truly cares and my health and progress is always at his best interest.  Thank you for everything.  -Daniella R. 1/9/19
Daniella R.
I can fly without struggling to buckle my seatbelt and actually use my tray table.  People comment on how much happier and healthier I look.  I'm able to enjoy myself in new social situations without worrying about what people are saying about my size.  I'm able to book cruise excursions without worrying about weight restrictions.  Just being able to be an active participant in life instead of a bystander.  Everyone has ben so welcoming and encouraging.  They really care about your long-term success. -Dallas J. 1/9/19
Dallas J.
I was so excited when I had no choice but to go shopping for a new pair of pants.  I have never seen that big of a decrease in pants size ever.  Dr. Gonzalez has been so patient with me and has truly educated me about this process and how to help me reach my goals.  He has been a lifesaver. --Melanie K. 1/14/19
Melanie K.
We went to Washington DC and I was able to keep up with the family and walking all day without pain, shortness of breath or exhaustion.  I felt like I got my life back.  The whole staff is great! -Jana D. 1/21/19  
Jana D.
I am able to keep up with my 3 year old grandaughter while on an outing to the zoo.  Before I would have to sit and watch her while she ran around.  No I can run around with her.  Sage Bariatric is a warm inviting caring atmosphere.  The docturs, nurses and staff are thoughtful and quick to answer any and all questions.  I love the app and the encouragements that I receive from the staff. -Marguerite W. 1/21/19
Marguerite W.
I can ride rides, cross my legs, and join a gym.  AWESOME team!  Wish I wouldn't have waited this long to have weight loss surgery.  Doctor Gonzalez is wonderful. -Kimberly C. 1/22/19  
Kimberly C.
My surgeon is Dr. Cavazos.  He is such a great doctor.  He made me feel comfortable about everything and was there every step of the way on surgery day. Serina S. 1/22/19  
Serina S.
I met my personal weight goal and was very excited as I have never done that before when dieting.  I also don't snore anymore which is great!  Everyone at Sage Bariatric are top notch!  Always answer any questions I have and the staff is very knowledgeable.  -Cynthia 1/23/19  
Cynthia H.
Dr. Gonzalez was great!  Very easy to talk to and understanding.  I was at my heaviest weight when I came to see him and having him as my doctor made making the decision to have surgery an easy one.  It was also very convenient to have the surgery in the outpatient surgery area in the same building as the sage office.  Nurses and staff there were great! -Steven M. 1/23/19  
Steven M.
Prior to surgery I could not stand/walk more than 10 min at a time.  Now my 13 year old step son can't keep up with me in the mall.  It has been nice sharing my experience with my patients and them calling me "skinny" when they see me.  Everyone at Sage has been fantastic, from day one!  -Jodie S. 1/24/19  
Jodi S.
I feel like I lost half a person but gained a full life!  Excellent care by Dr. Pilcher and his nurse practitioner.  Excellent resources and enjoying my follow up visits. -Lisa D. 1/22/19  
Lisa D.
Seeing a consistent change on the scale, in my measurements and in my clothes has given my confidence a tremendous boost.  I feel great and have more energy to have fun with my family and classroom kiddos.  The program, staff and ddoctors at Sage has been amazing throughout this entire process.  I wouldn't change a thing about my decision to have the procedure or coming to Sage.  I highly recommend this office to everyone.  -Celina s. 1/2019
Celina S.
I am so happy I get to be the kind of mom that gets to participate in activities vs. being a slideline mom.  I was able to be involved with my daughters' sports, and I am also able to enjoy some of her favorite things with her- wall climbing, ropes courses, etc.  Staff is always kind, welcoming and helpful! -Jennifer B. 2/5/19
Jennifer B.
Best decision I ever made!!  So glad I didn't wait until my health and weight were too far gone.  Best feeling is not getting winded going up stairs or doing simple chores! Fitting into my old clothes and not shopping in the 'big girl' section is awesome.  Dr. Alvarez and his team are great!!  -Valerie L. 2/5/19
Valerie L.
I have been excited about every step of this process; feeling bones I haven't felt in years, increased stamina and energy, no more meds.  The change in my overall health has been phenomenal.  The staff is ALWAYS pleasant and personable.  Dr. Alvarez is amazing and made me feel phenomenal through every step of this process. -Janet B. 2/7/19  
Janet B.
Life-changing experience for sure.  I feel really good about myself and find myself with lots of energy.  Doctors, nurses, and ladies up front always very helpful. Everyone goes out of their way to help you when needed.  3/21/19
Mary H.
Has been an amazing transformation; feeling so much better in the last year; my health has returned!  Staff is amazing!  Always here for answers to my questions, concerns; very knowledgeable.  3/27/19
Matthew P.
Just a month and a half after surgery I was able to board a plane to NYC with my husband.  No seatbelt extender necessary!  I love to travel but was always self-conscious about flying.  Now to take on the rock wall on our upcoming cruise!  Dr. Cavazos and the Sage team have been fantastic!  I always know that if I have a question or concern I can call and get help.  I'm so fortunate that other Sage patients steered me in the right direction.  -Catherine, 3/28/19
Catherine H.
2 months after surgery I felt like a new person. More energetic, self-confident, overall happy and confident about life and the possibilities of a new me.  I took a photo of pills that I would have consumed for 3 months - scary photo!!  Thanks for giving me a new beginning and extending my life!!  Dr. Pilcher I owe my life to you and your staff have been amazing.  -Debra G. 3/28/19
Debra G.
I'm able to do things again without being unable to breathe, like tie my shoes or paint my toes. LOVE MY SAGE FAMILY! -Veronica M. 4/4/19
Veronica M.
Things that used to make me anxious are now a normal part of my daily life. For example, walking in between tables at restaurants, sitting in folding chairs, crossing my legs, shopping at any store, ordering clothes online. My normal routine has completely changed and I LOVE it. It's been 1 year since surgery and 1 year 6 months since my first appointment. I am so grateful to Sage Bariatric and so in awe of how much my life has changed in this year. I encourage anyone who is thinking about WLS to come in for an appointment and meet the amazing staff and see how you can change your life. -Sarah 4/10/19
Sarah L.
Your program is proven effective and is life changing. Your staff is professional and friendly. Your doctors are the best. -Kathe 4/10/19
Kathe M.
I have contemplated this surgery for over a decade. I am not reluctant to say it has been the best decision of my life. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner. The staff and docs have been very fabulous from the beginning of the journey to the follow ups. You guys are great! beautiful facility! Well done, Sage!! -Andrew 4/15/19
Andrew E.
The second best decision I made (after deciding to do the surgery) was choosing Sage. The staff and doctors are amazing and I can tell they want their patients to succeed. -Ryan H. 4/17/19
Ryan H.
Sage Bariatric Staff are the most amazing group of people that I've met and they are so helpful and kind. I appreciate you all for all of the amazing work that you all do. Keep changing people's lives for the best! I love and appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart!! 5/16/19
Michelle R.
I can now sleep (h/o sleep apnea) and I sleep well! So much more comfortable and feel so much better overall. I have loved everything about Sage, Dr. Gonzalez and staff. Training, prep, post - all perfect. I think you guys have this down to a perfect science. -Ann 4/24/19
Ann D.
I am thankful! Clothes that are too large! People tell me I look great! Friends are very impressed with my weight loss. Husband is happy! Sage is a wonderful experience. Very professional - knowledgeable staff. Dr. Alvarez has been outstanding. Everyone is very helpful and supportive during my journey. I am so grateful. I take less medication. Off diabetic meds! Thank you Dr. Alvarez! -Tammy, 4/2019
Tammy S.
I went on a cruise 9 months after my surgery. I went hiking and didn't get winded. I went zip-lining because I was under the weight max for the 1st time. It was amazing. -Sharon 4/2019
Sharon S.
I feel more like "me." Not hiding my personality, body, etc. anymore. I am more friendly and engaging. I feel the best I have since forever. All staff are encouraging, knowledgeable, and professional. Dr. Pilcher answered any and all questions I had. -Margaret G. 5/2/19
Margaret G.
The doctors were amazing. They answered all my questions before and after surgery and are always there for support. -TR. 5/7/19
Teanna R.
My husband and I took a vacation for our 18th wedding anniversary. I smiled proudly in every picture vs. hiding behind things. It was a personal victory; a true celebration of love and life! Sage Bariatric is simply exceptional! -Melissa S. 5/15/19
Melissa S.
I have an almost 2 year old little girl who is the light of my life and the primary reason I decided to begin my weight loss journey. The first time I was able to sit on the floor and play with her felt amazing! I am so so happy I decided to have bariatric surgery and my only regret is not having done it sooner. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and competent. The office is well-organized. I think you all are doing a fantastic job! (May 2019)
I finally feel like the person I knew was always there; I can't wait to experience life like I always knew I could. I no longer want to be someone else. Everyone is so helpful and amazing. So glad to have had this journey with Sage Bariatric. -Molly 5/29/19
Molly M.
It's been 1 year since surgery. My life has changed in so many ways for the best. I'm very active now, experiencing things I never have, such as running, rock climbing, playing sports, etc. I have so much energy. I'm very happy now. I don’t have any health issues and I love myself and am proud of my accomplishments. This was the best decision I ever made. I absolutely love my doctor and the staff. I remember when I first came to the center. I was terrified and not sure I was making the right decisions. But everyone was so friendly and answered all my questions and assured me this was for the best. My best interest has always been their priority. Great staff, programs and doctors! Thank you for changing my life. -Daniella R. 6/4/19
Daniella R.
This is a life-changing experience and I'm grateful for the benefits that afforded me to have medical expertise from Sage. Dr. Sonny Cavazos worked a miracle for me. -Randolph A.
Randolph A.
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