With Over 15,000 bariatric surgeries performed and over 40 years of experience, our award-winning surgeons and doctors use their unsurpassed expertise to provide excellence in the treatment of obesity.

Sage Bariatric Institute provides bariatric surgery with expertise, support, and compassion. Our multi-disciplinary program includes surgeons, medical doctors, and dieticians to help address all aspects of obesity, maximizing long-term success and outcomes. Physical therapy and counseling options are made available to patients who may benefit from approaching obesity from all angels.

Bariatric surgeries including Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, and Revision procedures are offered, as well as non-surgical options. The Sleeve Gastrectomy has become the most commonly performed bariatric operation worldwide. Always improving, our team has developed a system for Sleeve surgery that is highly efficient while maintaining exemplary service and outcomes. Our enhanced recovery system helps you stay on track for improved health with only a short time away from your family and work.

90% of Insurance companies
cover bariatric surgery!
For self-pay patients, we offer
the sleeve gastrectomy for only

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Wondering if you qualify for weight loss surgery? Click here to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and to learn what else is involved in being a candidate.  We also offer non-surgical weight loss options if bariatric surgery is not right for you.

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