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We believe that the obesity disease is a medical condition.  The root of the problem is a deep-level hormone imbalance causing the body to hold onto excess fat as if it were a survival resource.  Even though we know it’s not healthy for the body to hold onto excess weight in this way, the weight…

Doctor Measuring Patient's Obesity Stomach

The Sage Bariatric Institute, the leading weight loss center in San Antonio recently partnered with professors in the Department of Endocrinology at the University of San Antonio, to put on a day-long conference teaching medical providers in our area about the Biologic/Metabolic foundations of Obesity.  The conference presenters were nationally renowned speakers in the fields…

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Being obese is not an advantage to anyone, and it comes with so many complications. If not treated early, it can cause serious, life-threatening problems. Bariatric surgery is the gold standard for treating obesity, and if you are working with a good employer in South Texas, your insurance might cover the expenses. If your medical…

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