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Appreciate the surgeons treating us with love and caring attitudes - I love that they prayed with me and have done that with many of my friends that have had the surgery! Dr. Cavazos is awesome! Love him 🙂 -Cathy J. 6/22/16
Love and Caring Attitudes
After my surgery I started to feel great about myself and how family, friends tell me how great I look. But most of all I did this for my health and for my grandkids. Now I can enjoy walking without losing my breath and I can buy different size of clothes. The program is great. Just keep up the good work. Thank you to Dr. Cavazos and his staff. -Arlene S. 7/7/16
Walking Without Losing My Breath
Awesome place. Doctor listens, never in a hurry. Staff is efficient, friendly and courteous. Keep up the good work! -Ida H. 7/17/16
Awesome Place