Curtis with Dr. Alvarez

Curtis with Dr. Alvarez

Curtis Ruder is the Chief Financial Officer at St. Peter – St. Joseph Children’s Home (St. PJ’s).  Curtis, who will be approaching his three-year anniversary of his bariatric surgery this November, recently gave a lecture to our local monthly support group on the importance of goal setting and maintaining motivation after surgery to achieve long-term healthy weight loss.  Here is some of what Curtis shared with our support group:

“My first half marathon was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon last year on November 17, which was basically the one-year anniversary of my surgery in November 2012. I have completed three so far and have four more scheduled for the fall and spring. And my brother and I have issued each other a 20-year wager to complete a half marathon or longer in each of the 50 states. On January 1, 2035, I will pay him $1,000 for every state in which I have not completed a half marathon, and he will do the same for me. So that is the half marathon craziness we have going on in our family.”

“The title of the talk is Maintaining Motivation, and my thesis is basically that as we get further out from surgery, our journey goes from being physically relatively difficult and mentally relatively easy to the other way around. The first six months or so, eating something bad for us makes us feel terrible. Just the sight of bread made my nauseous, for example.”

“Now for me, nearly two years out, I can eat basically anything again. Physically, I feel great. I can eat an adult-sized meal again – granted, not what I could eat a couple of years ago, but a normal amount of food. We have to switch our mindset back from “I can’t eat that” to “I shouldn’t eat that.” That is a whole different challenge. So I am going to be talking about managing that transition, finding whatever motivation works for each person, and that type of thing.”


Disclaimer: The testimonial above is the personal experience of the particular Patient. The results may vary from person to person, depending on age, sex, body weight and a lot of other factors.