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For years, there’s been an awkward gap in the treatment options for obesity disease. We’ve had lifestyle change, then medication, and then no alternatives short of serious surgery like the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass.

We believe that the Gastric Balloon is going to be a great choice to help people lose weight, when lifestyle modification just isn’t strong enough.

The Gastric Balloon is placed into the stomach by your surgeon under light anesthesia with a scope through the mouth. There are no incisions, and patients typically go home less than an hour after the procedure. The Balloon remains in the stomach for 6 months, and takes up most of the available space so food capacity is dramatically reduced. Patients lose from 20 to 50+ pounds, and once the Balloon is removed we work with patients to maintain the lower weight.

The Gastric Balloon has been used internationally for several years, and the safety profile is excellent. The Balloon has just recently been approved by the U.S. FDA, and we’re pleased to be among the first physicians in San Antonio to offer this non-surgical weight loss option! We have already placed a number of Gastric Balloons, and the results are just as favorable as expected. For more details visit : https://sagebariatric.com/gastricballoon