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Obesity has become a major concern for more than one third of the adults in the United States. While there are many options for weight-loss procedures, some options are permanent and are very expensive. Recently the FDA has approved a lower-cost, non-surgical weight-loss balloon procedure which has proven safe and effective for 20 years in other countries.

What’s a Gastric Balloon?

In this procedure, a silicon balloon is inserted in the stomach through an endoscopic tube and then inflated with air or saline solution. Due to the pressure of the balloon in the stomach, an individual becomes full faster, thus reducing the amount of food intake. The process usually takes about 20-30 minutes and is done under moderate sedation.

What Are the Benefits of a Gastric Balloon over a Gastric Band?

If a person does not want to undergo surgery, a gastric balloon is a great option. It is non-invasive and a safer solution to weight loss. Also, if someone’s BMI is between 27 and 35, they can opt for this procedure under their doctor’s guidance. The gastric balloon procedure is also relatively more affordable than a gastric band, so it is more accessible to everyone. The balloon remains in the stomach for a maximum of six months. Patients must follow healthful diets and exercise in order to maintain the results. One of the main benefits of this balloon is that it helps people get into the habit of eating smaller portions, which can be a solution for a lifetime of healthy living.

While both the procedures have their own pros and cons, if someone is apprehensive about having surgery, a gastric weight-loss balloon is a good alternative.