Test Your Metabolism

picaFind Out Your Resting Metabolic Rate

Sage Bariatric is excited to offer direct testing of your body’s resting metabolic rate using the BodyGem indirect calorimeter. Instead of estimating, we can measure your actual resting metabolic rate. This is the most accurate assessment of how many calories a day your body burns and thus enables us to calculate how many calories you need to eat and to burn in order to lose weight. The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and is performed in our office. The device we use is the same one used on the show The Biggest Loser, as seen on NBC.

blThe day of your measurement:

  • Do not eat or drink anything for at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Water is okay.
  • Do not exercise for at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Do not consume caffeine or nutrition supplements for 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Do not use nicotine for 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Continue to take any prescribed medications.
  • If you develop a cold, flu, or other acute illness, please call to reschedule your testing.

Body Composition Analysis

Our weight loss goals are not just to get the pounds down, but also to get strong and healthy in the process. We want to see our fat decrease while preserving or even increasing our lean mass. DXA scanning enables us to provide clinically accurate and comprehensive information that gives you a much more precise measurement of your body’s fat and lean mass percentages than step-on composition scales.

The procedure is very simple and requires only that you lie on a table for 6 minutes while the scanner moves over your body. DXA body composition analysis provides you with color imaging of your body, showing skeletal bone, lean muscle, and fat. Subsequent exams can tell you exactly where fat and muscle are being lost or gained as you go through your weight loss journey.

DXA Body Composition uses Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry. It passes 2 different energies through the tissues of the body. The testing is very safe. It emits a very low dose of radiation which is less than the radiation you receive on a plane trip from Seattle to Denver or from working outdoors in the sun for a day.

DXA Body Composition is not covered by insurance. If you would like to undergo body composition testing, call our office at (210) 651-0303 to schedule.

The Day of your Analysis:

  • Do not eat for 3 hours prior to the test.
  • Use the bathroom prior to your test.
  • Do your test before your exercise for the day.
  • For best results, avoid testing while on your menstrual cycle.
  • Wear light clothing