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Congratulations, your bariatric surgery was completed. This is an exciting time, and over the next weeks there will be lots of new information you’ll need to get the most out of your bariatric surgery.

This article will remind you of what to follow carefully and consistently as you approach weeks 1 and 2 after your bariatric surgery, whether you had a sleeve gastrectomy or the gastric bypass procedure. Post us a comment about anything related to your weight loss journey.

And if you are reading this article and have not yet had surgery, we invite you to post comments and questions you may have about bariatric surgery as well.

Long-term weight loss and improved health are typical goals for individuals undergoing bariatric surgery. It is important to remember that bariatric surgery is a tool. Together with a healthy diet , regular exercise, and a commitment to lifestyle changes, this new tool will allow you to achieve these goals.

Always feel free to contact our medical team or you can request an appointment with the Registered Dietician Nutritionist at any time to review intakes, meal ideas, and behaviors for long-term success.

Stage 2 begins between weeks 1 and 2, or 7 to 10 days after you see your surgeon in follow up and get clearance to advance your diet. You will continue Stage 2 through week 4, or day 28. You may start by eating soft protein foods or proteins prepared with a smooth and soft consistency. Continue to drink plenty of fluids aiming for 64 ounces daily. Remember not to drink while eating and to wait one hour after eating to resume fluids.

• Dairy choices include High protein yogurt, Milk, healthy cheeses like part skim string cheeses

• Eggs – whole, whites, substitute, hard-boiled prepared in a low fat way

• Vegetable proteins

– lentils and beans (boiled/steamed) and

– fat-free refried beans

– Tofu and soy is also an excellent choice

• Non-vegetable proteins incude

– canned meats like tuna, sardines, chicken, salmon, crab

– fish — baked, broiled or steamed with easy seasoning only

– deli meats — lean 96% fat-free and shaved

– Ground beef, chicken, turkey — at least 90% lean, skinless

Food journaling can be helpful to both you and your dietician to aid in success after bariatric surgery. Our smartphone App can help! Journaling helps yo ensure you are staying hydrated, taking your vitamins, and eating foods suitable to your current stage.

Remember to try foods one at a time and in very small amounts to avoid overeating as well as being able to recognize any food intolerances that may arise. Take time to eat, pausing 2 to 4 minutes between each bite. This will help you learn when to stop eating and to improve tolerance of foods as time goes on. And ALWAYS stop eating when you feel satisfied, not full.

The benefit of purposeful FASTING will teach us that feeling satisfied with a good sense of nutrition far outweighs the short term gratification of a full meal.

Thank you for letting us take care of you during this exciting time in your weight loss journey. We work hard to make your experience ultimately feel natural after bariatric surgery.

Please share this article with the people who will be on your surgical journey with you as they will find this information crucial to understand. We look forward to helping you regain the goodness of health and life you deserve!