! Announcing NEW Cash Rate for SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY as low as $9900. Contact us today!

Being overweight or obese is a warning sign for serious, life-threatening problems. Removing excess weight is vital for your longevity and bariatric surgery has been proven to be the best way to lose significant amounts of weight. What’s more, your health insurance may cover the cost of the surgery!

Check with Your Employer: If you are working with a company that offers an excellent medical insurance package, you might want to check if the insurance company covers  Bariatric Surgery.  If you have coverage, you can make an appointment with one of our surgeons to review if you are a good candidate for surgery and to discuss which procedure might be right for you.  If you do not have insurance coverage, all hope is not lost.  We have some of the most affordable cash-rates in the country and financing is available.  There is no better investment than in your health!

Just Call Us: If you are unsure whether your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery or not, contact us and we will check for you. We at Sage Bariatric accept almost all insurance plans. We have recently added UnitedHealthcare to our list of preferred companies to work with. They are also referred to as ‘UHC’ or just known as ‘United.’  Our new patient advocates are available to help walk you through the process.  Call us at (210) 651-0303.