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Many of us have fond memories of gathering around a feast with our families on holidays like Easter.  The foods we celebrated with, however, were usually not foods that we would find on the table of a successful bariatric patient.  Your diet has changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have meaningful celebrations and create memories that are just as special for your family.  You’ll just be doing it in a way that promotes their health and teaches them that celebrations don’t have to be unhealthy to be unforgettable.


The ideal bariatric plate consists of ½ a plate of lean protein and ½ a plate of vegetables, a maybe tiny portion of fruit.  Given this criteria, the sweet rolls Grandma made must be excluded, but fear not!  There are plenty of delicious options.  Try this Carb Free Cloud Bread by Gillian Spence found on Food.com: http://www.food.com/recipe/carb-free-cloud-bread-411501.

an image of carb free cloud bread - SageBariatric


The scrumptious hams with turkeys are still welcome guests at the table.  Be sure not to get a sugar-cured, maple-cured, or honey-baked ham, though. These are drenched in sugars that should be avoided. Also fat and sodium content vary widely between brands, so read labels and go for a ham that’s lean and low sodium. Was sausage one of your go-to’s?  Try one of the many options for chicken or turkey sausage that are widely available to lower fat content.

an image of turkey sausage - SageBariatric

And how perfect is it that the most symbolic food of Easter celebrations, Easter eggs, are still okay?!  Of course, I’m talking about the hard-boiled ones, not the chocolate ones!  There are lots of delicious and creative ways to prepare eggs for Easter.  Remember if you make deviled eggs, use a low-fat mayonnaise option.



an image of deviled eggs - SageBariatric


Brightly-colored vegetable salads are beautiful to add to a table, on top of being delicious and healthful.  Using low-calorie dressings and toppings will keep you on-track.  Have you tried Hidden Valley’s Greek Yogurt Ranch dressing?

an image of greek yogurt ranch dressing


Grilled or baked vegetables are another delicious way to celebrate a holiday.  The options are endless here!  Check out this recipe we found on Food.com by Sue Lau:


an image of asparagus



And for extra credit, try your hand at a healthy edible arrangement!


an image of edible arrangement

You really can live large and stay on track with your bariatric life.

A Happy Easter to All!