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Liposuction vs. Sleeve Gastrectomy

“So I’ve got this fat that bothers me.  Do I need liposuction, or a Sleeve?  What about a Tummy Tuck?”  Let’s learn more about liposuction vs. sleeve gastrectomy and how to know which is right for you.

The excess fat is a valid concern, and the best way to handle it depends on what the fat is doing to your body.  If you feel healthy and fit, but you’ve just got some areas where you don’t like the shape, then liposuction or similar procedures can be exactly what you need.

On the other hand, if your weight is causing medical illness or negative symptoms, especially if you are over a body mass index of 30,  you probably need more help than you can get from plastic surgery.  The limitation of liposuction or any plastic surgery is that it only works on the “outside” fat.  It misses the harmful fat that infiltrates and damages your vital organs.  It’s been shown in medical research that plastic surgery does not improve medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, knee pain, etc.

Bariatric operations like the Sleeve Gastrectomy or the Gastric Bypass do work directly on that harmful internal fat.  There are dramatic reductions in diabetes, blood pressure, pain syndromes, and many other conditions.  Patients have much better energy and the ability to participate in normal life activities.  After these operations, patients have much better shape and they have much better health so they can expect a normal length of life as well.

The recovery after bariatric operations is about the same as for liposuction and quicker than for Tummy Tuck.   The cost of liposuction runs from somewhat less to more than $5,000, depending on how many areas need work.  The cost of a Sleeve (no insurance) is usually $9,900, and insurance coverage is very common so that many people pay much less out of pocket than they would for liposuction. ~ John Pilcher, MD, FACS, FASMBS

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