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If you are among those who have tried multiple methods to shed those extra pounds, it is perhaps the time that you see a bariatric surgeon San Antonio to determine how the procedure can possibly benefit you.

After studying your condition, your weight loss surgeon in San Antonio recommends a gastric sleeve San Antonio. Here are few important points you should know upfront.

A portion of your stomach is removed during the surgery and after the surgery, your stomach will shrink to about one tenth its original size before surgery. Your food intake will reduce substantially which would consequentially be beneficial in losing weight. The part of the stomach removed will also contain the component that is responsible for producing the hormone which boosts appetite.

Gastric sleeve surgery is not the same as a gastric bypass. In a gastric bypass, the surgeon inserts a small pouch right into the intestine.

Gastric sleeve San Antonio is generally recommended for people with a minimum BMI of 40. This would translate to your normal weight plus 100 pounds. For some individuals gastric bypass may not be a viable option and gastric sleeve surgery is recommended.

Generally, the Gastric sleeve surgery consumes about one hour. The surgeon makes small incisions in your stomach to insert a laparoscope which is an instrument fitted with a tiny camera to send pictures to an attached monitor. Subsequent to this, the surgeon inserts other instruments via the additional incisions and removes about three quarter of your stomach.  At the end of the process, the surgeon will reattach the remaining part of the stomach forming a tube or “sleeve”.

This procedure is permanent, and you may need to be hospitalized for about 3 days.

You should also be aware that following this surgery, your food habits will undergo significant changes. Your doctor will also advise a series of steps to be followed with regard to your eating habits and what to eat.