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  Bariatric surgery is for weight loss. It includes a variety of procedures that are performed on persons dealing with obesity. Doctors recommend bariatric surgery for obese persons with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 40. They also recommend this surgery for persons with a BMI of 35 and other concomitant problems, such…

A recent summary report finds there have been striking reductions in overall bariatric surgery risk.  The study period was from 2002-2009, and during that time the rate of serious adverse events dropped to about 1/10th of where it began. Experts attribute these improved outcomes to several factors, that are mutually reinforcing: 1.  Surgical techniques and…

The change in physical appearance and the way that I feel has made such a difference in my mood and the way that I feel about myself. I am so much more positive and have such confidence in myself now. This is a vast difference from before the surgery.

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