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Opting for a surgical means of weight loss is something obese individuals have to consider when they have a body mass index of over 35. It is a surgical procedure used to curb weight gain when healthy diets or exercise do not seem to work. If you have been contemplating sleeve gastrectomy surgery in San Antonio, you might want to learn more about the procedure along with the average recovery time needed after such a surgery.

The Dumping Syndrome
Since the stomach will be stapled, the ingested items might head to the small intestine sooner than expected; this could cause you to feel weak and experience nausea or even diarrhea. Although it is true that you will feel satiated much sooner than usual, you must keep a close eye on yourself post vertical sleeve gastrectomy in San Antonio and immediately report to the doctor any signs of feeling weak or faint.

If you are indeed experiencing the dumping syndrome, it can be difficult for your body to absorb sufficient nourishment.

The First Few Weeks After the Surgery
Patients can expect a mild stinging sensation in their abdomen right after the surgery. They usually receive pain management medication from the surgeons during the week after the operation. The incisions made during the operation tend to be raw, causing aching during this period.

Whether you had a laparotomy or laparoscopic surgery you are sure to need time to heal. However, the time taken to recover differs depending on your method of gastric sleeve in San Antonio. It is best to refrain from any and all kinds of heavy lifting or workouts until the surgeon gives you the go-ahead for it.