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When you are considering weight loss measures, bariatric surgery should be considered after you have examined all other options with your bariatric surgeon San Antonio. The following are some of the important points that you should discuss with your doctor.

Bariatric surgery San Antonio should not be considered until you discuss with the doctor and know about available treatments. The right approach to bariatric surgery calls for a discussion of the following:-

  • This surgery does not qualify as a cosmetic surgery
  • The benefits and risks should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor
  • You should be prepared for significant lifestyle changes over the long term and that includes exercise and diet that are important to sustain the results from the surgery
  • If complications arise after the surgery, further operations may be needed
  • Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery have experienced significant reduction in risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, endocrinological disorders, psychiatric disorders, musculoskeletal disorders and pulmonary disorders.

When your doctor finally recommends bariatric surgery San Antonio after all the above factors are examined thoroughly, the following are measures you would need to adopt after  a successful surgery.

  • Anything that you eat must be thoroughly chewed before swallowing
  • You should not drink water while eating since that could lead to overfilling of the stomach
  • About 30 minutes after every meal, you should consume liquids
  • Snacks and calorie sodas should be avoided
  • Mineral and vitamin supplements should be taken everyday
  • Your overall food consumption will get reduced

After about three months, you will be able to start on your regular meals.

Weight Loss

Most people lose as much as 60% of their unwanted weight over a period of about 18 months post-surgery. This percentage could vary depending on individual circumstances and the post-operative measures that you follow.

You should also discuss other risk factors with your weight loss surgeon San Antonio!