The Sage Bariatric Institute, the leading weight loss center in San Antonio recently partnered with professors in the Department of Endocrinology at the University of San Antonio, to put on a day-long conference teaching medical providers in our area about the Biologic/Metabolic foundations of Obesity.  The conference presenters were nationally renowned speakers in the fields of Endocrinology and Cardiovascular Disease.  The all-day conference was attended by about 120 physicians, nurses, and registered dieticians from the San Antonio area.

Conference topics included:

  • The biological basis of Diabetes and Obesity, and how these often combine into a new disease entity that is being called “Diabesity.”
  • The Cardiovascular effects of the Obesity Disease
  • The impact of the Obesity Disease in San Antonio, especially the worsening impact of this condition on children
  • How to start the conversation with patients about the Obesity Disease
  • Diet and Exercise as initial therapy for the Obesity Disease
  • Current state of Pharmacology (medicines) for the Obesity Disease

At the end of the conference, participants expressed that they felt much more equipped to have constructive conversations with their patients about this problem and to get the treatment program underway!