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Bariatric Surgery in San Antonio is the most Powerful Tool to treat Diabetes.  Researchers working in our field have known this since the 1990’s, but much of the medical community has resisted this information.  They ask, as if it’s a silly idea, “who would use surgery to treat a medical disease?”  In spite of this skepticism from many medical doctors and endocrinologists, bariatric surgery has repeatedly proven most effective for patients with diabetes who also suffer from obesity.  Thus, bariatric surgery has gained wide acceptance for treatment of Diabetic patients with obesity disease at a BMI above 35.

A study that was just published in June of 2019 demonstrates that bariatric surgery is also the most effective treatment for people with Diabetes and mild obesity with a BMI range of 30-35.  The authors of the paper conclude that Diabetes needs to be treated at an earlier stage in it’s course to obtain better results and fewer Diabetes complications, and they recommend that bariatric surgery should be offered to Diabetic patients in the BMI range from 30-35 in addition to the previously accepted levels of BMI above 35.

We should all feel a sense of urgency about getting Diabetes under control.  Diabetes shortens life by an average of 12-14 years, and healthcare costs for diabetics are 2.3 times greater than the rest of the population.

Gastric Bypass leads to full remission of Diabetes (normal blood sugar, no medications) in about 80% of cases.  There appears to be a direct beneficial hormone effect on the diabetes, demonstrated by the fact that normalization of blood sugar often happens within days of the surgery.

Gastric Sleeve in San Antonio is also a powerful surgical treatment for Diabetes, leading to full remission in 60+% of cases.  Gastric Sleeve also has a strong positive impact on Diabetes within days of surgery.

On the other hand medications can provide improved blood sugar levels, but they do not lead to remission.  Diabetes meds often create weight gain and (you guessed it) more medications.

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