Write us a comment below about surgeons John J. Gonzalez, MD,  Ramiro “Sonny” Cavazos, MD, and John Pilcher, MD. They continue to help others live a good and healthier life.  I am bariatric surgeon Dr. Allen Alvarez and I write to you the following introduction to let you know that I have worked with numerous surgeons from all over the world. I tell you this because it puts me in a position of tremendous amount of credibility to know that these are among the best bariatric surgeons.

Picture of Dr. Allen Alvarez, Dr. Sonny Cavazos and Dr. John Gonzalez - best bariatric surgeons

I have gained an exceptional and world travelled experience in medicine since the end of the 1980s when I began my training as an Emergency Medical Technician.  I started in Brownsville, Texas where this border town with Mexico was a place of nonstop EMS action.  I then earned my degree at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas and continued my emergency medicine experience in emergency rooms throughout Hawaii, Florida and Texas. Throughout these experiences, I continued to nurture a passion for medicine as I continued to train in some remote locations.   The ancient mayan state of Chiapas taught me the value of surgical obstetrics.  The beautiful back country of Baja California and the busy streets of Guadalajara enhanced my surgical experience in areas such as plastics, pediatrics and orthopedic surgery.  I was able to bring back this wealth of experience in 2003 when I landed in Manhattan.   A melting pot of surgeons in New York City molded my general and trauma surgery skills until 2009.  Six years ago, I returned full circle to San Antonio to further my career in advanced laparoscopic, minimally invasive surgery and bariatrics.   So, again, I tell you this to assure you that I am extremely confident to know that I am working side by side with the finest and best bariatric surgeons in San Antonio, Texas.


To start the lineup is  John J. Gonzalez, MD.  His technical skills are flawless making him an exceptional surgeon! I know him to not only be technically excellent, but also to have sound judgement in the operating room.   He works with a profound sense of humor and amazing loyalty that is well respected by our medical community.  Dr. Gonzalez completed his training in Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital. He received advanced laparoscopic training under the tutelage of world-renowned laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Morris Franklin at the Texas Endosurgery Institute.  I sincerely feel more confident knowing he is in my corner as we work together.  As you already know, I have worked with and known many surgeons and that is why I know Dr. Gonzalez is one of the finest and best bariatric surgeons in San Antonio, Texas!

Next, Dr. Ramiro “Sonny” Cavazos who in my opinion is among THE PREMIER and BEST BARIATRIC SURGEONS all around.  While Dr. Gonzalez continued his training in Bariatric Surgery several years after his time at the institute,  he and Dr. Cavazos solidified a strong partnership.   Dr. Cavazos learned bariatric surgery by the one and only Alan Wittgrove, MD in California.  Dr. Wittgrove pioneered the very first series of laparoscopic weight loss surgery in the early 90’s forever changing the course of bariatric surgery by making it a safer and more effective operation.  They shared an extremely amicable relationship with a sincere respect for their operative ability.  Dr. Wittgrove would refer to Dr. Cavazos as having one of the strongest work ethic he had ever seen which proved to him why so many patients and fellow staff members adored and loved Dr. Cavazos.  It was a difficult choice when he turned down an offer to be a staff surgeon at the prestigious Wittgrove clinic and to be working along side the former president of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery.  It was about ten years ago that Dr. Cavazos and his wife Dr. Monica Anz-Cavazos moved away from California and the Wittgrove team to face a new and challenging life together in San Antonio.   They combined the expertise of internal medicine and bariatric surgery and crowned the name Texas Center for Medical & Surgical Weight Loss which now lives under the website dev.texasbariatric.com.  I have learned an invaluable amount from the husband and wife team, and I have grown to know that Dr. Cavazos is truly among the BEST BARIATRIC SURGEONS in San Antonio, Texas.

Profile picture of Dr. John Pilcher - best bariatric surgeonsThat brings me to John Pilcher, M.D.  Hands down, Dr. Pilcher is the MOST RESPECTED and MOST KNOWLEDGABLE bariatric surgeon.   This former Air Force soldier completed his surgery training in Virginia, and then settled in San Antonio where he has been performing bariatric surgery since 1995.  What impresses me the most about my partner in the operating room is that his passion for teaching is unsurpassed!  He values education like no other! And he has an attention to detail that is exceptional.  I have worked in numerous different hospitals all over the world and I’ve worked along side a significant amount doctors and surgeons.   I truly believe that working side by side Dr. Pilcher ultimately leads to healthier and more successful patients all around.

I am very proud to say that Dr. Pilcher, Dr. Cavazos and Dr. Gonzalez are among THE BEST BARIATRIC SURGEONS!

I feel an incredible sense of honor and pride to be able to work side by side with these amazing surgeons.  It really has me feeling BLESSED!

Allen A. Alvarez, MD Bariatric Surgeon at dev.texasbariatric.com

would love to hear from you below!