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Diabetes and weight gain have gone hand in hand for years, with lifestyle and diet changes often being recommended for better management of weight. But very often these things are not enough. That is when people with diabetes may want to consider weight loss surgery.

Certain types of weight loss surgery are beneficial for diabetics when done by an expert bariatric surgeon. San Antonio offers a number of reputed weight loss centers where patients can find out which type of surgery would suit them.

According to studies, weight loss surgery can often significantly reduce diabetes in about 86% of patients. This happens not just due to weight loss but also due to changes in hormones that occur after the surgery. Certain types of procedures are more helpful for diabetes patients, such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy surgery. San Antonio hospitals and weight loss surgeons often recommend these procedures for better management of diabetes.

How to know if bariatric surgery is right for you?

The decision to choose weight loss surgery is entirely personal, and there are certain factors that will determine if you’re the right candidate. With vertical sleeve gastrectomy, San Antonio patients will have part of their stomach removed. With gastric bypass, your stomach is made smaller and food is metabolized differently since it is redirected around parts of the digestive system. San Antonio offers the latest and best facilities for weight loss surgery.

Physical, mental, and financial preparedness is required for bariatric surgery in San Antonio. Consult with a surgeon to learn what’s best for you.