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Several patients who have been fighting obesity-related issues for many years have found solace in gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in San Antonio. A tremendous amount of patients have had successful procedures and are enjoying the benefits of a leaner, healthier and more fit life. If you are considering gastric sleeve surgery for your weight problems, here is what you should know.

Garner as Much Information as Possible

After sufficient tests, a bariatric surgeon will be in a position to explain how exactly the process works for the particular patient. Although the gastric sleeve is a major operation, surgeons who can perform advanced minimally invasive surgery allow patients a quick recovery and return to work. Learn in detail about the side effects, risks, and benefits of the procedure and the diet to be followed during this period. Gaining ample knowledge about the procedure in its entirety is the first step towards preparation.

Pre-Operative Diet

Patients close to surgery require a pre-operative diet (usually one to two weeks). A body mass index of 30 or more predisposes you to a condition called fatty liver disease, which makes the liver enlarge. enlarged. Since the procedure involves the region behind the liver, doctors recommend a diet that cleanses the liver and shrinks it back to a normal size. Dieticians at the weight loss center in San Antonio must be consulted for planning a pre-operative regime.

Mobility And Exercise After Surgery

It is normal to expect some pain after surgery.   The use of prescribed oral narcotics may cause one to feel more fatigued and quite frankly unmotivated to exercise. However, it is still important to walk for at least 20 minutes a day. Consistent walking can increase your energy level and can help prevent complications such as blood clots and respiratory infections. Your surgeon may want to refer you to a specialized physical therapist in order to optimize your particular level of mobility.