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People considering weight loss surgery might find themselves confused about which procedure is right for them. There are a few different types of weight loss surgery which have their own benefits and drawbacks and are helpful for different sets of patients. Explained below are some of the most common types of surgeries:

Gastric Bypass Surgery

This is a restrictive surgical process to limit the amount of food you take. In this surgery, a small pouch is made in the upper part of the stomach that is connected to the small intestine. Food bypasses the stomach and is quickly redirected into the intestine.

This procedure produces tremendous weight loss, but patients must be very good about taking vitamin and mineral supplements consistently or they can develop anemia or osteoporosis long-term.

Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery

In this procedure, a small pouch is made near the upper part of the stomach with an adjustable gastric band. San Antonio weight loss clinics do not perform this operation as frequently anymore because of its high complication rate.

The reversibility of the process is an advantage of gastric banding surgery. San Antonio weight loss surgeons may inflate or deflate the band to control the weight. Side effects such as frequent vomiting can be quite common.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this process, a portion of the stomach is removed and a new smaller tube-shaped stomach is created, limiting food intake.

This is often claimed to be the most popular type of weight loss surgery, but complications may occur with any operation.

Weight loss surgeries are life-altering and must be approached with care. Any laparoscopic weight loss surgery, be it sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, or gastric banding in San Antonio, TX, they all must be performed after careful evaluation and investigation.