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People are constantly looking for low-risk slimming options that will offer them a safe and effective weight-loss solution. One such option, the gastric balloon, has become available in the United States recently. This program enables weight loss without a surgical process, making it a favorable choice for many. If you are considering this option of weight loss, we bring you the top five benefits that will help you make the right decision.

  1. Consistent weight loss – This program helps you to lose more than 3 times the weight you could lose through diet and exercise alone. Plus, the weight loss usually remains constant even after the balloon is removed from your stomach when you continue with the diet and exercise program.
  1. Proven track record – If you are worried that this is a new procedure, you should know that it has a proven history of over 20 years in other countries and has helped thousands of people lose weight.
  1. FDA approvedGastric balloon is now FDA approved in the US, indicating it has been proven as a safe and effective procedure to the FDA’s satisfaction.
  1. A timely solution – If you have an important event like a wedding coming up, this procedure can be completed within six months, ensuring that you look your best on your big day. However, it is important to follow a sensible diet and exercise after the balloon is removed in order to maintain your weight.
  1. Simple and affordable – As the procedure is non-surgical, you can finish it in a few hours with no scaring at all. Plus, it is more affordable than surgery, so it is a viable option for more people.

Consult your doctor to learn more about this procedure and enjoy the benefits of this effective treatment option.