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Are you worried about weight loss PLATEAU and weight REGAIN after your weight loss surgery? Dr. Allen Alvarez will be conducting his popular workshop that will provide you with skills for success!
To really avoid these outcomes of weight regain and plataeu YOU MUST BECOME AN EMOTIONAL MASTER. Emotional Mastery is what it takes to have high success in your health and fitness. Obviously, emotional mastery doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency and spaced repetition over time done effectively to truly gain these higher levels of self. The good news is is that it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to obtain this in a relatively short period. This workshop is designed so that lessons learned each week will be used to build upon the next. They are designed to build upon four essential character traits within each of us, and hence the Four C Pillars. The FOUR C Pillars are DEVELOPED INSIDE of you so that YOUR EMOTIONAL MASTERY becomes a real possibility by the end of six weeks. Ultimately, you will gain THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL needed for your weight loss journey – THE HABIT OF GOOD CHOICES. Register NOW and commit to these six weeks to live a good and healthy life.
“The workshop gave me hope that I didn’t have before and a plan to go forward with in fighting the negative thoughts and energy I have always succumbed to.” J.M.
“Thank you Dr. Alvarez. This class has helped me out tremendously and I highly recommend it for every patient who has had surgery.” H.H.
“I am telling myself the positive and my actions have followed. I am eliminating comfort foods and negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts and nutritious foods. This is the way I will eat and live from this day forward. I’m building a new and better relationship with food. I am very thankful for this workshop and Dr. Alvarez!” Y.F.
When: Thursdays from 5-6 PM March 26th – April 30th
Where: Classroom #1, NE Baptist, 8811 Village Drive
Cost: $160 for the 6-week course, or $139 if you register and pay before March 10th.
Payment in full is required to attend.
Please email heidi@dev.texasbariatric.com to reserve your spot today!
Space is limited and is filling up quick so do not delay!