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Sage Coach

Sagecoach was created in 2020 as a 7-week program to provide additional support in helping our community to reach health and wellness goals. This included additional resources, tips, and recipes along with weekly accountability from our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Heidi. The expansion to a new monthly membership also gives you connection to other Sagecoach members. Accountability can be a powerful tool in keeping health goals as a priority!

What to expect?

  • Bi-weekly posts with tips, motivation, or recipes
  • Access to weekly office hours with your dietitian
  • Direct messaging with Heidi 1-2/week to set and evaluate goals
  • Community Support
  • $130/month. No contracts can cancel at any time

Email heidi@sagebariatric.com for any questions.

I KNOW I have to be accountable to someone. I just do better, stay focused and am able to say ‘no!

The program has helped me to refocus and continue to adjust to my new lifestyle of healthy eating. Reminding me no matter my daily struggles, I will continue to focus on myself and my health

Simple and enabled me to be mindful of my choices.

The information is great! Alot that I can hang on to and incorporate into what I am trying to achieve.

Sage Coach has really helped me refocus on my goals and realize that my gastric bypass is a lifelong tool, and that with proper lifestyle changes I can still benefit from and take advantage of it. Thanks to your coaching and positive reminders I’ve been able to look at my goals as a big picture and I’ve been able to really connect my mind and body so they can work together to achieve these.

I have LOVED how easy it has been to access Heidi and that she has gotten to “know” me. It feels very personalized.