A revision operation is used to modify prior weight loss surgery. If you have unresolved complications or if you have not achieved your desired weight loss, a revision operation might be right for you.

Revision operations often convert the first procedure to one that is better suited for the patient. In these cases, revision surgery may result in a tremendous improvement for the patient. These procedures can usually be done laparoscopically (with small incisions). However, in some cases a large incision must be made in order to complete the operation safely. Revision operations are usually higher risk operations than first time operations.

In some cases, weight regain from an original bariatric surgery occurs due to getting off track with bariatric guidelines in terms of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.  In these circumstances, our medical team can often help patients get back on track and can help them resume weight loss without needing revision surgery.  Thorough evaluation of each patient is required to assess which patients need a surgical revision, medical therapy, or both.

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Paitent Testimonials

Excellent program, excellent care, excellent surgeon. -Linda P. 6/30/16
It feels good when your family tells you to get rid of your baggy clothes and comments on your weight loss. Staff is incredibly attentive and professional. I have always felt like I have been supported in my efforts. -Lena W. 7/2/16
Attentive and Professional
Within the 1st few weeks after surgery my weight started dropping quickly. Never felt hungry or tired. Best decision I've ever made. Surgery was relatively painless. Doctors and staff here are plain awesome. Always helpful and full of information. -James R. 7/13/16
Plain Awesome